zondag 27 februari 2011

outfit of today, Boyfriend jeans.

Dear lovely dolls, So thats a while ago. my last post was on thursday nd now its sunday here. so im sorry.. cuz you now i try to do a post every day but i failt. Bummerr.. but oke, im gonna explain.. friday was as usual a real bizzzy day for me cuz i had to work 9 till 9 ! so thats a lot of hours nd i was realy tired so i thought i do a post on saturday , but i had to work 2 on saturday from 9 till 5 , nd this week i dont know im feeling a little bit down nd stuff so i was tired again, lame excuse but i think that more girls/boys have that nd i wanted to go after work just to my bed, i diddnt eat i just fell asleep, nd now here i am on sunday fresh nd Fruity with my new boyfriend Jeans, nd my new vest, necklace nd ring. today i wassnt busy nd i wanted to do something for my blog make some new photos nd so i Got a new post Yaaay.. oke im gonna go now, i REALLY REALLY love the comments from my last post SO SO SO much for me .. 56 ! So i got a lot really a lot to comment back nd im gonna do all of that you Dolls know! so thank you for keeping up with me, nd Tell me what you think from my latest outfit! i Love you bloggers, keep doing the good work! LOVE have a nice day! X's and O's Mir.

donderdag 24 februari 2011

outfit from today ALL NEW.

hello There Lovies, A free day is SO SO good.. Really i woke up at 12 i slept So good.. nd then i came out of bed nd i love To eat kellogs So i did, nd then i did my hair nd my makeup nd i putted my new outfit on from the shopping trip from yesterday, my new Brown leather shorts from bershka , nd my blouse from h & m nd my new strapless Bh From h&m , my new ring , necklace From h&m Nd my new clutch from Bershka , i absolutely LOVE the clutch from bershka its so big you can doo so much stuff in it, nd i got a lot of stuff so i love this one! i have no Naked legs, ! so it Was not that cold outside! i diddnt do that much i was with my mommy to the mall nd grab something to eat there for tonight a ceasar salad! Yes im healthy.. wonderin how long i can keep up with that! cuz my addiction is chocolate! i wanna thank the girls Who keeps giving me awards! i really like to see that the girls like my blog nd give it to me! it means so much So thank you girls! What you girls think of my outfit? to much or likkeitt likeeittt? .. im gonna comment yall back now from my latest post! Thank you for giving me love! XOXO mir X's and O's

woensdag 23 februari 2011

outfit of todays, romantic pink.

Hello my Dolls, How was your day today ? somebody shoped just like me? i have such great new stuff! im SOSOSO Happy , i was with my mommy nd the girlfriend of my brother to Almere .. it was a great day out, my mommy planned it all out!:) it ws her vacation nd my Free day, so my mommy thought mirjam would like to shop! nd yes i did ! im gonna Show the new stuff in all my New post nd then i will tell this is from shopping in almere blablabla.. now im gonna tell what i bought THE NEW STUFF ; a pink Dress From zara , a shirt from h&m nd a blouse from bershka A Bh From H&M , bracelett from h&m , a ring from h&m , 2 necklaces from h&m , Clutch from bershka , leather brown shorts from bershka , Boyfriend jeans from Only , a vest from only , 2 pantys. So that was my money for this week! now i wait for my the cash is coming into my bankaccount on the 27st of februari! (L) but over all it was a great great day! im gonna comment yall back now! (L) So nice to see the many comments! i tottally adore it nd Keep Bringing me some love Xo have a great day / evening / night ! LOVE XoXo mir.

maandag 21 februari 2011

todays outfit, Skull striped shirt.

Dear bloggers, today i was working all day, it was so Quit All day, so relaxt.. there was nobody there, now i over react im sorry but i was not so busy today , i cut 8 peoples hair over 9 hours of work, so i diddnt had much to do, So the day went so slow but it was funny with my collega's i Really like working there! .. OK other subject i need to lose weight so i start tomoroow with a shake diet every meal i just drink a shake with 218 calorien each drink. So im not gonna eat something just drink the dieet Shake. its gonna be hard but i want it :). have everyone try it here? or nobody? other great Dieets in your mind ? Please share i want to hear it all!.. thank you! tonight i was a little bit rock , i love my skull Shirt, love the stripes nd the color of blue! nd yes again my leather shorts , nd my LOVING shoes.! my braclets i have for so long but i dont wear them much! Do you like it ? nd my ultimate favourite my boyfriend blazer! you can wear it ALWAYS.. its so comfi nd it look so fashion! so ladies what you really need in your closet is the boyfriend Blazer, Tomorrow im gonna work from 9 till 9 So i dont update a blog tomorrow! but wednesday im gonna shop with my mommy so then i show you the pics after, nd im gonna comment yall back now! Big big big LOVE from me, XOXO mir.
PS. btw my glasses are real, i mean theres real Glasses in it! Do you like the nerdy Glasses at me? .. i need to wear it when i watch Tv or sitting on my laptop, Not every where! BYEE XXX

zondag 20 februari 2011

outfit of todays, Red nd pink Jill sander.

Dear Dear lovely loving bloggers, So im back on track.. it was a hard day yesterday but now i have the time to post something new. oke i woke up this morning nd i bought a new magazine , ELLE magazine. i was reading nd then i came on the page of a new trend.. i i was reading it nd Jill sander had this in the collection , sonia rykiel had it 2 . nd i really fell in Love with the combination of pink nd Red . nd i thought hee i got something pink nd red 2 ! nd then i came op with this outfit of today! i really like it nd im happy with the new trend .. What do you girls think? Love the new trend or do you think noo im gonna stick to the save colors? .. my life: now today was my brother a bit better his leg broke at 2 places so he cant work 6 weeks. nd he have so much pain nd cant do anything on his own. poor little him:) but it can happend to everybody So be carefull ladies! im gonna comment all you girls back from the last 2 post, i diddnt had the time but now i have ! please keep up with me cuz i really enjoy all the lovely comments! Have a great sunday! LOVE XO mir.

zaterdag 19 februari 2011

me nd my poor little brother.(L)

Lovely bloggers!, im sorry that i havent more to post , here is my Good reason ; Today my brother was laying in the hospital! , The story : i was working from 9 till 5 . then my mother called me , mirjam your brother is in the hospital, nd you need to come home , so i came home nd we were driving to the hospital i just got back , nd there he was Poor little Boy , in so much pain.. he plays football nd someone kicked him on the leg, now the leg is broken in two places , he was in so much pain i feel so sorry for him :( so i have no outfit of today nd i post this Post from my Blackberry so these are the only pics i have of me nd my brother, so you girls / guys now that i Diddnt had time nd this story nd this post is dedicated to my lovely Brother! Love him SO much! my #1 friend , Brother He got it all! Tomorrow when im on my Computer im gonna comment All of yall back! its so much! now 45 nd im SO SO Happy! LOVEYALL Xo mir