donderdag 29 september 2011

Favourite new dress

Hello wonderfull bloggers, I dont know if you know how warm it is in holland now! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME ? We had a whole summer with rain and bad weather and now you show up freaking sun? Oke dont be to hard on the sun .. But really are you serious? haha i have to say ILOVEIT! Its 24 degrees here all week so it couldnt be better now! thank you sun Your my lovely friend.. Enough about the sun , lets talk about this gorgeous dress i got it from nelly , what i really like about the dress is the patern and the colors, i love the colors together and i love the shape of the dress! So i call it My favourite new dress.. i also wear my new necklace that i got from the online webshop but im gonna tell you more about it in a next post with better photos of the necklace! But thank you 7thavenue ! And yes i LOVE my hair again these are extensions Dohh.. i cant go on living my life without my long hair.. i got the extensions from .. gonna tell more about it in dutch cause its a webshop for extensions in belgium and in the netherlands but loves tell me what you think about the look im gonna comment you all back now! LOTS of love hebben allen een fijne dag ! Xo mirjam

Over de extensions: Ik bestel de extensions altijd van en waarom ? Omdat ze verschillende merken hebben en ze zijn in verhouding met andere extensions webshops super goedkoop .. ik betaal voor 180 extensions van dibiase 50 cm bijv. 200 euro Nu klinkt het heel veel maar als je 180 extensions in een gewone kapsalon besteld ben je zeker over de 500 kwijt. Nu heb ik het geluk dat ik in een kapsalon werk en mijn collegas heel goed zijn in extensions zetten en het apparatuur hebben, maar hebben ook zelf zaken waarbij je het ook kan laten inzetten en nogmaals een stuk goedkoper dan in normale kapperszaken zoals teamkapsalon of hizi hair of noem het maar op, je krijg in iedergeval kwaliteit en vooral met het bestellen zijn ze super snel. bestel je het voor 12 is het de volgende dag binnen en heb verder nooit problemen gehad.. Heel veel vragen waar mijn extensions vandaan komen dus hier het verhaal achter mijn extensions!

* Dress -
* Necklace -
* Shoes - Store in amsterdam
* rings - Primark
* Clutch - H&M
* Feather earrings - H&M

woensdag 28 september 2011

Long hair baby!

Kiss for you all! XOXO

Yaay , SO happy .. just wanted to tell you all that: I HAVE LONG HAIR AGAIN! TELL me what you think! I have a new outfit post tomorrow for you all , and i will comment you tomorrow all back! Have a nice night/day You all LOVE XO mirjam.

vrijdag 23 september 2011

Outfit of today + exciting news!

Hello my lovely bloggers, At first i feel a bit better A little but everyday its getting a bit better so thats the good way! And Yes you all Here at the photos MY OWN HAIR AAH so short:P but its oke im not feeling that ugly so i get used to it, Today i did nothing i just got my extensions out and i pulled some clothes on for the first time in this week cause this week i had pyama's week, i felt sick and thought lets start the pyama week but my mom told me : doll when you need to get better you have to do something with yourself starts with makeup and hair. So here the results.. And omg the shoes: i got these shoes from the brand Naughty monkey From the usa. Im TOTALLY in love with the leopard print and the shoes , its real leather and it fits SO GOOD! .. im in love with the shoes its a brand started footwear in 2004. Naughty monkey can be found in major retailers such as Nordstrom & macy's in the USA as well as specialty boutiques in cities such as chigago, Las vegas, Los angels ,New york, San fransisco, and san diego along with numerous e-commerce websites. Each season the naughty monkey collection offers variety of styles from dressy heels to trendy boots and casual flats. Most inportantly the naughty monkey customer loves fun, loves fashion and loves life! what do you girls think of my look? Leave me a sweet comment, i will comment you back now! LOVE mirjam.

Girls i have some exciting news READ:

Next week i have a giveaway : you can win a pair of naughty monkey shoes The same i wear in this outfit post !!! EXCITING RIGHT ? Stay tuned..

* Blouse - Bershka
* Skirt - H&M
* Cuff - Primark
* Choker -
* Shoes - Naughty monkeys

woensdag 21 september 2011

Feather earrings and some news about me.

Hi dolls, here an update from my life , The last weeks im not feeling that well, sometimes i feel so sad that i cant do anything, and from turkey till now i fainted 12 times and then im away for 10 minutes en when i come back i just dont know where i am, Yesterday i went with the ambulance to a hospital cause i diddnt came back when i fainted. So not a funny periode of my life and i hope its gonna be better from now , so i will post some outfits this week but i just need to take care of myself , thats why i diddnt comment you all back this week.. Im sorry for that and i hope you all understand, But i have some great news 2! the last 2 weeks i got a LOTS of free stuff, 2 pairs of high heels i got a tshirt and lipstick from zalando i can have free extensions so im SO happy with my blog And wanna thank all of you for the lovely things that i get! Today i wanted to show you girls a few pics from myself with my new feather earrings from the primarkt! love the color of the feathers , i hope you all have a nice day and hope you all doing fine .. Hebben allen een fijne dag! Kussen XOXO mirjam

zondag 18 september 2011

Outfit post , Preppy look

Hello Blogworld , Today i have a lovely sunday, Just chill and watch some football! Yes i like football haha! Today i wear my Lovely jersey with a blouse underneath. I love this preppy look i never thought it looked good on me but i think its working for me! I AM IN LOVE WITH THE SHOES! I got this for free from a website called: The shoes are so lovely, they fit so good and i love the beige color with the red underneath it. They are 19.95 euro's so thats a lovely price and they are in sale now! so take a look on the amazing website! And i wanna thank the lovely owner of the webshop ''Thank you babe'' i HOPE you girls like my look! and i will comment you all back from the last post now! Lots of love Mir.

* Jersey top - H&M
* White blouse - Bershka
* Skinny jeans - Pieces
* Earrings - River island

zaterdag 17 september 2011


Hello lovelies, Today i wanted to show you an easy hairstyle Its all about making it straight and pull a little piece of hair back. Thats it ,i have to say i lOVE my lONG hair with curls, But this style a little shorter and straight are close to my heart two! What you girls think : Curly and Very long , Or shorter and straight? Thanks for leaving all lovely comments, Tomorrow i will post a new outfit post with my new shoes and i LOVE them i got them for free from an online webshop from ginger! Tomorrow i will post more about the online shop and i Will show you all the Shoes. Lots of love en hebben allen een fijne avond! Xo mir.

dinsdag 13 september 2011

Outfit post - summer or fall ?

Hello there blogger world, After a week being sick im a little bit better , And i wanted to do an outfit post so yaay here the results, im in LOVE with my new poncho from h&m its such a nice item to have for now and for fall. You can wear it as a scarf or just how i do it, in Love with his color and its an amazing fabric so im glad that i have this one! Do you have any favourite items for fall? or something that you want so badly? Tell me , wanna hear all about it.. Im gonna comment you all back now Thanks for the nice words again dolls! and dont forget to tell me what you think about my fall look! Buh bye LOTS of love Mirjam..

* Jeans - Vero moda
* Mustard color blouse - Primark
* Poncho - H&M
* Shoes -
* Ring - H&M & Primark
* Cuff - H&M

zaterdag 10 september 2011

Chop chop 15 cm off !

I did cut my hair , and i did it myself ! 15 cm off , What do you think ?  i'd loved to hear the comments.. Loveyouall Xo mir!

* Photos made with the samsung galaxy.

dinsdag 6 september 2011

outfit post : Wear it up

Hello lovelies, what a horrible days in holland.. The weather is so bad only rain and that kinda stuff. And now you all think ohh you dress yourself like its 25 degrees! YES saturday it was so warm i LOVED it and i MISSED it. So this is my outfit from saturday i had to work till 3 and then i was free to go! I wear my new shoes from primark and my new pink shirt from primark. I was there 2 weeks ago and i had to say there were some nice things but i really had to look trough it all to find it. So its not my favourite store but you can find really nice items there! So here are the results my boyfriend always shoot the pictures and i thought they really came out well. And YAAY im smiling on the picturs:P haha everybody told me : Mirjam you have to smile more;) So here i am smiling my ass off.. Hope you people enjoy this post.. Im gonna comment you all back now. Im sick 39 degrees so i have all the time to give you some love back! Hebben allen een fijne dag.. XXX mirjam.

* Top - Primark
* Leather shorts - Bershka
* Shoes - Primark
* Necklace - Mango
* Ring - Primark
* Cuff - Primark
* Sunglasses - H&M
* Cross earrings -