donderdag 28 juli 2011

Gone 290711 - 090811

Hi my dear readers , Im so sorry that i havent upload that much photos from outfits etc. these days, Really i was just so busy with everything. I was sick, and still a bit sick, and i had to do so much for the vacation and now im sitting here and Later in the night i go to TURKEY! Im so afraid to fly but i hope its gonna be fine! And then im there for two weeks, just Tanning and having fun! My boyfriend loves blogging 2, he loves it cause i love it.. but i ask him Shall i take my laptop with me, And he said NOO.. he said: My love, i do anything for you and i always make pictures and everything but when im on vacation then the attention goes to me, i get him but im bumped ! so i leave my laptop at home, i think im gonna check my blog everyday and maybe give you all a sweet message back, i cant promisse it but i will think of you all! And when im back, then i will overload you all with the photos! and then im gonna comment you all back:) LOTS of love, and take care loves.. Big hug Big kisses And im gonna miss you all for 2 weeks! LOVEXXX

* Jersey top - H&M

zondag 24 juli 2011

My nelly order

Hi loves, im so happy. I was shopping online at NELLY's ! and i orderd this.. What you girls think?
Im gonna comment you girls all back from my earlier post when i do an outfit post! LOVEYOUALL!!! XO mir.

donderdag 21 juli 2011

Outfit post , Soft colors

Hi lovely bloggers and my dear readers! Yes finally some time to blog! this week i was so busy with working cause my collega is on vacation so i needed to work some extra! so today i was busy working from 9 till 9 so thats 12 hours of making people happy and beautifull! i love my job dont get me wrong but 12 hours is just so much on one day! but im ready i have to work tomorrow and thats my last day then i have VACATION!! YAAY love that word such an amazing word!
this is my outfit from tuesday i know its been a while .. but i had the time now so i thougt lets post it! What you girls think of me in soft colors? baby pink , Beige ! i need to get used to is but i like it i guess! so im gonna comment al 165 back now! its so much and im so thankfull for that! LOVE it loves! Thanks for reading my blog Really love the fact that you People love my blog, makes me feel so happy! Have a good night / and for some of you all a good day! hebben allen een fijne avond! Bu-buii Bighug Lots of love XO Mirjam


* Pink dress - Zara
* Jacket - H&M
* Necklace - H&M
* Shoes - Store in Amsterdam
* Bracelets - H&M

zondag 17 juli 2011

Outfit of today; Your boyfriend gave me this t-shirt

Hi lovely readers, First of all i want to thank you all for the most Sweet comments on my latest post, you know whats funny Most of the dutch girls said: no i love the way you are in a more natural look and most of the american girls said: no i love the heavy barbie look ;) so funny.. i have to say i love it both and i wear what i like offcourse but i love to see the messages and im gonna do something with the comments:) So thank you, Today i had to work from 8 till 9 so that was 11 hours of working hard AGAIN but .. this is my last week and next week i have 3 weeks vacation and im gonna go to turkey! Yaay love it love the thought love the feeling! So this is my outfit from yesterdat, i was a little bit in an rock ''mood'' again! so this is the result, i diddnt know what to do so i thougt i do my makeup not too much and not too natural so i found something in the middle:P so not to heavy, a little bit normal i think? .. Loves im gonna comment you all back now! thanks for everything again! LOVEYOUALL Xo mirjam.

PS. AARGH The photos are NOT so sharp, HATE THAT..
Oh and btw, many Questions about my bright lipstick from the earlier post, my lipstick is from YSL color 49 !

* Leather pants - H&M
* T.shirt - Bershka
* White blazer - River island
* Boots - sasha
* Belt - H&M
* Skull ring - Soho heart
* Cuff - H&M
* Necklace - bijoux

zaterdag 16 juli 2011

Tell me what you think about my makeup!

Hi girls, lately ive got so much comments about my makeup, Good ones and not so good ones! Its 50/50 some of the girls say : my god girl you have amazing makeup.. and some of the girls say you look like a barbie and i love to see you in the more natural look! I think that it depends on what you prefer so what your taste is. I have to say I LOVE MAKEUP i want eyeshadow i want eyeliner mascara foundation powder bronzing powder lipstick i want everything i love to put in on my face everyday and maybe its too much but i dont know. its just my taste! So Girls, give me some comments What do you like more? Photo number 1,3,5 is with more makeup and 2,4,6 is the more natural look! Let me know, Tomorrow is a new outfit post, So then im gonna comment you all back! yaay again a lots of comments love to see it! Big thanks Xo mir.

vrijdag 15 juli 2011

Outfit post; Get your rock on

Pictures made by Jeanine photography

Hi dolls, so here i am again with my lovely new pictures! Im in love with the photos , My lovely BFF Jeanine made this photos, i think that she is SO amazing in makin pictures en put you in the right poses and im blesses to have her in my life .. So a big thank you for the lovely photographer! Stand up.. yaaaaayy (handclap) these pictures i made 2 days ago, but i just havent got the time to sho them to you.. it was a warm day that day and i was a little bit in my rock mood, sometimes i just want to rock, so i put on my cool new shorts and lovely top with boots, i love that look i think its a little bit an festival rock you know where you just can jump and drink beer and be a crazy ass.. so thats how i felt, haha:) And omg you people 145 comments im gonna read them in a minute and then im gonna comment you all back! a lots of work but i enjoy it! So Girls/boys thanks again!
Big love to you all and tell me what you think of the rockstyle and me together ! Bu-buyy XO Mir

PS ; I have a new header !

* Shorts - River island
* Top - I really dont know, i have it for 4 years now Omg i know!
* Boots - Store in paris
* swarovski Skull ring - Soho heart
* Bracelets - H&M

maandag 11 juli 2011

Outfit post , New blouse!

Hello my lovely followers, Such a busy day today i had to work from 9 till 9 today, So thats 12 hours of hard work and make people beautifull.. Love it! so now it 22.20 and now i go to message you all back, i think im ready at 1 in the night but i want it and i pinkisweared it;) So here i am showing my outfit from yesterday SO in love with this top! i really adore the lovely color Such a color for me, LOVELOVELOVE it.. ! The first and the 3rth are made by my lovely BFF , shes such a good photographer and i love her so much, she's an amazing girlfriend and dont know what i need to do without her! So thank you lovely .. and i mad so much behind the scene photos, and those photos i will show you in my next post, They are awesome! Girls/boys thanks again for check my blog and give me sweet messages! So amazing thank you. now i have a lots of work to do! Hope i get it done by 1 in the night, Fingers crossed! Xo LOVE mirjam.

* Jeans - Zara
* Top - Jane norman
* Shoes - Il Dolce
* Feather necklace - River island
* Bracelets - H&M
* Rings - H&M

zondag 10 juli 2011

Behind the Scenes!

Hello dolls, i know i promissed to do the outfit post today, but there are some things that i need to do in my life that i have no control over so i need to an outfit post tomorrow, im sorry lovelies! but here a little sneakpeek of me and my girl taking pictures , she has an amazing camera and she wanted to do the photos! its amazing! Thanks for the comments and i PROMISE I WILL SEE YOU GIRL/GUYS TOMORROW! Love you all, Buh-baii! XO mirjam

And please dont think i diddnt get any message back, i will do that tomorrow, Pinkiswear! (L)

vrijdag 8 juli 2011

Photo of a nice night out

Hi dearest people, Here a photo of me and my friends going out on a saturday night! I dont have much time again so here a little photo to kill the time for my newest outfit post! thanks again for the many comments loves! appreciate that so much .. tomorrow i need to work again so i will do an outfit post on sundays and comment then all of you back who wrote me a nice message ! Have a nice night dolls , Hebben alle een fijne avond ! X kisses Mir

dinsdag 5 juli 2011

outfit of today + New white shoes.

Hello lovely readers, this is my outfit of yesterday.. Today i was busy with working so i diddnt had the time to post it Till now. I worked from 12 till 8 in the evening so now im dead.. but i want to post this and give you all comments back cause i think that you deserve it all! These are my new white shoes and my new Jane normal top and my new necklace! i LOVE this combination of natural colors and a bright necklace! I was looking so long for white shoes but i couldnt find the perfect ones, Now i found them! what you girls think? Love the look ? And omg look at my smallest too hahaha.. So charming! Say hello to my little too (L) Gotta love him :P im gonna comment you all back now loves! Big kisses and hugs! LOVE xo xo mir.

* Pants - H&M
* Top - Jane norman
* belt - H&M
* Necklace - H&M
* White ring - H&M
* Swarovski crystal ring - Zinzi
* Shoes - Il Dolce
* Nailpolish - Catrice