maandag 31 januari 2011

todays outfit , romantic rock.

Hello lovely dolls! today i worked from 9 till 6 ! so im a bit tired but i goo on like always! now im gonna enjoy the happy live ! tonights outfit i think its a little bit rock with a romantic touch with the blazer! nd yess there are some new stuff in it! my leather black short nd my new shoess nd my new ring!! im glad how the outfit turns out to be! its very ladylike how i put my shoe on the toilet on the photo above:P haha i need to do that somewhere else but oke! in the bathroom theres the best light so sorry if i make you girls uncomfertable! tomoroow i need to work again from 9 till 6 ! nd then i got 2 days off! just do my own thing! Girls i diddnt have read the comments from the early post so i diddnt had the time to read it nd post yall a comment back! so tonight when im at home im gonna watch the earlier post nd comment yall back! , nd why i dont comment yall back now, Becuz i HAVE to leave NOW ! i just wanted to post a new item becuz i LOVE to have every day a new post! LOVELY ladies tell me what you think of todays outfit / hair / makeup! whatever you want ! i Swear i will comment yall back , cuz i looooooveee the comments (L) BIG LOVE M

zondag 30 januari 2011

Outfit of sundays , Shopping time!

Helloo lovely Prettyy Qute bloggers! , Today i was going to amsterdam to shop! My god Everywhere are soooo much people! i LOVE people nd the different kinds of people , but today there was TOO much people , so i was like MOVE bitch get out the way! .. i really was:$ but oke it was busy so long waiting times for the fitting rooms, but i made it with a lot great new stuff!
i bought : a black leather short + a camel leather short , a skirt , a conjac dress , a Qute baby pink dress , aboyfriend t-shirt , another blacktshirt , a white blazer , black shoes , necklace , ring , earrings , foundation miracle lancome , lancome concealer , i guess that was it? you girls see it in outfit posts i will show you for shoo! nd then i say this is my new ''dress'' from when i shopt in amsterdam , you notice it;) it was a lovely day it was not that cold so i wore only a blazer you see it on the photos above! i REALLY LOVELOVELOVE the comments you give me! keep me posted! i will comment yall back Sweeties (L) XO mir.

zaterdag 29 januari 2011

outfit of today, lets do some rock!

Hello lovely bloggers! i feel a little bit better today so today i worked the whole day , nd this is my outfit of tonight! im gonna do nothing just sit or lay in bed but i just wanted to do something for myself ! becuz when your sick you only want to wear your pyamas nd i really missed it to put some nice clothes on so THIS is the velvet legging i got from my girlfriend EVA for my birthday i really like it ! you dont see it on the pictures where i just stand but i made a pic of my boots 2 nd then you see the velvet pants (L) I LOVELOVELOVE so thans eva for the Amazing present! today i wanted to go a little bit rock! i love rock , i have lots of styles one day im a really girly girl type nd the other day i love it rock , the other day im all black, the next day all pink! so i wear what my mood is that day! do you girls have that two ? im going shopping tomorow i love to shop ive worked a lot this month so it shows on my bankaccount haha nd i love it when you get your Paycheck at the end of the month ! girls girls girls tell me what you think about the rock outfit in me nd i hear from you girls! Have a great weekend nd i will post tommorow some new stuff! thanks for keep commenting! Im commenting right back at ya ! LOVE XO mir.

vrijdag 28 januari 2011

New photoshoot.

hello my dearest bloggers, today im feeling not any better so still at home but i go to work from 6 till 9 so im gonna try it 3 hours! i need to do something! yeahh these are the photos Shot by my beautifull nd dearest friend Jeanine shes got a blog on her own 2 ! maybe you can check its worth it ! - so thank you girl for the lovely photos (L) ! i diddnt feel that well nd i see that it shows on the pictures but tell me what you think about it (L) Would be so nice! LOVE yall! i comment yall back! Big LOVE XO mir.

donderdag 27 januari 2011

outfit of todays!

Hello loved ones! im so sorry that i diddnt have a blog yesterday! , today im back nd i stay;) i was so sick my god, i lost 10 pounds ( 5kg ) in 3 Days! so thats nice if i look at that! but the way that its happend its no good i can tell hehe;) but i feel a lot better today so its oke! i want to Show you girls what my outfit was today! i had a lot things to do today , first i was still a little bit ill so i slept till 10 then i needed to go to the hospital nd do some things! 14.30 i was at home again , i went to my pretty little friend jeanine , she makes photos she my ultimate favourite when it comes to shooting! so i had a photoshoot! i show you the pics tomorrow then i have tonight this post nd tommorow you get 2 post;) OOh happy dayss! haha, tommorow i need to work again from 9 till 9 again soo a reall bussy working day , i hope that i can keep my food inside, i think that would be nice! what you girls did ? i hope you girls love the pics(L) thanks for keep commenting im gonna comment yall back now (L) LOVE nd big kisses! mirjam,

dinsdag 25 januari 2011

some of my favourites!

Hello dolls , yesterday i was sick , nd im sick today 2 ! so Still no outfit of today! but i want to show you girls some off my favourite stuff! i did my best with making pictures so im sorry if not everything is clearly ;) starting with the first photo thats everything that i want to show you girls! the 2. photo is my terracote bronzing powder from guerlain! its really expensive but so worth it! it give my skin a sunny glow without to much brown , the different colors makes it very natural! the 3rth photo is my foundation from lancome teint miracle, it really fits to your own skin color nd its giving a great light on your face i really dont want something else , only use this foundation i have color 02 + 03 , because sometimes i love to do it a bit darker then my own skin nd sometimes i use my own skin color so thats why i have 2 ;) the 4rth photo are my lipsticks from yves saint laurent , i really can say that im addicted to those lipsticks ! i got them all in pink, darker pink Shining pink soft pink , baby pink everything! you can see the colors a little bit on the 5yh photo! so thats the 5th photo:P at photo number 6 you see my Christian Dior eyeshadow collection! i love the colors you really need a little bit to make it work! i love them, i really love brown nd gold i think that that makes the eyes Sparkle! At the 7 photo i have my Lancome eye mascara! i have the hypnose drama! its very black Thick mascara nd it makes the lashes longer nd thicker end i am very pleased about this mascara! the last photo is my favourite fragrance EVER Flowerbomb from viktor nd rolf! its so Sweet i love it ! i smell it the whole day nd Guys love it haha! i hope you enjoyed reading this! nd thank you again for all the lovely comments! LOVELOVELOVE XO M

maandag 24 januari 2011

Photos from saturday !

Hello there (L) . Today im sick:( i needed to work but i couldnt :( so im sitting at home with no makeup myhair in a ponytail in a big jogging pants nd a vest . Very fashion but i Love this outfit at the moment! so i thought i share a few photos from saturday with ya'll ! my girlfriend jeanine at the firts photo shes got a prinsses crown for her birthday but i had to put it on my head becuz im the princess here ;) second photo haha! its so funny i loveit! but oke well i dont have much to say cuz today i was at home nd inside the whole time i slept for soo long! crazy 14 hours its so long i guess i needed it but Dolls thank you for the lots of comments i enjoy reading it every time (L)
PS. some of you girls ask how i do my hair! i had no time to make a video or some photos of it but its coming if you girls like it :)(L) LOVEEE M
Lovee ya'll nd have a nice night/evening XO mir