woensdag 30 maart 2011

Todays look , New clothes!

Hello lovely bloggers, Again WOW 81 comments .. So fun to see it every time! So thanks again! todays look i got it all from my boyfriend, Yesterday i went to a evening of vero moda Then you get 20% discount. so me nd my boyfriend went over.. nd i saw this White plazer with shoulderpads , nd this amazing jeans.. nd i got it all from my MAN!.. so sweet so Thanks for that huney ! So i wear it today , today i was with my other BFF eline ! you see her on the last photo shes so pretty! .. we always Played together ! from my 6 till Now So thats a long time Playing with eachother. we dont see eacother so much so when were together is it so much fun, we talk about hair , makeup , clothes , boyfriends.. The girly stuff! nd we did go to the mall we went to ici paris , She bought some great stuff.. nd i bought a lipstick from YSL in the color orange! SO ORANGE is lately a hot item, nd i see it in almost every blog that the lipstick is orange too so i needed to have it! (L) nd i bought some concealer from lancome! its the most amazing product ever! What you girls think of my new clothes? like it? .. nd offcourse im gonna comment yall back now.. nd thanks for keep commenting .. Lovelovelove it X's and O's mirjam.

maandag 28 maart 2011

outfit of today , pink Blocking

Hello sweet bloggers. im here again , Putting my new outfit on my blog ! today was a not so busy day again , i woke up at 1 :$ guilty pleasure , hehe it was a little late but oke i move on , then i showered washed my hair with kerastase , then i dryed my hair nd Curled my hair with a straightner then i did my makeup on , nd then i pulled my new outfit out of the closet : MY NEW PINK JEANSE.. im so in love with this color lately , nd i love to colorblock so this trend came at the right time .. nd i had my new shirt for Zara on.. it fits so good, the fabric feels nice so im happy .. ! lately ive been gone trough some blogs, nd i really want you girls to see this girl.. http://ulrikkelund.com/ i think that she is so pretty , nd she has an amazing style, Love to see that she is blonde nd that se has Short hair nd a week later long hair nd she does so much with it. nd i like het clothes! so maybe you girls can take a look.. tomorow is a important day for me .. im gonna tell you girls tomorrow the BIG news! (L) im gonna comment yall girls back now, nd the boys offcourse CANT forget! thanks for the intervieuws you girls nd A HE gave me im gonna Do it all soon , im so honered! LOVE XO mir.

zaterdag 26 maart 2011

Details ; Necklace

Got love for my necklace , amazing..
What you girls think?
gonna comment yall back tonight
lots of love M

donderdag 24 maart 2011

Todays look , Brown &'d White

Hello Bloggers from all over the world.. OMG OMG OMG SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK when i just came on my blog again.. omg again! i have 82 comments? I never had that! .. im so pleased Really i think its soo cool to have this much comment! i loved reading all of them.. so keep me posted i guess! Oke todat my day , again not much i slept till 12 omg thats long i know;) nd then i showered washed my hair , dryed my hair , curled my hair , put some makeup on , search trough some clothes , nd i putted this outfit together for today.. tonight i was shopping in almere .. i bought a shirt , again a shirt , what a suprise a shirt , nd again a shirt .. so 4 tops .. nd a PINK jeans. my god never thought i became more barbie .. but i am! but i really liked what i bought nd i will show you girls in one of my next posts.. Lately i really love the color blocking trend.. Much color everywhere.. ive seen it on theblondesalad .. stylescrapbook .. its so lovely to see all those colors trough eacother nd it still is a really nice complete look! i adore .. what you girls think of the color blocking trend? Ladies im gonna comment yall back.. but im gonna do it in 2 times so today im gonna try as much as i can .. nd tomorow i have to work so no outfit post for me but then im gonna comment the second selection back! i hope you understand.. i need my sleep haha!;) a big thank you for all the nice thing that you say to me. LOVE x's and o's Mir.

dinsdag 22 maart 2011

todays look , A little bit of blue!

Hello beautifull bloggers, first thing that i wanna say is I LOVE SPRING.. my god its so sunny in the netherlands last few days.. im so happy all the time , oke my day plan today was.. First i woke up , nd then the lover of my brother was standing by my bed.. she wanted to sport again.. nd since i have a pass i can go sporting. so in the morning i did a workout for 1.30 hour again.. but my musscels are so dead right now! but what can i expect .. i never sport nd now i sport 3 hours in 2 days.. but it was nice nd i wanna get ready for my summer body! when i came home i showered .. did my makeup Curled my hair.. nd then my mommy came again nd said mirjam im gonna walk the dog are you coming with me then im gonna make pictures again! hehe its so sweet of her nd so i walked the dog nd here are the photos from today nd the outfit i had on! lately i love the blue! im gonna eat now, tonight i go to my bff eline! she has a new home with her boy nd me nd my boyfriend are gonna Take a look at the house!.. thanks for all the comment dears im gonna comment yall back after dinner! loveyall xoxo mirjam.

maandag 21 maart 2011

todays outfit , meet the polkadots!

Hello dear bloggers From everywhere, today i had a chilling day.. i just cleaned my room nd make everything neat for my mommy, sometime when i dont know what do wear, i just trow everything out of my closet nd then i have a outfit but i dont clean up the clothes that i left on the floor. so today im cleaning up my closet.. thats a eminem song right? im cleaning up my closet.. (singing) haha lol oke i will go on.. i did that nd then i did my hair a little bit cuz it still was straight from yesterday i did my makeup nd i did nothing just chilling with some music on my room, going trough blogs .. Then my mommy came to me nd said : Barbie lets go out nd walk with the dog , then im gonna take pictures of you.. its beautifull outside.. ! now i thought that was a excellent idea nd so i went outside to walk with my Rambo dog.. my mommy made de picturs as always. nd i thought lets put her on a photo with myself.. So meet the photographer:) hihi
so that was that, then i eat .. nd the Love of my brothers came with the great idea LETS SPORT.. my brother is has a card he can sport 2 times in the week, but my brother has a broken leg so i can sport on his pass now! So thanks brother for having a broken legg. hope you dont get well soon;) LOL.. so i sport for 1.30 hour! so much nd im broken now.. oke the clothes from today i thougt i wear my new polkadot shirt. nd the Jeans are from my BF ! i think its fitts me good! i love to hear all the thoughts about it nd im gonna comment yall back now X's and O's Mir