maandag 31 oktober 2011

Outfit of today; Beige it is

Hello dolls, Today i wear my NEW JEFFREY CAMPBELL LITA SHOES! So so so happy with them, they are amazing.. they walk so good 2, but they are a little tight but its real leather so i have to walk them out. Finally my jc's, i wanted the heels for so long and now i finally got them in my collection! I also wear my new glitter beige top from New look, bought in in London, And i wear my new Jeans from zara love the color of the jeans and diddnt had this color in my collection! Also i wear my new feather earring which i adore so so so much! And my hair ? What about a fishtail braid, think im gonna do a tutorial on it soon .. Like ? im gonna comment you all back now that i have the time! LOVE Xoxo mirjam

P.s ; Lately i got so much comments that i look like Josh Veldhuizen Or blake lively and i LOVE THAT Hihi.. Thanks!

* Top - New look
* Jeans - Zara
* Shoes - Jeffrey campbell
* Earring - Chaplin's
* Belt - Chaplin's

zondag 30 oktober 2011

New in : Feather earring

Loved this shot so much ..

Love this feather earring, i found it in a store in amsterdam called Chaplin's!
Its 1 earring, and it cost 4.50 euro!
im sorry for the lack of comments back , But i have been to doctors and hospitals cause its not going so good with me , Im gonna explain it in an other post abouth my health .. Thanks for the support and the comments that you all have giving me, Read every single one of them and love it with all my heart ! LOVE <3 Mir

vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

Its like heaven

Jeffrey campbell lita .. Do i need to say more ?
i just bought this baby's , i couldnt choose between these 2 colors so i thought What the hell lets buy them both! What do you girls/guys think of the Lita shoes is it a yes or a no go ?

Love to hear from you With love mirjam ..<3

dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

Outfit post; All that pink

Hello Dolls, So oke here is my pink side again, im in love with the color pink. Its such an happy color and it just light up my day.. oke thats not true but its a great color. i dont like pink jeans but i love a pink blazer i have 2 colors, this light pink and a dark pink! Do you girls/?boys? love pink? or just for your girly room;) .. I also wear my new top from topshop it was 8 pounds or so? and i like the shape of it and the feeling with the top is amazing, great fabric if i may say so! My black jeans legging is one of my favourites it fits perfect and always looks good with something above it! Its a little simple but with the bright pink i think you dont need to over accesoirate it! Its that a real word? Or did i just made that word up? Oke move on: So i just put a necklace on and that was it! What do you think of my look ? Thanks for all the amazing comments and stuff, and also on lookbook i LOVE the comments and the hypes there.. i just discovered LB and im in love also with that website! Hope you all still like my blog, cause im still in love with making it! XO mirjam

* Black Jeans legging - Veromoda
* White top - Topshop
* Pink blazer - Newlook
* Shoes - Sacha boots
* Necklace - Forever 21
* Cross earrings -

donderdag 20 oktober 2011

Outfit post; Snakeprint

Hello my dolls, Its so cold here in the netherlands, 2 weeks ago we had still 25 degrees and now we have 11 of them, Brr SO COLD i want the summer back, though we diddnt had a great summer but i just dont want the cold wind and snow blergg! I only love snow with the 2 days of christmas. So please someone bring me back the summer, this isnt fun anymore:( , OKE so today i wear my new snakeprint legging from Topshop, im in love with the snakeprint lately this is my second item of the snakeprint. I have shoes already with snakeprint but i dont wear them ? a little bit strange but maybe i will show you girls someday my Sweet snakeprinted shoes! I have to say i LOVELOVELOVE my boots, they come from river island i love his color yes its a him i named the shoes bert .. and the studs are amazing on them, i always searched for this kinda boots and i found them in london in the river island, great store 2! what you girls/boys think of my new clothes and my outfit? Thanks again for the sweet comment i will comment you back today and tomorrow! thanks for all the love Sweeties, hebben alleen een fijne dag! Xoxo mirjam.

* White blazer - River island
* Oversized shirt - At Eve's
* Snakeprint legging - Topshop
* Boots - River island
* Cuffs - H&M
* Black clutch -

dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

Thank you all followers!

Im at 801 followers now ! Thank you all so much , I always love the comments that i read on my blog! So Sweet of you all ,Thanks dolls.. Just saying ;) XOXO mir.

kussen en hebben allen een fijne dag !

zondag 16 oktober 2011

My heart is black

i look inside myself and see my heart is black.

Hi my loves , So i wanted to show you girls my outfit from topshop in london, i bought the leather legging and my fluffy sweater there i love the feathers on the sweater.. Really this is my new favourite sweater.. and Topshop, what an amazing store SO much clothes i diddnt knew where to look everywhere clothes and so much people i think i missed so much of the clothes/store cause there was so so much. But i had enough bought there so i was lucky with the items i got! Love my bracelet/cuff too. Its from forever21 and also my necklace is from forever21 , amazing store 2 but nothing compared too topshop, my one new love! Earlier in the days i always had black clothes on, all black. Now i wear nude tones the most but when i see this then i just gotta love the all black look! What do you girls think ? All black .. or back too nude ? Thanks for all the comments dolls, LOVE mirjam!

p.s - Can we go to 800 followers please?

* Fluffy sweater - Topshop
* Leather legging - Topshop
* Cuff - Forever 21
* Necklace - Forever 21
* Shoes -

vrijdag 14 oktober 2011

maandag 10 oktober 2011

Outfit post - New dress

hi blogworld, At first sorry that i diddnt comment you back from my last 2 post, i was busy and had to do a lot of things, so now i have a little time and i can sit with my computer to post you all a sweet comment back. Today i wanted to show you all my lovely new dress, the photos were taken in Londen, i love the color from the dress i love that it begins with the white and become more darker when you go downstairs:P i dont know to say it but you feel me right haha lol.. I wanted to say it again i LOVELOVELOVED London and i will go back there again ,great people,great shops, great food and a great topshop :P now i hope you enjoy the pictures with my outfit, a full post about londen is coming up and dont forget this week my GIVEAWAY with the naughty monkey shoes! All coming up! im gonna comment you all back now! Big love hebben allen een fijne dag!XO mirjam.

* Dress - Zara
* Clutch -
* Shoes - Zara
* Cuff - Primark

vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

Outfitpost: London outfit!

Hi loves , Im back from london and i have to say i LOVED it so much. What i love the most ? OXFORD STREET.. What an amazing clothes store there! I LOVED : Topshop, Forever 21, New look, River island. I bought so much stuff and i CANT wait to share them with you all! Im pretty sad that the trip is over so fast.. A little too fast! But i think london is one of my favourite places with Paris. I have to say it the people in london were SO SO nice, They wanted to help us with everything and we had so much fun with the people. And you know, Rihanna was next to us in the building, a weird feeling .. we diddnt see her but it was so funny to hear that.. Rihanna OMG rihanna yes;) I have so much photos from london but you all gotta see it in an other post about london Today i wanted to show you all an outfit that i wore in london! Im in love with the oversized tee, and my new headband that i bought in london! Tell me what you think about the outfit ! I will comment you all back from my latest posts! BIG LOVE XOXO mirjam.

* Headband - Forever 21
* Shoes - Zara
* Oversized Tee - At eve's
* Boyfriend shorts - H&M
* Necklace -
* Round sunglasses - H&M
* Cuff - H&M
* Ring - Primark