zondag 30 december 2012

Black and white

He loves, here some shots in black and white. Hope you like it. On tuesday there will be an outfitpost. CANT WAIT. Xo Mirjam

donderdag 27 december 2012

Happy birthday to myself

Happy 24. Old granny!
Feel like it though

LOVE Mirjam.

Ps. Next week i will be a good blogger. Lots of outfitpost for you all! XO

dinsdag 25 december 2012


My outfit from today. Just a joke offcourse
Merry christmas loves.
XO Mirjam

vrijdag 21 december 2012

Outfit post; Time for headbands

Hey dolls, A little late again today but here my new outfit. Im wearing my headband. The weather in holland sucks so bad. Its cold and wet and also so dark. So pretty dark photos but you still see the outfit well. Im wearing my leather jacket from bershka i love the combination of burgundy and black. One of my favourite jackets now. Its almost christmas i cant believe it. Im not really in a christmas vibe yet. Also my birthday is coming up de 27th of december. Almost 24 years old damn im becoming a granny almost. Oke drama drama but i feel so old haha. I really want a white christmas but i dont think thats gonna happen. When its white outside it looks so much lighter and you can make such better outfits. So im stuck with the bad outfit posts. Too bad but i can live with it. Dolls let me know what you think of the look! Im free today so im gonna give you all a lovely comment back! Lots of love Mirjam

* Leather jacket - Bershka * Top - Nelly.com * Headband - New look * Jeans - Dr.denim * Shoes - Jc's

donderdag 20 december 2012

The big bun

Hey loves, just a photo from my big bun today! I wanted to show you an outfit today but i had so much stuff to do, so tomorrow when you come back there will be a new outfitpost. A little dark one but whatever this weather sucks but you see my outfit its not that bad. Im always like overdramatic every detail has to be right and im not flawless thats what i can tell;) Have a great evening Lots of Love Mirjam

dinsdag 18 december 2012

Outfit post; Snow white

Hey my loves, here an outfit in the snow. I loved it, I mean TRULY loved it. Such qute photo's in the snow. I love the white background so bad the snows gone. I wear my new furry jacket so in love with this light item. I only had black/grey and blue fur and now i also have a lighter one. I found it at a store skooter. Totally not into that shop but when i saw this item for 45 euro i had to have it! My hair is untamed ahaha out of control kinda out of bed look but i tamed it a little bit with the braid. I also wear my new necklace from wildfox ''the love poisson necklace'' I bought this from my winning shopping spree at wildfox i loved it but i wore it one time and the necklace already broke. Such a shame for a necklace that is worth 100 euro. Im gonna do nothing today Just a little blogging and cleaning up in my house! Let me know what do you think of my look? i wish you all a great day and talk to you soon! Lots of love Mirjam

* Furry jacket - Skooter * Top - Zara * White blazer - Zara * Jeans - Dr.denim * Belt - H&M * Shoes - Jc' lita * Necklace - Wildfox * Sunglasses - H&M * Watch - Fossil

vrijdag 14 december 2012

Happy girl

Just a shot loves, i cant tell you how happy i am with my new canon 1100D. I always worked with a pink small camera and compared to the outfit posts i make now they were pretty crappy! Oh also im sorry about the lack of GOOD outfitposts this week! i promise to do better next week. Also my boyfriend has 2 weeks off work so i can borrow him all day for making outfitphoto's. He is gonna love it :-) Ohyeah. Im going now to clean the house make some laundry clean.. Thats the boring stuff when you have an house. MOMMY WHEN YOU READ THIS : HELP ME!

  I wish you all a good weekend See you on monday! LOVE Mirjam

donderdag 13 december 2012

Mobile outfit post; Simple and clean

Hey loves, Not a good outfit photo but i dont have a photographer here with me everyday. I still wanted to show you all what im wearing today to stay a bit uptodate! Im all black wow isnt it amazing ( NOT ) . I think its a little bored to have it all black but i kinda like this look with the silver belt and the nelly necklace. I am so in love with this necklace, also want it in gold but no money, no shopping! and offcourse my new jeans from dr.denim just a black one but yeah adore these jeans and the brand! I wear a high ponytail and when i do that i always get a headache cause its just so tight. What do you think about the look? LOVE Mirjam

* Jeans - Dr.denim * Top - Nelly.com * Belt - Nelly.com * Necklace - Nelly.com

dinsdag 11 december 2012

Outfit post; Stole my heart

Loves, here my outfit post. This top from H&M trend stole my heart. Love the color love the peplum shape. Im obsessed with peplum lately such a good fit for also the more curvy ladies! The jeans is from dr.denim i know i already said it my all time favourite, Cant live without my 3 dr.denim jeans! I also wear my lita's a lot thats really my guilty pleasure. Wanna have more from JC but my wallet doesnt allow me 2! Today i have a chill day.. right again? YES AGAIN! Today im gonna blog all day and i love these days chilling with coffee and my dear little chihuahua puppy! Let me know what do you think of the outfit/photos? Im really doing my best to give some comments back today. Lately i diddnt always had the time and i say all the time: Well i give you all a sweet comment back. But Shame on me mirjam you diddnt! But really? Im doing my best and i really LOVE all the comments that i get so THANK YOU ALL for that! Lots of love Mirjam

* Vest - S'nob (at eve's) * Peplum top - H&M trend * Jeans - Dr.denim * Shoes - JC lita * Watch - fossil * Cross earing - Primark

maandag 10 december 2012

Me, myself and i

Hey loves, today no outfit post. I really have a nothing to do day, I was sleeping for too long this morning and just relaxing, drink some coffee and after that i went to the city to buy some makeup i needed. I bought my favourite powder: Chanel mat lumiere nr 70 Pastel and bought my favorourite mascara: Lancome hypnose drama and my all time favourite concealer: Ysl touche eclat. I have to say it's expensive but i cant take anything else cause the work of the other products are not as good as these for me and i am so happy when i have this on me. I tried other stuff also with ''catrice'' or just loreal but i get spots and my  face gets red and mwah its just not working. SO IM A HAPPY GIRL! Now im gonna eat and just relax. Like i had a busy day haha:P Tomorrow a new outfit post so i will speak to you all tomorrow

Ps; I wanted to lose some weight and in 1,5 month i lost 6 KG. OHYEAH ;)

zaterdag 8 december 2012

New in; studded vest

Hi dolls, I wanna show you my new jacket i got it from only. I saw it and i loved it and it was a little present from my BF ahh how sweet, Got to love him! I love the way she ( i called it a she ) looks. It looks chique and at the same time tough with the studs. You can wear it with a short, skirt but i think im gonna make a combination with my new skinny jeans from dr.denim its just a black one but  i think dr.denim jeans are the best jeans ever made! Love the brand i now have 3 jeans from this brand and i cant get over how amazing they are! Tell me what do you think of my new jacket? Have a great saturday loves <3 mirjam="mirjam" p="p">

donderdag 6 december 2012

I love you december

Hey loves, maybe a little early but my christmas tree is up! It's so lovely to see the snow fall here in holland and the lights inside the houses. So warm so nice! I really love the month december cause its christmas and my birthday is coming up the 27 of december. I wanted to tell you all, enjoy the moments together of this pretty month and lets make christmas this year a christmas you never forget! Happy holidays .. LOVE Mir

dinsdag 4 december 2012

Outfit post; Pastel colors

Hey dolls, Pastel i love it, It's gonna be such a big trend again, oh well its never been out of fashion last months but i see it everywhere again and im in love well AGAIN. Im also in love with my new wool jacket from H&M. So soft and cute and it fits with so much colors. I dont love pink for clothes but this is such a soft color and when i saw it i fell in love! I wear it with my jeans from riverisland i bought this jeans last summer and still think its a qute one in this combination! Also wear my new blouse from H&M love the details on the blouse and the color mint is perfect.Its so freaking cold in holland you have to wear a big coat above it but i wanted to show my ''in the house'' look for my blog readers! Im a little bit in a rush i have to go to the doctor and do some more stuff today. Not an interesting day just things i have to do :( Im gonna give you all a sweet comment back tonight! Have a nice day and lots of love Mirjam

One thing : HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER IN LAW, Pretty asian doll it is!! BLOG

* Jeans - River island * Wool jacket - H&M * Blouse - H&M * Clutch - Nelly.com * Shoes - JC'S