woensdag 29 februari 2012

Just a shot

No time to blog today.. Working working working (L) Lots of kisses for you all XOXO


dinsdag 28 februari 2012

outfit; Like a fish in the red sea

Dolls, So here iam and again with a new outfit yeah. But i shot it in my bathroom NOT cool! But still you can see a part of the look! I never wear dark lipstick that much though i have to say i kinda like it in combination with my dark red blouse! And did you see my fish? I got it in turkey when i was on vacation its from the Mango! I fell in love with it at that moment but i never wear it? Weird right? Sometimes i LOVE something that i see in the store so i bought it and then at home i never wear it.. Like uh come on? you girls have some of those problems? Let me know! I send you all some love and a big kiss, Hebben allen een fijne dag! XOXO Mirjam

* Red blouse - Zara
* Necklace - Mango
* Belt - Zara
* Leather pants - H&M
* Rose watch - Fossil
* Dark lipstick - Dior

maandag 27 februari 2012

Outfit of today , Mint and blue

Hello my lovely bloggers , And yes im free again.. 2 days off! So time to blog baby! Did you have an amazing weekend? Its always monday so fast right? So today i wear mint and blue ! Im crazy in love with this mint knit from H&M. I love the color mint it such a good color for blond hair girls if you ask me! I diddnt want a simple jeans underneath it so i made this combination. And i like it so much! The photos are made by my lovely best friend Jeanine photography! Always love the pictures if she take them! Dolls let me know what you think about my look! I will do my best to give you all a sweet comment back! Lots of love XO mirjam <3<3<3

* Mint knit - H&M
* Blue shorts - River island
* Rose watch - Fossil
* Bag - Zara
* Shoes - Jeffrey campbell

zaterdag 25 februari 2012


Loves, just wanted to thank you all for the love and support.. Finally 1000 followers ! XoXo <3 mir

Peace ..

donderdag 23 februari 2012

Haircut ; Yes or a no!

this is my hairstyle at this moment ^

i want it like this..

Angelica blick blog

I need sum good advice from you girls/boys , I really am in love with the hairstyle ala angelica blick .. Got a girl crush on her, oops i said it! But oke move on.. i really adore her hair and the way she does her hair. I put some of my hair back and this is the results with my hair ala angelica blick. But i cant make a choice cause i love my hair long but i also am in love with this hair! Please help me..

Cut it ? Yes or no .. Let me know dolls!

dinsdag 21 februari 2012

Photoshoot; You're fucking perfect to me

Photos made by jeanine photography

Loves, Again a post from me i love it when i have 2 days off so i can blog and show you things! This time a photoshoot that was about plastic surgery. I never did it and i dont know if i ever will. What are your thoughts about plastic surgery? And what do you think of the shoot? Let me know A big hug and kiss Mirjam!

Ps; Google friend connect is not going out, im sorry for telling that.. And have you all notice? Only 10 more followers and im on 1000 followers ! AAH who wants to help me out.. THANK YOU ALL <3

maandag 20 februari 2012

Outfit post; Once you go black..

Hey dolls, I had a lovely weekend but damn.. my laptop died :( I feel sick about it and hate it, in an hour or 2 im going to the city to find a computer store and ask if they can fix it. All my music, All my photos are on that freaking little thing. GRR Not fun ! But oke i had this outfit on a week ago but i diddnt hate the time to post it so now its here a little bit later. What do you all think of the all black? Usually i wear so much more colors.. Let me know ! XOXO loveyouall Mirjam

* Headband - Forever 21
* Leather jacket - H&M
* Top - Storm and marie ( At eve's )
* Leather pants - H&M
* Brown belt - H&M
* Sunglasses - H&M
* Watch - Fossil
* Shoes - JC's
* Ring - Signaturefashion.nl
* Bag - Primark london

vrijdag 17 februari 2012

New in; Bubbah with glasses

Hello dolls, NEW IN.. Amazing shirt! Lately i see so much tigers and lions on shirts again and i have to say: I totally like it, Love it, Fancy it! What do you girls think of the top? Xoxo Love mirjam <3 <3 <3

For the dutch girls:

Meiden, Ik heb dit shirt gekregen van een super leuke webshop: http://www.bubbawithglasses.nl/ .. een super leuke site met vooral heel veel sieraden. En wat ik ook erg leuk vind is dat de prijs ook erg aangenaam is. Je kan er o.a ook sjaals vinden en ook dit shirt. Ook dit shirt is er voor een leuke prijs : 7.50 euro ik zelf ben er erg blij mee dus super bedankt. sinds kort ben ik lid van het blogteam en ben er ontzettend blij mee! laatste tijd zie ik de trend weer terug komen met leeuwen op je top of tijgers whatever wat je leuk vind om die dieren te noemen;) ik moet zeggen ik ben er weg van. Je kan het wat stoerder maken maar ik heb eigenlijk mijn look bij deze top wat simpel gehouden. Wat vinden jullie van de look? Binnenkort laat ik ook de sieraden zien die ik van de webshop heb gekregen, Helemaal blij Stay tuned dolls .. Dikke kus en een knuffel Mirjam

* Tiger top; Just click here

woensdag 15 februari 2012

outfit post; Just pretend its summer in the winter

Hey dolls, Oke call me freaking retarded haha im standing in my summer outfit in the freaking snow i know i know.. Oke it was a bit cold but i shot this outfit in 5 minutes. I kinda like the summer feeling in the winter, I CANT WAIT for the sun to come out and give me a tan and give everyone a smile on their faces! I did not shot this outfit today cause the snow i already gone. I shot this outfit 2 days ago! What do you think of my summer/winter look? Maybe a bit inspiration for the summer, cool right? Cant wait to hear from you all Lots of love xoxo mirjam<3

Have you seen my new banner.. Like ?

* Pink jeans - Zara
* Top - Forever 21
* Necklace - H&M
* Belt - H&M
* Earrings - River island
* Rose watch - Fossil
* Little bracelets - At eve's
* Shoes - H&M
* Sunglasses - H&M

maandag 13 februari 2012

Outfit of today ; Cold as ice

Hello lovely bloggers, Yeah i got two free days so lots of time to blog! I need to get used to the working life again. Im so tired every night ! And finally the snow goes away, i shot this outfit 2 days ago its a lovely picture with the snow and stuff but daaaaaaamn its TOO cold. I wear my new snake printed blouse from nelly.com its from the brand vero moda and i love it. I wanted to say thanks for still giving me a lots of comments .. Cause i diddnt comment any of you back i hate it when i dont have the time. But still you are here so THANKS dolls, What do you think of my look? I promisse really promisse to give you today a comment back! LOVELOVELOVE mirjam..

ps. im in love with my new bag from ZARA ! <3
* Faux fur jacket - New yorker
* Blouse - Nelly.com (veromoda)
* Jeans - Zara
* Belt - H&M
* Bag - Zara
* Shoes - Jeffrey campbell

woensdag 8 februari 2012

Outfit; Blouse!

Hi my loves, im in the middle of a work week so i dont have the time to comment you all back babes, i want to do it tomorrow So im really sorry! Babes en dudes i think i like this blouse but i really dont know yet. I bought this blouse in London a few months ago but i never got to wore it! NOW I DO... What do you think of the blouse? Let me know?! I read all the comments and love them all so thank you, Lots of love mir

Ps, Dont forget to follow me on bloglovin.. Googlefriendconnect is going out.. So you only can follow me on BLOGLOVIN!! XXX

* Blouse - Zara
* Watch - Fossil
* Necklace - H&M
* Ring - signaturefashion.nl

maandag 6 februari 2012

Outfit post ; Snake loves beige

hello dolls, I think im in love with my outfit this time.. I really love the colors of my outfit. The grey and the beige and the white look so beautifull together, i HAVE to say i saw this kinda outfit on Lookbook.nu and i thought i got those items two. So there my idea .. No it was not mine GRMPF ! But i dont care cause it looks great so thank you lookbook.nu! Lookbook.nu is one of my favourite websites, So much outfits so many different faces SO SO SO much inspiration i can tell. what do you think of my look ? Tell me and i will give some love back! Xo Xo Mirjam <3

* Snake print legging - Topshop
* White tee - Vero moda
* White blazer - River island
* Necklace - Mi moneda
* Rose watch - Fossil
* Shoes - Jeffrey campbell
* Sunglasses - H&M