zaterdag 31 december 2011

Blog; 1 year anniversary

Lovely, Amazing, Fantastic bloggers it was an amazing year. I really started a year ago with my blog, this exact date. I began at 0 followers and now 1 year later i have 913 followers, What can i say? OMG .. i cant thank you all enough for the lovely words, for the support, for the comments. This year was going so fast, i worked with amazing company's like signaturefashion, Naughty monkey and more. I got free shoes, got free clothes , got free jewelry and i love it all. Every single piece that i got, im so thankfull for it. So thank you all! This year i was really struggling with my health and i still do, So i hope that this year is going to be a fantastic year for me and also for you girls/boys!!! And i wish you all the best , just wanted to say thank you for this amazing year! I hope for an amazing next year with my blog and that you keep following me cause i really love it and it makes me very happy. Thank you thank you thank you!

Have a happy new year, here we come 2012 !!!

Xoxo mirjam.

donderdag 29 december 2011

Outfit post; Back in the old

Hello my loves , So excited about this look again. I bought this jeans like 3 years ago, And i have to say LOVE HIM SO MUCH. I found it in my closet and thought hm lets try it on.. And yes i like it a lot. Did you see my belt also? I bought this one like 5 years ago haha so im in the old.Did you all see my ring? Awesome right?..oh and i wanna thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes, i had an amazing day really got some lovely gifts i will say a few things i got: A rose colored watch from my boyfriend , Mi moneda necklace from my parents ( Real hot in the netherlands right now ) A big mirror , and a lovely book from Marykate and ashley olsen called influence, things for in my new home (dont have one yet but its coming soon i guess) some money , and gifts from ici paris xl ! The 8th of january is my birhtday party for my girls and my male friends so excited about it! :( hihi Please let me know what you think about the outfit dolls.. I will comment you all back now. Lots of love Mirjam

Ps; Have you seen the lovely photo with my amazing photographer/Boyfriend?

* Blazer - H&M
* Knit - H&M
* Belt - De hier
* Jeans - New yorker
* Shoes - Jeffrey campbell
* Ring -

woensdag 28 december 2011

My birthday


Hello my dolls, Let sing it together : Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear MIRJAM Happy birthday to you! Haha yeah 23 .. It sounds so granny but oke, its good to get each year one year older right? And cant change it, i would love to be forever young but growing up is so amazing two! Hope you like the Birthday photos shot by my dearest BFF Jeanine! I will give you all a sweet comment back and i will try to do it all today! XO MIRJAM

* Dress - Zara
* Shoes - Jeffrey campbells

zondag 25 december 2011

It's Christmas time !

Just wanted to wish you all the best and send some love to you all, And have yourself a merry little christmas! Maybe a little bit too late But Hey, Day 1 is over.. But day 2 is just about to begin! I see you after christmas just want to spend some time with my family and my one and only love. Kisses to you all, With love Mirjam<3

* mascara - Lancome dramatic
* Lipstick - Catrice
* Blouse with the pearls -

woensdag 21 december 2011

Outfit post; Lace loves tiger

Hello loved ones , Today i wanted to show you all my new lace dress from the zara, i bought this one in antwerpen but they hang everywhere in the zara! I Really liked this outfit cause of the beige tones from my fakefur and my jeffrey campbell lita shoes! Im excited about the combination:) .. Its so cold lately so im beyond happy with my fur coat! And for all who asked how ive been after the car accident : Im fine , i was in schock and my neck was hurting but im alright.. just glad that we all came off good! Im gonna send you all some love now, Thanks for all the nice wishes and comments! Lots of love Mirjam.

Yaaay .. 900 followers ; THANKS <3

* Fur jacket - Zara
* Lace dress - Zara
* Panty - Hema
* High heels - Jeffrey campbell
* Cuff - Forever 21
* Lipstick - Mac

maandag 19 december 2011

outfit post, Simple saturdaynight !

Hello loves, Wanted to show the outfit from satudaynight, i diddnt knew what to wear and i was going out, so i thought why not all black. So i did , im in love with the short really think its a cool item. I used to wear it in the summer days but i thought why not in the winter? looks pretty good if you ask me! Its a short from primark and it was about 9 euro's or something! And did you see my new ring? i have them in black and in babypink! Love them i got them from sanne from it was a present so really want to say thank you its so lovely! what do you think of my all black saturday night outfit? I send you all some sweet love and a big kiss, Lots of love Mirjam!

Ps. i wear this look with my jeffrey campbell lita shoes in black!

This is a later update: Yesterday (sunday) i was in a car accident i wash rushed to the hospital cause my neck was so painfull and stiff, the doctor saw me and said ill be alright. It was a scary few hours and the car is totally broke down. But im glad that every thing is alright. And i hope that this was the first time but also the last time.

* Tanktop -
* Shorts - Primark
* Belt - Zara
* Panty? - Hema
* art ring -
* Shoes - Jeffrey campbell lita boots

maandag 12 december 2011

New in: Knit + Leopard fur jacket

My new knit and im in love. But thats not the only thing.. I HAVE TO SCREAM NOW: I ADORE MY FAUX FUR JACKET FROM THE ZARA! Really, i cant say it enough i love my new jacket i was looking for the perfect faux fur jacket and this one is it! Its long and yes what can i say ? AMAZING RIGHT? I know that my jacket and me always stay together this winter. What do you all think of my new items! Let me know dolls! comment you back now big kiss xo mirjam

P.s i wear my new orange lipstick color two, i kinda like it !

* Knit -
* Faux fur jacket - Zara
* Necklace - H&M Trend
* Nailpolish - Catrice
* Lipcolor - Catrice 050

vrijdag 9 december 2011


Thanks for all the support and all the lovely comments i receive everytime! Love you guys..

woensdag 7 december 2011

Outfit post; Mint green knit

Hello blogworld, Pff where i have to begin, I HATE THE WINTER AND AUTUMN! It really stinks! I dont like rain and i only love snow when its christmas! So i said that and now i dont wanna think about the weather anymore, just lock myself up in my room with my blog and nothing more! Its not a great outfit post but the weather is so Shitty so i dont have really good photos! These photos were made on the day that my sister in law became 19 years old! YAAY congratz at I wear my new knit from forever21 its a mintgreen one and im in love with it, also i wear my new necklace from the H&MTREND collectie! What do you all think of my outfit and have youve seen the photo with my bf? Hihi Lots of love, i will comment back now, long time no see! I have a lots of broken promisses SHOARYY LOVE MIR

* Mintgreen knit - Forever 21
* Black jeans - Vila
* Necklace - H&M Trend

maandag 5 december 2011

Outfit post; electric blue

hello my loved ones, its been a rough week for me so thats the reason you diddnt got a comment back and i diddnt had much of posts this week! Sorry for that but here i am once again;) Today i wanted to show you my outfit that i put on when we were in antwerpen a week ago! i love the blue with the black nelly blouse underneath it. in love with the blouse it has lovely pearls in the top!The blue knit is also new and its from vero moda! I love that knit i have 3 different colors dark red, blue , grey! Lately im on love with knits i cant have enough of them! Tell me what you think about my look and i will comment you all back this time:) Lots of love Xoxo mirjam

* Blue knit - Vero moda
* Black pearl blouse -
* Jeans - Zara
* Boots - Zara
* Cuff - H&M
* Clutch -