donderdag 30 juni 2011

I want to be a hippie ..

Dear readers.. A lots of comments again ( YAAY ) and i wanted to give you all a comment back. Today was my free day but my boss gave me a call today if i wanted to work. So now im working and im working all day, i wanted to do an outfit post today but i havent got the time to do that, so i will do an outfit post in these days, and then im gonna comment all 100 of you back! So here a Quike funny photo of me, im so happy with this photo , love the hippie life! Thanks for everything dolls, Love it .. Bu-bye XO mirjam.

dinsdag 28 juni 2011

Outfit of today; Silver times .

Hello lovely bloggers/followers, Today was a very warm day in the netherlands, my freaking god, it was so hot, my mascara were on my those and the end of the day, and i know i cant complain but 35 degrees is TOO much.. Today was my free day so i was fine, tomorrow i have to work again! i have a busy week going on with work work work! so thats not too lovely haha, this is my new blue shorts from Jane norman, love that brand, i bought so many stuff from that brand.. and my new silver top from zara in love with this combination! What you girls/guys think ? im gonna comment you all back now. BIG LOVE MUCH OF KISSES MIR.

* Blue short - Jane norman
* Silver shirt - Zara
* Shoes - H&M
* Cuff - H&M
* Silver necklace - Bijoux
* Belt - Zara

maandag 27 juni 2011

Ooh Snap!

A QuikE upload of my photos, i did it in photoshop! is it Qute or what ? Hihi, Love to hear the comments, Tomorrow (Tuesday) theres gonna be a new outfit post and im gonna comment you all back tomorrow :) Nighty night im gonna sleep now ! Big Love Mir

zondag 26 juni 2011

Outfit of today , Blue blue sky!

Hi loves, long time no see! I was so sick, but now im a bit better.. and i want to explain something to you girls, i dont need the surgery now i was so pist of so i diddnt had the time to explain it, but tuesday i go to the hospital to talk about the date to get the surgery and i guess i want to plan it after my vacation in turkey! Today i had a little shopping day , not too long.. 2 hours i diddnt bought that much , 2 shorts , 2 shirts. i was not amazing to shop today cause it was so hot! i was a little bit bummed Today was the birthday party from Cana en Hazal and i missed it, i couldnt be there so i was feeling so sorry! But oke i think they had a great day cause i saw all the lovely cupcakes on twitter and they had amazing weather! Today i was wearing this a mix of prints and a lots of colors going on I like it! what you?
im gonna comment you all back now! Thats a lot but so worth it! LOVELOVELOVE XO M

* Blouse - H&M
* Pants - H&M
* Shoes - Sacha
* Belt - Vintage
* Necklace - River island
* Ring - river island

donderdag 23 juni 2011

Sick and some crazy photos.

Hi Lovelies, Here a few pictures from me:) im sick , i have a sore troath and ive went to the doctor yesterday and i need to go to the hospital to have an operation! So thats sucks. im so Fucked and so Pissed but oke, i need to! And i cant do a thing about it. I wanna thank you all for keep commenting, im so in love with all the comments:) So thank you all Dolls! im gonna sleep right now , so tired .. and i promisse that im gonna comment you all back when i do a new outfit post:) LOVEYOUALL! Xo mirjam.

dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Outfit of today ; Think pink

Hi dudes, Today i was free from work.. i was a little bit tired cause yesterday i had to work from 9 till 8 , so thats 11 hours of cutting peoples hair;) To much but it was fun! Today i wear my new PINK blazer from ZARA, I adore it i was a long time searching for the right blazer and Yaay .. Found it ! it was 60 euro's from the new collection so im in LOVE! tomorrow i need to work again till 8 hour in the evening but i start at 12 so thats oke ! it was a little bit a weird weather today raining and sun.. so i made it trough the rain :) thats a song from mariah carey right? OKE move on, i like too see the lots of comment that i get and i need to say i work hard for it 2 .. cause i always wanna give you girls a comment back, ALWAYS so sometimes when i give 130 people a comment back its a 4 hour of work ! I love it , really .. cause when i diddnt i wouldnt be blogging!:) Hope you like my new outfit, tell me what you think! BIG LOVE XO MIR.

* Pink blazer - Zara
* Cream sheer top - H&M
* Leather shorts - Bershka
* Shoes - H&M
* Clutch - H&M
* Bracelet - H&M

zondag 19 juni 2011

Outfit of today ; Rock with me .

Hello girls/guys, here is my outfit of today, damn its so cold and brr its raining all day, i dont like my pictures cause the light is not working with me! And i thought im gonna straight my hair today so i made some photos inside but then i came outside and the wind was blowing me and my hair away so i thought im gonna pull it up cause my hair came into my mouth and on my lipgloss , NOT COOL! But i had to do an outfit post , its such a long time ago! so i dont really like the photos, not feeling it with them but here it is:) .. this week i was so busy, i had to go to the city den bosch for my work 3 days in an hotel and i had to work , and i did some highlights in my hair, i thought my hair needed them;) hihi.. im gonna comment you all back now:) its gonna be a long ride but im in love with blogging so i will do it with pleasure! BIG LOVE for you all .. XO mirjam

* Kimono - River island
* Boyfriend shorts - H&M
* Boots - i bought them in paris ( Dont know the store , sorry )
* Necklace - H&M
* Bracelet - H&M
* Braided belt - Zara
* Purple nailpolish - Catrice
* Round sunglassed - H&M

donderdag 16 juni 2011

An excuse and a big kiss !

Hi dear readers, Im so tired.. And i wanted to let you know that im not able to do a outfit post today or tomorrow or give you girls/guys a comment back! Im at an hotel i stay there for 3 days tomorrow my last day for my new job, its an 3hour ride from my hometown , so im staying here in den Bosch! Its almost over and i just need to learn an work hard to prepare for my job! You need to see it as a school with a lot off information at the same time! SO I WILL PROMISE YOU that when im back im gonna give you all a sweet comment back from my previous post and then im gonna answer a lots of questions! Thanks for understanding and thanks for keep visiting my blog, i LOVE to see that, here a few pictures that i made at home for todays post! LOVEYOUALL Xo mirjam.

maandag 13 juni 2011

New outfit post - Nude colors.

Hello lovelie bloggers, Here my promissed post! Today i have all the time, so i wanted to give you all an sweet comment back and just havind fun with blogging! sometimes its hard to have fun with blogging when so many people is trying to pull you down, sometimes i read on websites And forums how stupid i am how dumb and how ugly ? and then i love to come back on my blog and to see that there are so many people that loving my style. and i really want to thank you girls/guys for that! :) so Thank you ..
i really enjoy blogging and i really aint gonna stop, so Screw the haters AMEN!
So girls boys what you think of my outfit? i really am in love with the soft colors! now im gonna give you all a comment back! Thank for all the love and support XO Mir

* kimono - H&M
* Pants - H&M
* Clutch - H&M
* Shoes - Store in Amsterdam (Dont know the name)
* Bracelet - H&M
* Rings - H&M
* Earrings - H&M
* White tanktop - H&M
* Nailpolish - Catrice