woensdag 24 augustus 2011

Photoshootpicture and some beautyshots.

Hello my dearest bloggers, Today i wanted to show you some beautyshots from this week, Hahaha i NEEDED to show you girls the photo number 1 ! It was from my photoshoot .. so laugh your eyes out hahaha, its a bikini top made of rubber its so weird and creative, i would NEVER EVER wear it but yea i had to do it for a fotoshoot! The last photos are some beautyshots i shot last week that i wanted to show you girls, when im gonna do my next outfit post then i will comment you all back loves, thanks for the nice words Love mir

I did NOT bought this bikini , i only had to wear it for a fotoshoot..

dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Outfit post - We are golden

Hi there blogger world, I have a day off so im excited to show you my new outfit post. Today im gonna do nothing just chill and blog.. This is my outfit from sunday, cause today its just raining and its dark so im not gonna do an outfit shoot today just stay at home and chill in pyama's all day! Oke so what i am excited about is that im wearing a longer skirt , i usualy dont wear the longer skirts but i wanted one so badly that i bought this one in turkey by MANGO , and i love this outfit beacause of the golden top i think that that makes the look complete, a little bit hippie meet gipsy! and i love wearing my boots under this skirt i think that this look is my favourite at the moment:) What you girls/boys think? Wear the skirt more often or just hang it in the closet and never touch it again! Thanks for all the love messages from my NOMAKEUP look post i LOVE to read it so a big thank you to you all! im gonna comment you all back now Big kiss mir.

* Brown skirt - Mango
* Golden top - Zara
* Leather belt - Zara
* High heels - Nelly.com
* Fish necklace - Mango
* Stone ring - H&M
* Black clutch - Nelly.com

donderdag 18 augustus 2011

New outfit post - Lets sheer it.

Hi loves , here a new outfitpost from me again, its a little bit warmer here in the netherlands, but i hate the rain its now 25 degrees but when its raining its just not nice! these are my new shoes from nelly! i ADORE them my BF said : Its a little bit lady gaga and i dont like that haha.. but i dont care i LOVE them! I wear my new shorts from h&m and my new top from nelly.com i love the top because in the front its just black but the other side its sheer top! I put up many pictures i know but i just couldnt choose so im sorry;) i hope you like the photos .. the outfit , Makeup , hair and i will hear from you girls/guys soon! Lots of love Big kisses (L) Mirjam

* Shorts - H&M
* Sheer top - Vila From Nelly.com
* Shoes - Nelly.com
* necklace - Bijoux
* Cuff - H&M

dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Kisses , Bissous , Kusjes ..

Just wanted to say hi .. And give a kiss to my dear readers and my dear followers!
So here it is.. Kisskiss Lots of love , Hebben allen een fijne avond! XXX mirjam.

zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

Outfit of today , New outfit and shoes.

Hello dolls, Im so depressed .. my vacation is coming to his end! Hmm im so sad its been 3 weeks but i looks like i had 3 days or something but 2 october i have an week again .. so 1 month of working and then vacation again YAAY ! So my outfitpost today is all about my new nelly items! i LOVE my new shoes .. i wanted jeffrey campbell shoes but they are so expensive and i couldnt buy it cause my paycheck was not that much in the middle of the month. So i was searching on nelly.com and i founded this boots! I fell in love with them.. and the dress is new i like the color i like the fit, Perfect for me! Thanks your girls for the lovely comments after being away for a while ! i will comment you all back now! Lots of lovee (L) XOXOXO mirjam.

Ps. the last three are some partypictures from the evening!

* Green Dress - Nelly.com
* Shoes - nelly.com
* Cuff - H&M
* Belt - Zara
* Necklace - Bijoux

donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Back and a new outfit post ..

Hello lovely dolls! MY GOD i missed blogging so so so much.. Im really happy to be home! But woow what a different kind of weather in the netherlands! Turkey 45 degrees ; Holland 15 degrees! But i had much fun in turkey see a lots of sun a lot beaches a lots stores! i had a couple of bad days, i layed in the hospital and a private doctor was at the hotel for me, i nearly couldnt breath. But im better now and over all it was a lovely vacation! i will show you all the photos of the vacation But first an outfit post.. this is an outfit that i put on in turkey i love the pink with the black and my tan look:) what you all think of my look ? i will comment you all back from my previous 2 outfit post! hope to speak to you all soon loves! Buhbaii Love xoxo mirjam

* Pink skirt - H&M
* Belt - New yorker
* Shirt - H&M