vrijdag 30 november 2012

Playing with my canon

Hey loves, Not such a good outfit but im all black with my fluffy knit from tophop, still love that top i bought in a year ago in london and damn i so wanna go back to london this year! I had an amazing time there. I always see amazing photos by angelica blick BLOG and i was a bit inspired by her so i try to make some beautifull pictures in the window, still not as gorgeous as her but i kinda love these pictures! Im gonna comment everyone back tonight from my previous posts cause im so free today, Love that word FREE! Gonna watch the xfactor usa now and do nothing i love you all XO Mirjam

* Fluffy knit - Topshop * Jeans - Veromoda * Sunglasses - H&M

woensdag 28 november 2012

New in : light faux fur Jacket

Cant be happier, already had something like this in dark and grey shades
And now also in a light version, Pretty cool right?
Love mirjam

dinsdag 27 november 2012

Outfit post; Faux fur coat

Hey loves, Today i wear my new fauxfur coat. I cant believe this jacket is from the C&A. When i saw it i fell in love and its finally mine! Got it from the BF so thats really sweet of him. I was searching so long for a faux fur coat and in every coat i looked HUGE! This one fits me perfect and it's a limited edition! The coat wassnt that expensive also like 40 euro's so thats a lovely price for this lovely coat! Oh btw i have my extensions out im gonna make photos tomorrow without the extensions! Thurday im getting my new extensions 50 cm! Im gonna run and talk to you all tonight! Let me know what do you think of this faux fur coat? LOVE Mirjam

* Faux fur coat - C&A * Leather pants - H&M

donderdag 22 november 2012

Outfit post ; Print me baby

Hey my lovely readers, My new printed blouse from riverisland it is! Just like the last post i bought this cute item but never wear it and today is the day i wear it;) I love the pattern and the black and white colors. I wear it with my white blazer also from riverisland. i really have a busy day so i have to run. Not much to read  but much to look this time:)  Gonna comment all of you back tonight!! Lots of love Mirjam

Ps ; On 1 photo i have my mouth closed, Some of you asked me why you always have your mouth open? Answer : Because i dont like it and i have to force my mouth to keep it close.. it looks weird haha :P

* Blouse - River island * Blazer - River island * Jeans - Dr denim * Shoes - JC'S * Belt - Sascha * Necklace - H&M 

dinsdag 20 november 2012

Outfit post ; All that glitters

Hey my loves , Today the photos are a little dark but still think they are good! I wear my glitter blazer from zara. The blazer was hanging in my closet for 2 months and everytime i look at them and thought WOAW totally adore them but i never wear it? So yesterday it was the day to wear my new sparkles! My hair is being volumized  dont know if thats a word volumized but whatevurr! So much volume in it i cant deal! haha My friend is totally in love with my hair here but i think its a little bit out of control! But who cares.. I have made an desicion : I AM GOING TO BLOG MORE! I think im gonna do 2 or 3 outfit post a week and 1 inspiration post about what i love and that can be hair makeup clothes and im going to do a instagram diary post! Is that oke with you all or do you only want to see outfits? LET ME KNOW .. Thanks for the 75 comments from my last post i was like DAMN so much but i loved every single comment! LOVE MIRJAM

* Glitter blazer - Zara * Cotton black top - Zara * Jeans - Dr denim * Shoes - JC'S * Sunglasses - H&M

donderdag 15 november 2012

outfit post ; Galaxy cat

Dear readers, Here a new outfit from me. I won the wildfox style contest and i won a 250 euro shopping spree at wildfox. What i really diddnt know that wildfox was that expensive! I bought this galaxy cat top which i absolutely love. Galaxy prints are so hot now and i couldnt find it in stores or onlineshops. Only at romwe but you have to pay with paypal or that kinda stuff and i dont know how it works. So i was happy to find this at wildfox and i bought a rose necklace there and that was my 250 euro shopping spree! But hey im happy! i wear it with all black cause i wanted to create a little rock look and i think i did a good job. This is a outfit from last week so you dont see my new blond hair. Its just a little highlight in my roots so not a big deal but im all blonde again haha! I have nothing to do today so im going to blog. Yeah happydays! Lots of love mirjam

* Galaxy top - Wildfox * Blazer - Zara * leather pants - H&M * Heels - Jc's 

dinsdag 13 november 2012

Outfit post ; Autumn colors

Hey my amazing readers. Im totally obsessed with the first photo. I love the orange color on the trees and just the photo, shot by my lovely BFF Jeanine again she is amazing! I hate the weater like this though cause its just dark so soon and i only can shoot in the weekends cause my boyfriend is free in the weekends. Monday till friday he's on his job till 17.30 so when he's coming home its already dark so that sucks big time but i mean BIG TIME! So i only can hope that the sun shines every saturday and sunday wouldnt that be great? Im gonna run now im going to the hairdresser and highlight my hair it became so dark so time to be a blondie on the roots again! Speak to you all later on this day when i have the time to give you all a personal comment back! Lots of love and a huge hug Mirjam

* Cotton top - Zara * Oversized blazer - H&M * Necklace - H&M * Jeans - Veromoda * Shoes - Nelly.com