dinsdag 31 januari 2012

In love with; My faux fur coat

I love this fur coat, i love the color , love that is so fluffy Cant live without you gorgeous coat..<3 Please stay with me forever.. Yours truly Mirjam


zondag 29 januari 2012

Outfit post ; Red knit

Hello people , red red winee lalala that is whats on my mind right now if i look at the photos. Never wear red but i had this knit from zara and i bought it in december and i never got to wear it and now i do. I think i like it.. for sometimes :P I always love red on brunettes but thats my opinion! I have a little bit heavy makeup.. So dark not natural, But i love the effect with the red knit. Im so excited that these are my last days of freedom. I have to work this week I havent work for 3 /4 months now. Im gonna miss the freedom i guess but i love to go to work again! Yaay for me! Let me know what you all think of red and mirjam together! Big hug XXX mirjam

* Red knit - Zara
* Black jeans - Vero moda
* Bracelet - Forever 21
* Belt - Hier mode ( Old )
* Leather jacket - H&M
* Shoes - Nelly.com

woensdag 25 januari 2012

Outfit post; Chasing watherfalls

Hello blog world, Im so excited i have a new job and i start 1 february. So im so happy and im so glad that i can work again.. As you all know i was sick and i had to stay at home for now 4 months i guess? Its been rough and i think im so much stronger now, im not there yet but im out and about;) Today i show you girls/boys my knew knit its from nelly.com and i love it, i saw this kinda sweater also at H&M but that one was a bit short in my opinion. Im 183 centimeters so it was too short, but then i saw this one on whe webshop and thought yaay i want it. I love big knits and this is one of my favourites! What do you think of my outfit? Let me know and i will comment you all back now for a change:P Promise ! Love to read all the love XOXO mirjam <3

* Knit - Nelly.com
* Shorts - H&M
* Belt - H&M
* Shoes - jeffrey campbell lita
* Rose watch - Fossil

zondag 22 januari 2012

New in; Pink blouse

Hello honey's ! Today i wanted to show you all a post about my new blouse,Hm new? i got this one for christmas from the BF. I had it on once and made some pictures but i never post them on my blog so now i do;) I Love bright colors lately you see them a lot, This blouse is from the C&A and cost 19.95 euro So thats a lovely price right? What you girls think of the blouse? Oh and yes i wear my watch to much But im so in love with my rose one from fossil! LOVEYOUALL BYE <3

* Pink blouse - C&A
* Black jeans - Vero moda
* Necklace - Mi moneda
* Rose watch - Fossil

woensdag 18 januari 2012

Outfit post; Always look at the dark side of life.

Hi there blog world, Argh the weather is so cold in holland. Went on my bike to the doctor but damn my hands are totally freezed off and my ears Brr so cold.. But oke my look; i saw this skirt at zara and omg i gotta have it and i bought it. I think my favorite piece from now. And offcourse i style them with my lita's Which i still adore! I also bought this top at zara. I like the combination of the grey tones with the black ones! These photos are made by my lovely girl jeanine, best photographer if you ask me. And its HER birthday today! So congratulations BABE! ..What do you all think of my new look ? Let me know, i will do my best to comment you all back now! So much but SO worth it! XOXO mirjam Hugs and kisses!

* Skirt - Zara
* Top - Zara
* Boots - Jeffrey campbell lita's
* Cuff - H&M

zondag 15 januari 2012

Outfit post; Red and beige in the mix

Hello babes and dudes.. im back and stronger than ever, oke just kidding i was sick this whole week. I catched a cold i guess, couldnt speak and barely breath and had a fever so i was in bed most of the week! But i feel a bit better and this was my look today.. i wanted to do something with my denim blouse, so here the results. Iam mixing it with my redwine jeanslegging and mixt it with beige. I live in this faux fur coat.. What you dolls think of my look? Let me know.. love mir

* Fakefur coat - Zara
* Denim blouse - Vero moda
* Belt - H&M
* Jeans legging - Vero moda
* Shoes - Jeffrey campbell
* Necklace - Mimoneda
* Sunglasses - H&M

dinsdag 10 januari 2012

Outfit post; Zara it is

Hi dearest bloggers and followers , I have new clothes yaay i got this blouse and pants from the zara, i saw them hanging together and thougt: I need to have that together, Looks really good Thats my opinion:P And i told you from my blouse addiction so here another blouse;) Did my hair with my new curling iron, So wavy and i like it so so so much! Still i adore my jeffrey campbell shoes. I live in my jeffrey campbell's maybe its cliche to say ooh they walk so amazing ohh they are the best cause everyone was telling me that and i thought Yeah right did you see how huge they are? But i have to say : I TOTALLY AGREE ! They walk awesome and i never wanna lose them in my life! FAB.FAB.FAB. what do you think about the look ? LOVE mirjam

* Blouse - Zara
* Pants - Zara
* Belt - H&M
* Shoes - Jeffrey campbell
* Bracelet - New look

maandag 9 januari 2012

So tired; No makeup !

Hello my loves, its been a while. I feel so tired, this weekend was my birthday weekend with all my friends and i think i drunk to much;) I never drink.. but this weekend i was living the good life:P and today im still broken! i wanted to do a lovely new outfit post but i cant:P i want to comment you back and stuff but today issnt the best day of my life. So i promise you all tomorrow! Have a fun and nice day And i will talk to you all tomorrow! Lots of love mirjam!

Ps; What do you think of the no makeup look, and i dont wear mascara here .. nothing on my face :P Look like a boy dont i ? And my eyebrow looks freaking weird though!

XOXO Peace !

donderdag 5 januari 2012

Outfit post; written in the stars

Hello my loves, Today i wanted to show you all my whole outfitpost. In love with star printed tops lately i found this blouse at Zara. One of my favourite shops! Lately im in love with blouses 2! I have so much blouses and i just cant get enough. I got this one from my BF for christmas, he's such a lovely person and he knows what i like! I got a pink blouse two and a new curling iron, i always do my curls with a straightner but i have to say i love the curling iron its a huge on and when i do my hair with the curling iron then its so soft and wavy, really a beach look! Love that .. Girls /Boys let me know what you think i will do my best to comment you all back! LOVE mirjam

p.s; i wear my new watch,necklace,shoes and jeans ( Got them for my birthday)

* Blouse - Zara
* Black jeans - Vero moda
* Boots - Nelly.com
* Rose watch - Fossil
* Necklace - Mi moneda