woensdag 30 november 2011

Do : Red lipstick!

I have to say im always a pink lipstick lover. I have 25 pink lipsticks but in antwerpen i bought a red zara knit and then i thought my god i dont have any red lipsticks? So i bought a red lipstick and guess what ? IM IN LOVE !

red lipstick; Its a keeper!

* Lipstick : Catrice ultimate color 090 like my high heels
* T-shirt : www.zalando.nl

maandag 28 november 2011

Outfit post; Let the birds come out

Heey my birds.. so excited to show you all the photos from my outfitpost. I like it so much.. its so much more professional than with my own little pink camera:) Love my bff jeanine that she wants to do this for me sometimes ! I have to say the photos look so autumnish! i think thats a new word but whatever. I know i know i wear my jeffrey campbell lita's too much, i just cant get them of my feet, i shower with them i sleep with them, they are my new twin friends. They never hurt me, they always walk with me, never have to scream at them they just only give me sum sweet lovee! OKE CREEPY, but its the truth haha:P Have you see my top ? with the birds? its from zara from a special edition line, i fell in love with the colors.. amazing colors if you ask me, Now loves im gonna Quit talking and i will speak to you all soon loves, gonna comment you all back now!! LOTSLOTSLOTS if big loving Xo mirjam.

* Blazer - Zara
* Top - Zara
* Leather legging - Topshop
* Shoes - Jeffrey campbell lita
* Necklace - Forever 21

zondag 27 november 2011

Sneakpeek for tomorrows outfit post!

Hello honey's Today i wanted to show you girls/guys a little sneakpeek, of todays outfit but i will show you tomorrow the whole outfit post that i shot today with my BFF, im again in love with the photos, for my new outfitpost! So hope you stay tuned and i will talk to you all tomorrow, i will have a blog day again i will comment you all back from this post and my previous fake fur outfit post!Lots of love kisses LOVELOVELOVE Xo mirjam.

Ps; Yesterday i was in antwerpen (belgium) to do some serious shopping.. I will show you all what i bought in antwerpen!

Peace .. X

donderdag 24 november 2011

Outfit of today; Fake fur it is

hello blogworld again, after a while here i am again with a outfit post! I have a new fake fur coat.. I got it from my lovely sister in law.. she bought the coat for 6 euro! So thats no money right? And i have to say i love it, lately i see so many things with fur and like it for the autumn and winter! Usually i dont wear a winter coat, i always wear a blazer with a knit underneath it, i hate wintercoats. And thats because you dont see the clothes underneath that big coat. Today i wear a simple outfit but simple is good sometimes! Oh and i went to the hairdresser, im blonder now as you can see on the photo, more ice! LIKEITLIKEIT .. now im gonna comment you all back, today i have a blog day , So tell me what you think of my outfit and i will speak to you all very soon! Thanks again.. LALALALALALOVEEEYOUALL Xo mirjam.

* Fake fur coat - New yorker
* Blouse - Jane norman
* Legging jeans - Pieces
* Shoes - Jeffrey campbell
* Bag - Somewhere from the market in turkey;)

zondag 20 november 2011

Photoshoot part 2.

My fotoshoot part 2 baby!, Thanks for all the nice words.. Loved to see the comments on my part 1. photoshoot, Today its my daddy's birthday so i Dont comment back today, i will do that tomorrow pinkyswear! Have a nice sunday my loves XOXO Mirjam

FORGOT TO TELL YOU : tonight i go to the movie , TWILIGHT;thebreakingdawn! ILOVE to see my husband 2 be .. i know everyone loves edward, but i am TEAM JACOB! <3 XOXO

donderdag 17 november 2011

Photoshoot part 1.

Hi my lovely bloggers.. today i wanted to show you also an outfit post and my newest photoshoot! I really really really adore my new photos and im so proud of them! So this is my new photoshoot and at the same time my outfit post cause you see a full outfit photo:P Very handy! I had this shoot last week in the evening.. with my best friend jeanine! She is amazing.. and love her so much. We know eachother now for 16 years and were best friends since 8/9 years. Just so glad to have her in my life! Oh and i wanted to show you a blog, its from my sister in law. She loves asian girls/boys and she is really into gyaro style.. i really dont know how to say it but she has a blog about asian and gyaru girls/boys so just check it out if you love that 2, maybe follow her cause she is the best : www.leyx.blogspot.com ! What do you all think of my latest photoshoot? Love to hear it, gonna comment you all back now! Lots of love Mir

* White knit - H&M
* Jeans - Zara
* Feather earring - Chaplin's
* Shoes - Jeffrey campbell lita
* Dark top - H&M
* Silver necklace - Forever 21

dinsdag 15 november 2011

Outfit post; Classy meets rock

hello dawls, here an outfit post from me again, In love with the outfit, a little rock.. sometimes i have my rock moments and then i dress like this. I know its not hard rock, i do soft rock:P we went to almere to shop a little, i bought a new top at zara and a scarf from H&M, not so much cause i bought this week 4 knits already and another top! So my mother told me : Now mirjam today you gonna buy nothing and i was like well hmm oke i wont! But i couldnt, So im sorry mommy. And i cant say it wont happen again cause it probably will happen again.. What do you girls think of my outfit? love to hear it and now im gonna comment you all back , thanks for all the love and support Xo mirjam.

Ps; I had such an amazing photoshoot this week, and i LOVE my new photos, my next post gonna be all about my new photos.. and i think in 2 parts cause i loved the photos so much, Just wait and see!

* Panty - Hema
* Storm Loves marie top - At eve's
* Vest - H&M
* Leather shorts - Bershka
* Headband - Forever 21
* Shoes - Jeffrey campbell lita
* Cross ring - Nelly.com
* Cuff - New look
* Little black bag - New look