dinsdag 30 juli 2013

Outfit; Out with the..

Hey loves, I can't tell you how much i LOVE my new shoes. I really fell in love with these shoes. Got the boots from River island and im obsessed! The fit is incredible and the price is also so good 60 euro. Such a good cut out boot and im happy i have them in my life. I still want the cut out boots from jeffrey campbell but the price is a little higher but i also need them in the silver version! Hooked on those boots! I also wear my new plaided blouse from primark only 10 euro's and im wearing my bodysuit from asos, Love this bodysuit but i never wore it but im glad i did it with this outfit cause it looks great! Today im going to the hospital for the results, Last week i had a mri scan and i hope for good news but well see, You hear more about that
later. Im gonna go now loves, Good luck to me! Let me know what you think about this look! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Blouse - Primark * Bodysuit - Asos.com * Short - H&M * Belt - H&M * Cross necklace - Asos.com * Sunglasses - Modemusthaves.com * Cut out boots - River island

zaterdag 27 juli 2013

Outfit; Colorfull

Hey loves, omg im so glad my computer works again. I couldnt upload photo's on my blog for 2 days and i was freaking out. I called upc (a company) and they fixed it. couldnt be more happier than now cause these last 2 days were so stressfull. Then i realize how much blogging means to me. I know i wear lots of colors sometimes i just need color in my life. Got a new collaboration with sheinside and i got this lovely crop top, I love these kinda tops for the summer and i really am a addict on croptops! I styled it with my lovely skort from zara. Love the colors together and it's just so freaking awesome that the weather is soo good in holland! Pleased with that cause now i can wear skirts/shorts all the time with cute tops and all that! Let me know what you think of my look and im sorry for the last 2 days but i couldnt upload anything, Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Top - HERE * Skort - Zara * Shoes - H&M * Necklace - Modemusthaves.com * Sunglasses - Modemusthaves.com * Bag - Nelly.com * Haircuff - H&M * Rose watch - Fossil

woensdag 24 juli 2013

Outfit; Summer & flowers

Hey loves, I wanted to show you this outfit. I shot this outfit a few days ago when the weather was still good but not as hot as last days! My god it's 30 degrees or higher really i dont want to complain but it's a bit too much. So im laying in the pool all day and just relax not doing too much. I wanted to wear my peplum top from H&M. It was hanging in my closet for 2 months and never wore it but i really love the fit and the color of the top. I also wanted to wear flowers in my hair to create a summer look and the match was perfect. I wear light colors and i thought the combination with my beige jeffrey campbells would look pretty good! Im not so pleased with the photo's cause i couldnt get the light good but these ones turned out well! Hope you like my outfit and let me know what you think about my look! Im gonna chill and hang with my lovely BFF missed her so much and im glad to have her back in my life, I love you jeanine!! Lots of love Cheek mirjam

* Peplum top - H&M * Jeans - Dr.denim * Shoes - Jeffrey campbell * Sunglasses - Modemusthaves * Flower thing - Lemon

dinsdag 23 juli 2013

Mirfashion x Modemusthaves

Hey loves, i usually do an outfit post on tuesday but i dont have the time to upload outfit photo's today so i wanted do to a quikE and im gonna show you a outfit tomorrow! I wanted to tell you something about this package i got. Last saterday i was so suprised i got a package from a dutch webshop called modemusthaves.com they have clothes/jewelry/sunglasses etc. i was like huh? i didnt order anything. I opened the box and then i found these lovely gifts. I think it's so cool to have a cool number tee with MY blogname on it! It was such a suprise and im so happy with it. Also the sunglasses and the cool bag are from modemusthaves. I love these mirror sunglasses and the bag is also very stylish, love cotton bags. I don't have much time but i will speak to you all tomorrow, I just wanted to give a huge shout out to modemusthaves THANKS YOU! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Modemusthaves

donderdag 18 juli 2013

Outfit; Take me away

Hi dolls, The sky was grey and it just didnt felt like summer at all so i went a bit to the dark side. It was still pretty warm though, i made these shots about 7 in the evening i thought i need a vest or something but that wasnt necesarry at all! Im sorry about my hair, i always make curls or make my hair straight or do something gorgeous with it but i had no energy to do my hair. I really wanted to make an photo from my outfit cause i really loved this look but my hair hm i just dont feel it. This is what my hair looks like if i do nothing about it haha but it fits my look, weird hair dont care! Skip my hair im so happy cause i have a new collaboration with sacha shoes, Such a great webshop and they also have shops in amsterdam, almere and more. They have the coolest shoes, the cut out boots from this look are also from their webshop. Today i got new shoes from them and i love them so thank you sacha and you all gonna see the shoes soon! Cant hide them cause i want the new shoes on my feet they are awesome! Let me know what you think about this dark look Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Vest - S'nob (at eve's) * Top - Asos.com * Skirt - Pieces (Sans-online.nl) * Cut out boots - Sacha (HERE) * Cross necklace - Asos.com * Sunglasses - Modemusthaves.nl

dinsdag 16 juli 2013

Outfit; Plaid blouse

Hey loves, Im so happy with these photo's again. Glad my camera was fixed and nothing was broken thank god. I really felt sad with my camera being gone for 3 whole days haha, i was like what am i gonna do now, normally i make outfit shots or make some photo's from new stuff or fashion details and now i couldnt do shit! But hey im back on track. Im in love with this zara blouse, bought it in the big zara sale. I love the plaids, i made a combination with my beloved zara skirt but i really want to tie it up around the waist above some jeans or even this skirt. Makes your outfit more playfull and i think im gonna wear it a lot! I also wear my new necklace(s) Got it from my brothers girlfriend, she works at bershka and when i saw this necklace on her i really needed one two. It actually are two necklaces, one with the word: love and the other a cross as you can see. They are so fine and look amazing with a simple look like this! I told you on my previous post that i went to the hairdresser. They made my hair lighter and a bit greyish and i have new extensions a bit longer than last time but not so much! Im gonna run now, i give you a sweet comment back tonight. Let me know what you think about the photo's and my look! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Blouse - Zara * Skort - Zara * Necklace(s) - Bershka * Watch - Fossil * Shoes - Jeffrey campbell * Sunglasses - Modemusthaves.com

maandag 15 juli 2013

A selfie on monday

Hey loves, Here a selfie of me. I made this photo yesterday before i made outfit shots with my mobile phone! You can see my new haircolor and my new extensions, I know still blonde not much differents but it's lighter and the extensions are a bit longer than last time. You will see good outfit photo's tomorrow!
 Love Cheek Mirjam

donderdag 11 juli 2013

Outfit; Bart simpson + giveaway winner

Hey loves, Today i have pretty crappy pictures. My camera broke down and is in the making but i wanted to show you this outfit so i made it with my phone! Not so good but you can see what i wear right? Tomorrow i get my camera back so tomorrow i will make good pictures again! I love my bart simpson top from sheinside , it's funny and im funny so it fits me haha! I wear it with high shorts from H&M and my new shoes from nelly.com, Im gonna run now busy busy! Let me know what you think of my look Love Cheek Mirjam

* Top - Sheinside * Shorts - H&M * Necklace - Asos.com * Shoes - Nelly.com * Belt - H&M

THE WINNER FROM MY GIVEAWAY IS: LAUREN CHANNA! You won the comgetfashion tshirt i will send you an email YAAY!

Next week i have a new giveaway you can win real rayban glasses So stay tuned!