dinsdag 31 juli 2012

Preview : Paparazzi

Dolls, here a preview of tomorrow's outfit post. it will be fun i promise so stay tuned, speak to you all tomorrow! Lots of love for the best followers ! XO Mirjam <3

vrijdag 27 juli 2012

Coolest earcuff ever..

Wow girls, i received a package from the webshop bubbawithglasses. They send me jewelry to show on my blog so im so happy to be a part of that and DAMN im so lucky cause i have the coolest earcuff ever! Really, i never saw this kinda earring before. Its so me.. the spikes are so cool behind the ear. So rock! The webshop got so much qute stuff and you really should check it out cause its not expensive and they have so much lovely stuff. This earcuff/clip cost 5 euro's so thats not expensive at all! I wanna thank bubbawithglasses for the lovely earcuff and ring ( you gonna see the ring in the next outfit post ) Im really happy with the stuff and i think that you def. should check the webshop! Have some fun loves! XO see you all soon Love mirjam

* Earcuff/clip - HERE

dinsdag 24 juli 2012

Outfit post; Tribal me baby

Hi loves, i never wear this kinda clothes with my belly wide open;) But i really love this trend and i couldnt resist! I got these clothes in my mailbox it was such a suprise! I LOVED IT i love the higher pants and the crop top above it i saw so much bloggers with this trend but im not that thin to do it but i tried and actually liked it so im happy! I got this clothes from a great webshop www.sans-online.nl they have all kinds of brands there like ; veromoda/pieces/vila/object/only! its so worth to check it! Im on my last day of freedom tomorrow and the next 3 days im working again! It all goes so fast! The same with my new home im living here for 3 weeks already time goes by so fast. Im feeling a lot more better though im not crying like a baby anymore:) Feel good and safe in the new home! Loves im going to have a beach day so i will comment back tonight my lovely bloggers! Lots of love and kisses Mirjam

For the dutchies ;
Hallo popjes, er werd met mij contact gelegd door een webshop www.sans-online.nl ze zeiden dat ik wat leuks uit mocht zoeken tot 50 euro. Ik was super blij en was benieuwd naar de webshop. Ik snel naar de website toe en dacht yeah dit word heerlijk online shoppen. Was al blij van de merken dat ze daar hadden oa. Veromoda/only/pieces/object/vila En de prijzen vallen ook super mee. Ik heb dit outfitje besteld wat je hierboven aan ziet het was samen 47.95. Broek is van vila en het topje van pieces. Ik hou van deze outfit! Ze hebben nog veel meer kleding en leuke sieraden/tassen. Deze webshop is zeker de moeite waard Take a look!

* Top - Here
* Pants - Here
* Blazer - H&M
* Shoes - Jeffrey campbell
* Necklace - Zara

maandag 23 juli 2012


INSTAGRAM: mirjam1988

Dolls, just a snapshot from me today. Tomorrow you will see the whole look so excited to show you so stay tuned! Tomorrow im free also so i have lots of time to do you all a sweet message back. Thanks for being here and staying here.. Love to blog and you all make it even more fun! Love mirjam

donderdag 19 juli 2012

Mobile outfit post; In my head its summer

<3Instagram pictures; Dont forget to follow me : mirjam1988

Hey dolls, No time and so much to do.. Made these photos real fast.. Working today from 9 till 2 and then go to the hospital. Hope to be back at 4 to work till 6 ! Like omg thats a cray cray day! Here my look for today, a little bit cold for the winter temperature in holland but i want summer so i pretend in my head its 25 degrees and then will get there! Lots of love for you all Xo Love mirjam

* Jeans - H&M
* Gilet - At eves
* Top - H&M
* Boots - Sascha
* Sunglasses - H&M

dinsdag 17 juli 2012

Outfit post; Flower power

Hi my loves, im pretty sad.. why? The weather in holland sucks so bad. Its only raining and blergh its suposed to be summer its like WHERE THE F ARE YOU? So these are shitty photos made in my new home. Not the best quality or the best photos that i take but you can see the look. When the weather is better i promise to shoot outside! SUCKS so bad! I wear my new flower blazer its from http://www.glamorousuk.com/ I received this package a month ago with lovely clothes.. i work with them now! Its an amazing shop with lovely items. You should check it out! So into flowers lately, But it would be better with nice weather .. Damn again im talking about weather im so frustrated you can see haha:P Im gonna comment back today dolls, Busy with checkups in hospitals today! Speak to you soon LOVE <3 bye Mirjam

* Flower blazer - Here
* Top - Zara
* Jeans - Dr. denim
* Necklace - Zara
* Sunglasses - H&M
* Belt - Sascha
* Heels - Zara
* Bag - Vogue

maandag 16 juli 2012

Little preview

New outfit tomorrow on the blog; See you then
Love Mirjam <3

vrijdag 13 juli 2012

Let me go home

I feel like im living someone else's life
its like i just stepped outside
When everything was going right.

Gotta find my place, i know it takes time ..

woensdag 11 juli 2012

Outfit post ; Gotta go my own way

Dolls, How excited is this post you can see my new love ; Chihuahua!! Im so in love with this little puppet! So freaking unbelievable that i have a dog for my own. My baby my all i can tell that i already love her to death! Shes laying on the pillow next to me now, sleepsleepsleep little lazy ass! So im in my new home, i already moved in and its so different i really like it but im so sad cause i feel that i dont have an own place. I still have to get used to the idea that i dont live with my parents/brother/doggie anymore.. so little sad this week but its oke. i have to find and go my own way! This outfit was made inside! a little YEAH for the inside photos! weather is SO bad in holland and in my new home theres everything white and i love inside photos with white backgrounds so huraaaay! I have to go a lot to do here in my home! Ill be back soon LOVE mir

* Mint tee - Mango
* Light pink blazer - Mango
* Leather shorts - Bershka
* Neon necklace - Zara
* Bracelet neon - H&M
* Sunglasses - H&M
* Shoes - Converse all stars

maandag 9 juli 2012

New tattoo; Cross

Hey dolls, finally im in my new appartment, so much to do still but im happy.. Staying here with the BF en my big NEW LOVE my chihuahua, I told you a few days ago about my 2 new tattoos! ''be strong girl '' and another one. This is the other tattoo a little cross on my neck ! Love it so much what do you think of my cross tattoo? Let me know loves XOXO Mirjam!

donderdag 5 juli 2012

Outfit post; Change can be good

Dolls, Finally an outfit post from me! My lovely bff made the pictures with her lovely canon camera! Gotta love the camera.. Im so excited saturday im moving for good to the new apartment. Now im living with my parents and im going to be living with the BF! AAH such a change but a change can be good. Finally growing up at least im trying! Im in love with this guns and roses shirt from H&M. only 14.95 euro's but this tee rocks! And again my lita's i def. want more jeffrey campbell shoes i now have the taupe light brown colored one and this one (black) i really want the one with the spikes Damn ADORE them! Saturday i will show you my new cross tattoo in my neck. So stay tuned! Im going to work now again but soon i will be back! Love and let me know what you think about the look! Liefde mirjam xoxo

* Sunglasses - H&M
* Top - H&M
* Jeans - Dr.denim
* Shoes - JC Lita's
* Neon necklace - Zara
* Neon bracelet - Zara