woensdag 29 mei 2013

Outfit; The famous skort

Dear readers, Im pretty sad cause the good weather already dissapeared! The last two days were pretty amazing lots of sunshine and wearing dresses and skorts! I know youve seen these skort so many times but i just had to have one! I just love the pictures bloggers make with the famous zara skort i also love them in black but the summer is coming so i took the white one! I love the front so much cause it really looks like a white skirt but its a short, mix it together then you have a skort! I also fell in love with this black mesh top i was searching my ass of for these kinda tops and never saw a good one for a good price. I went to H&M just to check out the collection and then i met this beauty! I have to get used to it but i just love them in combination with the skort and the black white shoes. I also have a new clutch it's a see trough and this one is from modemusthaves.com i adore this one and i think it's so cool! Lovely readers im going to clean up the place and just chill, Love to hear what you think about my outfit! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Skort - Zara * Shoes - H&M * Mesh top - H&M * Necklace - HERE * Clutch - Modemusthaves.com  * Sunglasses - Modemusthaves.com * Watch - fossil * Bra - Monki

dinsdag 28 mei 2013


Loves, im in love with my new mesh top, Bought it at H&M and im in love. I was searching for a long time and now i finally found it i also need one in white but that one is harder to find! I made some outfit shots from this look today and tomorrow i will show you the results! So tomorrow im back babes! Lots of love CHEEK MIRJAM

* Yes i CAN smile, I know i need to smile more but i just can't get a good smile on my photo's that i like so this is once in a year i look good smiling;)

maandag 27 mei 2013

New in

Gosh dolls, Im so happy with these new items.
Totally adore the top from H&M
and the lovely necklace!
Love Mirjam

* Top - H&M * Necklace - HERE

vrijdag 24 mei 2013

Outfit; Vogue

Hey loves, today a chill outfit. Though the shoes are not so comfy for sitting on the couch but i just put them on for the outfit, looks a bit better than just socks haha! I just bought a magazine: Vogue, the tee was a present from vogue and i kinda liked it so i put it on an it fits perfectly! It's not so warm outside so i created a look for the summer and i wanted to make cool pictures and this is my look today! Im going to do nothing, just wait for my package from modemusthaves arrive and maybe my skirt from zara but well see! Can't wait to show you all the new stuff! Today im gonna blog all day, i only want to do that cause the weather is making me so depressed. It's so rainy and cloudy in holland i just can't deal! Let me know what you think about the look, the photo's and my new shoes! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Top - Vogue * Leather pants - Zara * Scarf - H&M * Oversized cardigan - S'nob (At eve's) * Shoes - H&M * Necklace - Asos.com * Glasses - Asos.com * Watch - Fossil

donderdag 23 mei 2013

New in; Sheinside, H&M and C&A

Hey loves, i wanted the show you my new stuff that i got in the last 2 days! Finally my order from sheinside is arrived waited forever but hey they are here now! I Love the bart simpson crop top so fun for summer and wear it on a short or on a long skirt! I also found a biker jacket FINALLY. Perfect fit and amazing fabric for a lovely price at C&A. I never shop at C&A but my mother wanted to check the store out and then i saw this lovely piece. I have biker jackets but they are a little short and this is a longer version so im pretty happy.   Oke the shoes, What do you girls think of the shoes? They are pretty high and a bit weird but i already told everyone i love weird high shoes and they all say: Those are lady gaga shoes.. Im like yes and .. ? I have to like them and i am totally in love. Tomorrow a new outfit for you girls! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Bart simpson top - Sheinside.com * Color top - Sheinside.com * Biker jacket * C&A * Heels - H&M

dinsdag 21 mei 2013

Outfit; Striped jeans for today

Hey my readers, This week im back to normal. I feel so much better and im not sick anymore. Im so in love with this striped jeans. Have it for 2 months now and never wore it but damn this jeans is fit! My legs looks so long with the stripes and i really like the quality of this jeans. I also have my new top on. This one is from followfashion and i adore this top i got in in size L cause i wanted to have an oversized top. Love the rock look. Follow fashion is an amazing website with lots of inspiration but also a webshop. I put the link under this post so you can check it out! The jeffrey campbell spike shoes are perfect for this outfit and i wear them with love.. always! Def. want to have more lita shoes cause they make every outfit look good. They make you so much thinner and longer, though im 1.83 cm long and they make me 1,96 but who cares, nothing but love for the heels! Im going to chill today hope i get my package from sheinside and H&M bought amazing shoes their and im going to show it to you tomorrow! Maybe a bit weird and freaky shoes but hey, I LOVE WEIRD SHOES! Talk to you soon loves, I have nothing going on today so im gonna give you all sweet comments back Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Striped jeans - H&M * Cross top - HERE * Shoes - Jeffrey campbell * Sunglasses - Zerouv.com * Vest - At eve's (S'nob) * Necklace - Nelly.com

donderdag 16 mei 2013

Outfit; Dungarees and skulls

Lovely readers, Im sorry for not posting a thing this week. Im still sick and im so lucky today i can stand on my legs. Im still sick i feel it in my bones and in my muscles but im a bit better so i want to make new outfit shots and show them this week! I think i have a new crush : Dungarees, When my mom told me a few years ago that she still likes dungarees i just stopt breathing and then laughed and look at me a few years later. I love them i think dungarees are so cool, the shorts and the longer ones! Def. gonna wear it much when it's summer and i like the combination with the crop top! I got this crop top from sheinside.. Love the website a lot of great items for good prices but i think you already know the webshop and when you don't take a look HERE. Im gonna go now and just relax, blog a bit and make some outfit shots. Hope the weather is nice for me today! Lots of love CHEEK Mirjam

* Dungarees - Asos.com * Crop top - Sheinside.com * Shoes - H&M * Cross necklace - Asos.com

vrijdag 10 mei 2013

Outfit; Playing in the sunset

Hey loves, Here my new outfit with my new hair color and brown tan! Im in love with this gorgeous jacket i have it now for 5 months but never wore it. I just waited for good weather to wear this gorgeous piece and now was the time! I wear it with bare legs and just a white top! Simple but still cool. I also am in love with this neon necklace i got it  from the webshop asiisa.nl and it's such a good size and such a good color for spring and i want to say thank you again asiisa and you should really look at there webshop good items with again good prices! Im still sick in bed it just doesn't go away and im pretty bored cause i can't do much! I also asked you which banner you liked the most and i still diddn't know which one to do so i created a new one but i still want to thank you for the many response but i like my new banner like this the best haha! Girls let me know what you think about this look and the new hair color! I will comment you all back today. LOTS OF LOVE CHEEK Mirjam

* Jacket - Asos.com * White top - Zara * Leather shorts - Zara * Shoes - Jeffrey campbell * Necklace - Asiisa.nl * Watch - Fossil * Love bracelet - Asiisa.nl

woensdag 8 mei 2013

New hair color

Hey loves, i wanted to show you my new hair color. Not a big chance but the hairdresser made my hair lighter. I love my new hair color it's so lovely to have this color in the summer! I always make my hair a bit darker in the winter cause i have the white face going on and im like a ghost if i have it this white but in the summer with a good tan is this a perfect color! I Think i still want my hair a bit lighter than this and i want to do that next month cause i need to give my hair some rest now cause with the extensions and bleached hair my hair doesnt feel that good anymore haha but hey it's still on my head! Im gonna use a shampoo/conditioner/mask from kerastase ''bain the force'' and my hair is good in no time! I made these photo's yesterday and i wear my Knit from H&M so fluffy and such a qute color with my leather pants from zara and i just stayed in bed all day cause i am still sick. What do you think of my new necklace? I love the neon color and tomorrow i show it in a good outfit post! So stay tuned.. What do you think of my new hair color.. Let me know Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Fluffy knit - H&M * Leather shorts - Zara * Neon necklace - asiisa.com

dinsdag 7 mei 2013

Outfit; Mirfashion for kenzaa

Hey my loves, sorry for the lack of updates but im so sick. I think i catched a cold so im sick in bed MEEH.. such a good weather and im sick! Though yesterday i made some amazing pictures and you all gonna see it thursday! Today i wanted to show you a look i shot a week ago or so! I got this amazing discopants look a like from kenzaa.nl i usually dont wear red so much. This color is amazing it's a bit heavy but so cool to rock them with my jeffrey spikes and just a rock topt It looks a bit like the red discopants and i loved it! You should really check the webshop from kenzaa they have such lovely items for a good price. I put the link under this text. You still dont see my new hair color on this pictures but thursday is the day im gonna show you my ultra blonde hair and my brown face. Im so tanned and i love it. I just can't get enough of the sun! Im gonna chill again today and give you some sweet comments back! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Legging - Kenzaa.nl * Top - Asos.com * Blazer - Zara * Shoes - Jeffrey campbell * Sunglasses - Asos.com