donderdag 25 april 2013

Outfit; Homies

Hey loves, Im not wearing this today cause it's freaking hot here in holland but i wore this outfit on monday! Im so in love with my new top! I think im in love with these kinda tops like celine or ysl or this one HOMIES! Saw it on so many bloggers and i had to have 1.. I got this one from a lovely girl Sanne borst. You can also buy this top from here she has them in many colors and also the GEEK. If you are intrested you can mail here i put the mail under this post, They cost 29,95 and i think it's a good price cause the quality is also good from this tee! So again thanks sanne, Your the best! Oke today im gonna hang out in the garden and get my tan on! Yesterday i was also in the garden with just a short and a crop top and i already got a tan and made some cool outfit photo's with my little brown legs and i can't wait to show you girls! Yesterday i also did some shopping with my mom, Bought amazing shorts and a lovely jacket so im pretty happy it was a lovely day with the best mom on earth! Oke i need to get my tan on so i gotta run you never now how long the sun stays in holland haha! Im gonna comment you all back tonight when i have the time! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Jeans - Only * Blazer - River island * Sunglasses - * Belt - Zara * Shoes - Zara * Homies top - ( 29,95E ) 

woensdag 24 april 2013

Outfit; back to Summer 2012

Hey dolls, Just a picture from last summer. Damn i miss the tan and i miss the sun! Love the flowerband in my hair. The only thing that's wrong : the photo is so crappy. Had a small little camera and now i have a canon 1100D So im happy now with my new camera but PLEASE give me the tan! Which of you followed my blog also in 2012 and saw this outfit? Let me know! Back tommorow with a new outfit! Love Mirjam

* Dress - H&M * Flowerband - Lemon * Shoes - Jeffrey campbell

dinsdag 23 april 2013

Outfit; The sun is smiling

Dear readers, I called this post ; the sun is smiling cause the sun was shining and i was smiling. What a good one woohoo. Im smiling more in this post than normal i don't know i guess i was very happy with my zebra coat from zara and i still am! I saw this one and i bought in in size M but it felt a little tight so i searched the whole country for the coat in size L, i just want it so badly.. so i drove 2 hours to another city to get in in size L and finally i have it! Im so happy with the jacket such good quality and a lovely print with the black white zebra stripes! Lately im in love with the combination black/white so this is such a good coat to create a cool look! Today i wear it simple with just a black denim and a black top and my new favourite statement necklace from zara. I saw it on angelica blick and needed this necklace in my life! Im gonna run now to the hospital for some serious talk. Hope everything is alright so i can make progress! Lots of love and talk to you all tonight! Xo Cheek Mirjam

* Coat - Zara * Necklace - Zara * Heels - Zara * Jeans - Dr.denim * Top - Zara * Sunglasses -

vrijdag 19 april 2013

Outfit; Spring is in the air

Hey dolls, Oh im so in love with this weather. When you can wear bare legs, dresses and shorts.. Happy spring! But it's colder again now. I made this outfit on sunday when it was 20 degrees! The sun wasn't shining that much but the temperature was really good. I wear my new dress/top from Choies, Im really in love with their webshop, amazing items and good prices! You can wear this top all the time in the summer with bare legs or with a skinny jeans and in the winter with a skinny jeans and a blazer or vest! Love the jeffrey campbell shoes with this top such a cool rock look which i like so much! My legs are a bit white and that sucks haha but when the sun is coming ill be in the garden all day to get a tan! Oh almost forgot: Today it's my mom's birthday .. yaay Love her so much she is my all so im going to my mother today and family is coming and were gonna have a good day. Tell me what you think of my and my amazing sunglasses from zerouv! Lots of love XO Cheek Mirjam

* Dress - Here * Shoes - Jeffrey campbell * Sunglasses - 

woensdag 17 april 2013

Mobile outfit; Cozy knit

Hey dolls, just a quik update. Today i wear my fluffy h&m knit for the first time! It was hanging in my closet for 3 months now or longer i don't even know, but today i have a lazy ass chill day AGAIN so just a comfy lovely sweater. Im back fridays with another outfit but then with pretty pictures outside again and not crappy mobile shots. Im excited about the next post cause i had my new dress on from choies with bare legs cause we had amazing weather on sunday, Not so sunny but a really good temperature so stay tuned. Xo Cheek Mirjam

Oh ps; I said i would comment you back last night but i had no time at all so im gonna do my best to give you all a sweet comment back now because i have lots of time to blog oh happy days!

* Fluffy knit - H&M

dinsdag 16 april 2013

Outfit; Peach time

Hey dolls, I shot this look last week and i adore the outfit. It's so different for me cause i wear lots of black lately and more on the rock side. This time i thought let's go to the soft side. A lot of peach i know but i fell in love with the one color look. I tried to break it a bit with my taupe JC shoes and i think my outfit is perfect for spring and summer. The weather is also great in holland atm so i created a happy look. I also love my sunglasses and yes it's from the webshop zerouv. Cant express how much i adore their sunglasses! Love the round glasses with the pearls also a bit different from the normal ones but i really love weird sunglasses and also weird shoes. Maybe im a bit weird .. who says? I am me and i won't change for anyone! Im gonna hang out today. I made 3 other outfit this week and can't wait to show you my new looks so excited about them. One with bare legs cause it was 20 degrees here and one with my amazing new zebra coat. So stay tuned loves. Tonight im gonna comment you all back, Thanks a lot for the loads of comments i simply adore them! Xo Cheek Mirjam

* Blouse - H&M trend * Blazer - H&M trend * Pants - H&M * Shoes - Jeffrey campbell * Sunglasses - HERE

zaterdag 13 april 2013

New sunnies from zerouv

Hey loves, Today i wanted to show you my new sunnies. They are from ZEROUV! Im so in love with them all. I got four from them and adore them so thanks a million times zerouv! Also adore their webshop they have the most pretty sunglasses in the webshop for such a low price. Lately im in love with oversized round sunglasses but they also have different sizes and different shapes! You should really check it out! the first picture are the four sunglasses i got and i took this picture myself. The second photo is wear i keep my new sunnies, a little bit of decoration. The 3th photo are also my sunnies but the photo is from the webshop i thought let's put it here and show you all the sunglasses in a better way. The 4th photo is a photo from me just to show you girls/guys a picture of me this week. My eyes are so cool here in my opinion haha! Im gonna chill and relax and make some other outfit shots today. Im so excited about tomorrow cause the weathers gonna be so good 20 degrees so thats amazing. cant wait to feel the warm sun and just enjoying the sunday! I hope you all have an amazing weekend im back on monday with a preview photo from my outfit post that's coming up tuesday! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Sunnies webshop - HERE  * Neon necklace- Zara

donderdag 11 april 2013

Outfit; Out with the blue

Hey loves, my look today.. again not the best photo's cause im wearing white and i just cant get my white good on the photo.. It's too bright and i hate it but still you can see the look well! Still in love with this blue camo jeans from zara. Not wearing it all the time but when i have it on i love it! I mixed it with also blue and white! I do love my smiling picture from inside. People keep telling me i have to smile more so lately i try to smile a bit more. Not working all the time but sometimes i get a good smiling picture and show it on le blog! Lately i also try new location just to make my pictures more outstanding and not so simple so the nexts posts will be different again! I hope you like it, Tell me what you think about the look and about the smile! I will give you a sweet comment back tonight! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Blouse - H&M * Jeans - Zara * White blazer - River island * Shoes - H&M * Sunglasses - * Earrings - H&M

dinsdag 9 april 2013

Outfit; Just chill and read vogue

Hey loves, Today im chilling my ass off! Do nothing just hang and relax and make some cool pictures.. I wanted to make this look outside but it's still bad weather and i just wanted to show you this cool summerlook! I saw this look on victoria tornegren and Joanna johansson (BLOG: Here and Here) I thought hey my boyfriend still has these kinda t-shirts and maybe i can create this kinda look also. So they were my inspiration for this look and i kinda love it. It's too cold for now but in the summer i def. gonna wear this look! Not the best pictures in the world cause my inside pictures are always a bit crappy but hey i do my best! I also wear my zara heels for the first time, last time was summer last year but there is hope they say the weather is changing maybe 20 degrees in holland on sunday so i keep my fingers crossed! Give me spring and give me summer i need it so bad, Need a tan im white as fuck;) Im gonna chill my day out and give you tonight a sweet comment back! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* T-shirt - Boyfriend so old i dont know where to find it * Heels - Zara * Sunglasses -