donderdag 31 mei 2012

outfit post ; call you my little brown skin

Hey my loves, Im bored to death. Im just laying in the bed all day cause i cant work, i promissed you all to give you a comment back on my earlier post i promissed that tuesday but i was rushed to the hospital at 12 midnight cause i diddnt feel well my belly hurts and i was in the hospital for 5 long hours. Had so much pain now i have to come back tomorrow and see whatsup! So here i am bfrom my lovely bed:) This is the outfit of tuesday when i felt good. You dont see the color of the top very well but its light neon green, its my new top form H&M TREND collection! really love the top! Did you see my brown ass skin ;P im so brown that i cant even wear foundation cause the foundation that i have make me look like a ghost now, face white body brown thats a no-go! Tell me what you think about the look! Loveyouall who visit my blog everytime, Thanks for that! LOVE xo xo mirjam

* Top - H&M TREND
* Skirt - New yorker
* Shoes - Jeffrey campbell lita's
* Necklace - River island
* Watch - Fossil
* Sunglasses - H&M

dinsdag 29 mei 2012

Outfit post ; Festival look

Hi my loves, so these were a few days of no blogging i guess! I had an amazing time with my familie and the BF. We went to the beach hang out all day and im TOTALLY BROWN! Yeah.. These photos were made 3 days ago before hanging on the beach so not that brown yet here! I really think that this is a festival look. I see so much magazines with amazing festival looks and thought lets make my own look! So here the results.. i have a busy day but i will comment back today cause tomorrow im working so again no time to blog and i missed this! Let me know what you think about the look! Lots of sweet Lovin and a big hug from me! X's and O's Mirjam

* Top - Biggels
* Denim gilet - At eve's
* Denim shorts - H&M
* Necklace - H&M
* Boots - Sascha
* Leather belt - Sascha
* Sunglasses - H&M
* Ear cross cuff - River island

donderdag 24 mei 2012

Outfit post; With a touch of neon


Loves, Dear readers, Finally found this amazing neon necklace i saw it already on the superstar Sylvie v/d vaart and now i have it. Its from h&m and its not expensive 7.95 euro's! I had to have it! love the popping out color! And i show you here my new zara short with studs! Wanted this short for so long and now i can ad it to my collection! I styled it with my zara heels and zara top! You can say im all zara except for the necklace;) Im feeling pretty dizzy this last days.. Not the best days in my life so im hanging in bed all day, 2 days now! Its so hot here its about 30 degrees its so nice but when you laying in bed all day then its real **** .. Dolls let me know what you think about my outfit! I will do my best to comment tonight my olderposts back! XOXOXO Mir

Did you notice that i smile alot more on the photos? Lately i got so much comments about you always have the same face and they are right but i feel so comfortable with that ' one ' face. So i will continue that face but also have a bit variation in my poses and face:) Thanks a lot for the comments they keep me sharp!

* Top - Zara
* Shorts - Zara
* Heels - Zara
* Necklace - H&M
* Sunglasses - Six
* Watch - Fossil
* Ring -

dinsdag 22 mei 2012

Outfit of today; Sun is up come rock with me

Babes and dudes .. OOH YEAH please great weather stay with me forever! Sun is up and im smiling all the time. Today i had a day off again and im enjoying the moments with my family and my friends! Going to put my bikini on and lay in the garden all day and tonight have a dinner outside! Today i got the most sad phone call of the hospital that i have to have an surgery again, And again my belly! So im trying to forget that and yes just hope that this time everything goes oke and that they find whats wrong. I dont know the exact date but you all will hear that! But no more sad things today im gonna enjoy the sun now, hope you all have a great tuesday! Tonight i will comment some amazing people back and let me know what you think about this look! XOXO and lots of love Mirjam

* Pink skirt - H&M
* Top - H&M
* Blouse - Ichi
* Boots - Sascha
* Skull bracelet -
* Bracelets - At eve's
* Snakeupperring -
* Ear cuff - Riverisland
* Sunglasses - H&M
* Clutch -

maandag 21 mei 2012

Mobile outfit post ; 1 foxy lady, mixing animals

Hello dear readers from my blog, Yesterday i went to amsterdam to get a military jacket, i saw the military jacket at a few blogs : Rosanna, Debbie, Larissa. I really loved it so i went to amsterdam to the store episode for that one jacket. BUT you can already know that im really a shopaholic so i went to the h&m to buy a light green neon top and 2 necklaces and at zara's an short with studs. I know i know i shop to much but its worth the money;) This is a quik outfit from yesterday i was a foxy lady with this top. I kinda liked it but for one time in a dressing room:P Cause when i buy it i never wear it. But i have to say i regret it now, its so qute for the summer with a short and boots underneath it! Tomorrow i will bring you all an amazing outfit post and a GOOD one;) Promisse! Have an amazing monday sweeties ! XO mirjam

* Jeans - H&M
* Top - H&M
* Boots - Sascha

vrijdag 18 mei 2012

Outfit post ; Leopard dress

Hi my loves, Today a short outfit post.. Cause again its friday and i am working from 9 till 9 so again 12 hours of make people's hair beautifull! Gotta love the job but 12 hours its too much haha:) Lately i see everywhere leopard prints or tiger prints dont know how to call that stupid animal but i kinda like it. I have this top/dress now for 2 years i guess? And really dont know where its from but i took it out of my closet and pulled it on and i actually like it.. What about you? are you loving the animal prints Yaa or Naay? Work is calling Lots of love Mirjam!

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* Dress - Dont know anymore .. Sorry !

dinsdag 15 mei 2012

Outfit of today ; If the weapon is your love i got my hands up

Hello my dear readers, im excited to show you this outfit. I really love the photos and the outfit and my poses arent the same anymore:P I really had a lot of fun shooting this outfit! I wear my new denim and a new top and my new leather jacket! I have the leather jacket for 2 months now but i havent showed it on the blog! I really love the studs on the jacket gives a rock vibe in my opinion! My hair was a disaster so i did it up! And Yeah i keep losing weight. i lost 14 pounds now thats 7 kg! So im proud at myself and i can see it on the photo! So im one happy girl now:P hihi What do you think of my Michael jackson move on the first photo:P Its thriller right? hahaha:P Tell me what you think about the outfit tonight im gonna give some comments back on my earlier posts! Lets love eachother XoXo with love Mirjam

* Leather jacket - Bershka
* Snaketop - Second female ( i bought it at @eve's )
* Jeans - Dr Denim
* Shoes - Jeffrey campell
* Skull ring - Soho hearts
* Bracelet -
* Earcuff with cross - River island
* Blue swarovski ring - Zinzi
* Leather belt - Sascha