donderdag 31 januari 2013

Outfit post; Stripes in the snow

Hey loves, Here my last outfit in the snow. Im so sad i really loved the snow.. WHY WHY! Oke moved on. I LOVE my new jack daniels top. Got it from an amazing webshop I already saw this top on so many girls/bloggers and now i have my own one! So cool to match this top with shorts and bikerboots in the summer. So thank you so much mirte! I also wear an really old vest with stripes, dont know if i have to call it old but the vest is older than 2 years! I saw it laying in my closet and thougt let's do an outfit with it. Lately i also see so much striped things everywhere so im falling in love with this vest again! I also wear my big coat, it's a bit oversized but that's what i like about this coat.. I found it for 5 euro at a second hand shop! Tell me what you think about my look? I really promise to give you all a sweet comment back i know i say it all the time i wish that a day had 36 hours cause im running out of time but today i have a totall free day so cant make an excuse now! Speak to you in a bit! Love Xo Cheeks Mirjam

* Coat - Second hand * Vest - H&M * Jack daniels top - * Jeans - Dr.denim * Shoes - Jc's * Cross necklace - * Belt - New yorker * Sunglasses - H&M

woensdag 30 januari 2013


Back tomorrow loves, XO Cheek Mirjam

dinsdag 29 januari 2013

Outfit post; Wearing a skirt

Hey my loves, Here a new look from me. I wear a skirt that have to be in the news paper. I wanted to have this skirt so bad but couldnt find it anywhere.. i also saw this skirt at blogger kenza. 2 weeks ago i went to almere to the H&M and i found it. there was only hanging one piece and in my size, ment to be i guess! I can pull of so much looks with this skirt so you def. can expect this skirt a lot more on my blog. Im also a bit sad cause the snow is gone and it started to rain here in holland. I loves the snow with the sun and now the weather is so sad. I have to say i made a new outfit photo sunday in the snow so i wanted to put in on my blog thursday. So one more snow photo for you thursday yaay! Im gonna run, not a busy day but i need to take care of some things so i wanna blog more when i come back tonight, Give you all some love back! Have a great day sweet ones! XO Cheek Mirjam

* Leather jacket - Bershka * Snake blouse - Second female ( At eve's ) * Skirt - H&M * Shoes - Jc's (wooho suprise) * Sunglasses - H&M

zaterdag 26 januari 2013

Haar&zo hairextensions

Only for the dutch girls:
Hey meiden, ik kreeg ongeveer 2 weken geleden een mail. Het was van de webshop Haar &Zo ik kreeg gratis clip in extensions van de shop! Ik was natuurlijk heel blij jullie weten vast dat ik zelf ook extensions heb losse omdat ik gigantisch dun slierterig haar van mezelf heb. Ook wel hollands haar genoemd haha! De foto's hierboven zijn van de clip ins die ik gekregen heb. Ik moet zeggen het is echt heel mooi haar en het is echt haar. Ik heb zelf wel eens clip in extensions gehad van balmain ook met clips eraan. Maar die clips waren een stuk kleiner en dunner waardoor het gewoon niet bleef zitten in mijn dunne haar! Deze clips zijn erg sterk en het fijne ervan is het blijft zowaar zitten. Ik toupeer het altijd wel iets waar ik de clips inzet om nog meet stevigheid en volume te krijgen. Ik draag ze nu eigenlijk als ik uitga of ergens naartoe ga en zin heb om echt wat aan me haar te doen ik draag ze nu tussen mijn losse extensions en ik heb nog nooit zoveel volume gehad. Degene die geen extensions hebben die kunnen dit gebruiken of als ze keer uitgaan of gewoon elke dag indoen waarneer je zin heb want het zijn clip ins. Ze zijn ook makkelijk in gebruik je kan er een stijltang doorhalen een krultang je kan ze wassen eigenlijk moet je ze beschouwen als je eigen haar ook al komt het haar van iemand anders hoofd ( eigenlijk best gek idee ) hahaha! Het is zeker de moeite waard als je overweegt om extensions te nemen even op hun webshop te kijken. Tot dinsdag met een nieuwe outfit post en nog een fijn weekend liefdes! Dikke kus Cheek Mirjam

Sorry loves, this post was only for the dutch girls. All about clip in extensions that i got from a lovely webshop. Im back tuesday with an brand new outfit post! Lots of love Cheek mirjam

* Winkel haar&zo - HIER
* Webshop - HIER

vrijdag 25 januari 2013

Sun, You bring the smile on my face

Hi loves, Couldnt be any happier.. SUN IS UP! Needed it so badly. I made a deal with myself, the bad and the sad days needs to be gone. So sick of feeling tired so sick of being sick. Enough is enough! 

Happy weekend loves !
Cheek Mirjam

* Blazer - Zara 
* White top - Zara

donderdag 24 januari 2013

Outfit post; Boy london

Hi my loves, Here a bit of a tomboy look. I fell in love with this boy london tee. Bought in on asos, i know i know my new guilty pleasure.. Really love the asos collection! I also bought these creepers there i thought lets try something else. I always walk in my jc's lately im getting so much comments please wear something else. Well i took it too serious and put these creepers on haha! Not my alltime favourites but love to wear these shoes now and then! I kinda love my second photo.. So not me i usually have curls and this is so different. Its a weird photo but i kinda like it.. my face looks different dont know how to explain it but see it for yourself. Im going to run now.. Im going with my mom to the mall and after that im going to cut someone's hair so a fun day in front of me! Let me know what you think from this mirjam.. Cheek Xo Mirjam

* Boy london tee - * Blazer - H&M * Leather pants - H&M * Creepers - * Ring - Signature fashion * Watch - Fossil

dinsdag 22 januari 2013

Outfit post; Wearing snow on my blouse

Hey loves, Oh im so happy there is snow. I love taking pictures with the white background and it's so much more fun than rain and dark weather. So im into it.. I wear my new blouse from River island i bought it on I spotted this look at angelicablicks but i kinda gave it my own twist. Really have a girlcrush on her she is amazing! Did you notice my hair? What a volume right?  An amazing webshop gave this clip in hairextensions as a present so i wanna say to them one more time a big THANK YOU They have a lovely hair salon with lots of extensions in every color. My hair feels so thick now and i love the volume.. This week im gonna make some photo's of the hair pieces with more information ( Click HERE for their webshop ) Im gonna run now.. i will comment you back all tonight i have a free night so love to blog with you all! Lots of love, CHEEK XO Mirjam

* Blouse - * Blazer - River island * Burgundy pants - H&M * Shoes - Jc's * Belt - * Sunglasses - H&M