donderdag 26 september 2013

Outfit; Grey pencil skirt

Hey loves, It's so dark outside all the time. Grr hate that so much i know it's autumn but i really hate to shoot pictures in this kinda weather! Today i wear my grey pencil skirt from vero moda. in a previous post i wear a black one also from vero moda but this color is so cool two! I wear it with a crop top and a big vest. Im still in love with this vest from S'NOB bought it at my friends shop ''At eve's'' and i really live in this one. This vest looks good with everything and the fit is so amazing! It's costs 119,95E and i never spend that much on a vest but really this one rocks! I finally had a good hair day! Lately my hair sucks and it was so flat all the time even when i made curls so that's the reason i wear my hat lately haha! But still the hat makes every outfit fashionable! My hair finally had some volume and im happy with the results and photos! Today im going to the city with my mom and just have a fun day! Let me know what you think of my look! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Vest - S'nob ( At eve's ) * Croptop - Riverisland * Pencil skirt - Vero moda * Shoes - H&M * Sunglasses - * Watch - Fossil

dinsdag 24 september 2013

Outfit; Autumn colors

Loves, Last week i was a bad blogger i know. But this week im back. Today i want to show you my new blouse. Really in love with the colors. This one is from Vero Moda and it cost 16,95 euro. Good price for a nice blouse! The colors remind me of autumn.. Really love the purple and the dark green colors and the combination with my purple lipstick is perfect! I also wear my discopants again. I don't know i have a love hate relationship with this pants. I bought it a few months ago and i liked it but i felt so big in it. Now i lost some weight and i really want to wear this pants all day! The fit is so good and i really want to live in it. I love that the pants is high waisted so i can also wear a crop top on it! But i think i need to have another discopants ASAP cause this one is a bit damaged. Loves let me know what you think of the look and yes i wear socks in my jeffrey cambpell lita's! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Discopants - * Blouse - Vero moda * Vest - * Socks - Primark * Necklace - * Hat - H&M * Shoes - Jeffrey campbell * Sunglasses -

donderdag 19 september 2013

Outfit; Fuck

Hey dolls, Im sorry for the lack of outfit post this week. The last post is a week ago and im so ashamed! Im sorry. But today im back with a lovely outfit. I really wanted this sweater and i have it now. Im so happy to have a new collab and i really want to tell you where YOU can get this sweater! I got it from HERE. they don't have a webshop yet so you have to order it on facebook. They have amazing fashion items and they are right on trend. You really should check their facebook out for more clothes! I also wear my new pencil skirt, This one is from veromoda and i also got the grey color. I really wanted this skirt for so long and i saw some good pencil skirts on asos but im in between sizes and i dont want to send it back cause the item is too small of too big i hate return clothes so i waited and waited and finally veromoda came with the amazing pencil skirt for such a great price 14,95 euro's! Im happy .. Let me know what you think of my outfit Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Pencil skirt - Vero moda * Sweater - HERE * Belt - From my dad * Hat - H&M * Shoes - Jeffrey campbell * Sunglasses -

vrijdag 13 september 2013

Outfit; Print on stripes

Dear readers. It's time to pull my zebra jacket out of the closet, omg it really feels like autumn. It rains and the wind is blowing and it's so cold. Maybe im being a dramaqueen now but really it's too cold. I really miss the summer days and laying on the beach all day and being tanned and all that! I only love the autumn for the clothes that you can wear. Layers and big knits and boots i really love that but i really am depressed when the trees fall out and when it's getting dark so soon.. hm not my time of year. Can you believe it in about 3 months it's christmas already.. this year is going so fast, almost too fast! I think i complain a bit too much now but hey, everybody has their days! Oke my outfit, i dont like the pictures that much but i really LOVE my outfit. I think it's so cool and a bit classy. I really like the print on print trend and i wanna wear that trend a lot more. What you you think of the print on print trend? Let me know and let me know what you think of this look and my cool fishtail braid ( I really had a bad hair day so the fishtail braid was the only option ) Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* jacket - Zara * Stripe top - * Skort - Zara * Shoes - H&M * Sunglasses - * Watch - Fossil

dinsdag 10 september 2013

Outfit; How long will i love you

Hey dolls, Today i want to show you some bad pictures. Haha, really the light wasnt working at all and it rained and it was cold. Such a bad and boring day but some of the pictures were oke and these are the ones. Not pleased with the photo's but again hey it's an outfit! I really love my new furry vest from Really love their webshop. They have the furry vest in 2 colors and offcourse i needed the black one! It's not a coat it's really a vest and i was searching for this kind of vest a few months and now i found the perfect one. Also wear my new top from it's a crop top and it's perfect to wear it with a highwaisted pants or high skirts/shorts! Im gonna go now i give you all a sweet comment back tonigh. Such a long time ago i did that and really want to check on your blogs and get some inspiration! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Tomboy top - * Furry vest - * Sunglasses- * Leather pants - H&M * Shoes - Jeffrey campbell * Necklace -

donderdag 5 september 2013

Outfit; purple lips

Hey loves, today im a bit black again. Well this outfit is not from today cause its 29 degrees outside but i made these photo's yesterday. I wear my new h&m blouse well also not new cause i bought it 2 months ago but i wear it for the first time! Love the blouse it's so oversized and i got it in size S (Normally i wear size M/L) the blouse cost 14,95 so that was amazing and i had to have it. Did you noticed my purple lips? Yes i wear purple on my lips. Really lovin it and it makes my whole look complete, a bit grunge again! I now have 2 purple lipsticks. Both from the brand MAC. On this photo i wear MAC up the amp! Such a good lipstick and you really need on layer and it really last for 6 hours or something. I also have a new purple color from mac pro long wear that one is a bit of a matt finish and it really last a whole day. Color name is: Goes and goes! They cost around 16 euro's but they are so worth it! Also got 2 new pink shades from mac and they are soon on my blog. I will make some photo's from my new mac lippies and post them here! Im gonna go enjoy the sun now and i hope you all have a nice day! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Blouse - H&M * Vest - S'nob * Skort - Zara * Cut out boots - Jeffrey campbell * Sunglasses -