maandag 30 mei 2011

Sorry and a big kiss to you all ..

Hello dolls, Again a short message from me, im so busy with working and im so late at home from work! so that sucks with blogging at the same time! but wednesday im fee and thursday two! so then i make it up to you girls/guys with an outfit post with my new clothes AND then i will send you all from my 2 previoust post a comment back! for now a big kiss to al my lovely followers. Really love that you all love my blog! Big kiss Mir

zaterdag 28 mei 2011

Finally BIGGER pictures.

Omg you girls/guys you dont know how happy i am right now at this moment! everybody told me he mirjam you should do bigger photos, but i diddnt know how to, no i am on imageshack and i upload the pictures there.. does anyone else do it on an upload site? i do it now html.. So what you girls think of the bigger photos? LOVE XO Mir.

Yesterdays outfit; New yellow clutch!

Hello dolls, how is your weekend so far? mine is about blogging:) i have not done so much post last week a little bummed about that but i will do my best to do so many post as possible! so here is my YELLOW clutch ''HALLELUJAH'' what a pretty one, totally in love with that one. this is my yesterdays outfit, i was going out to dinner with my boyfriend! so i kept it simple my outfit , black and white with a color popping out! this is my new blazer btw, a lovely white one. i was searching for the right blazer in white, and i found it by river island for 75 euro, but i think that you can spend a little more money on a good blazer cause when you handle your blazer carefully then it stays long good, and you keep it for a long time with you! my yellow clutch was btw 37 euro. its a good one hes strong and so neat on the inside! so im happy with that!what you girls think og my new necklace and rind! from river island 2 ! 10.50 and 13.50 euros? girls and boys im gonna comment you all back now! its a long trip but i love it! thanks again for all the nice words en keep going back to my blog, LOVEIT have a nice weekend dolls LOVELOVELOVE Mir!

donderdag 26 mei 2011

Say hello to my long hair again!

Hello lovelies, im in a rush so no time for me today, im gonna give you all a sweet comment back tommorow from my latest outfit post, and now i show you all 2 pictures of my new hair. im again in love with my hair.. LOVE all the comments enjoy reading it! see you all tomorrow ! love Mir

maandag 23 mei 2011

outfit of yesterday; shopping time!

hello there honeys, this is my yesterday outfit! i went to amsterdam to do some serious shopping and i can say: I DID! i saw so many great stuff at h&m and at my favourite store river island ! i spend so much there Really its 1/4 of my paycheck for work and thats a true story! i bought so so so much really but such qute stuff that you all will see in my next posts! i can say 2 pair of shoes, 4 tops, 3 blazers , 2 skirts , 2 pants , 1 amazing yellow clutch , 3 rings , 5 pieces of earings, 3 necklaces , and more:$. #myguiltypleasure ! so thats enough for 2 weeks? haha no im kidding thats enough.. and i adore the comments of my story about my dog really im so glad that i have her back, i missed her that night it was just a nightmare! Today was my first new working day at benneton! it was fun! my feets are killing me now but im oke! haha.. im gonna eat something now and then im gonna comment you all back from my last 3 posts, bizzy evening but i loveit.. keep me posted i love to read it all! LOVE xo mir.

zondag 22 mei 2011

A horror day and night with happy ending.

hi lovely girls, im so sorry that i diddnt post. but i have such a good excuse. my lovely lovely Dog was missing, shes so small and she is so little and her name is rambo and how i happend. I was walking with my boyfriend and my doggie outside, and i always let her walk free and she always stay with me cause she's always so afraid of other people. but then a loud noise came and my dog was so scared that she started running in the woods and i was running behind her but she was so fast and scared and i screamed her name rambo stay here. but she was gone.. and i cried and calles every one and so many people came to help to find the dog i think maybe 12 people. she was missing from 7 in the evening and we looked 5 hours and it became dark and we diddnt saw anything and we had to give up. and i screamed and cried and i just wanted to hold her. i thought i never see her again. and so we needed to sleep cause we couldnt do anything and i was laying in the bed crying and just thought i hope she still alive and that we find her tommorow. I couldnt sleep that night cause .. hmm if something is missing something so special then you cant sleep, but then at 4.30 in the night i heard scratching and i Screamed yaaayy rambo rambo And i opend the front door and then she jumped right into my arms.. she was soo soo happy ! and i cried thank you god for bringing my baby home. so he was 10 hours on the streets just walking en try to find her home back. and im so thankfull. i did wanna do an outfit post today but i cried so much that my eyes barely opend today and i was just not in the mood. So the plans are different tomorrow (sundays) i go to amsterdam and then i will take a few shots from my outfit and tomorrow i will show you girls/Guys! still thanks for the comment and i will give you all a sweet message back! BIG LOVE FROM HERE.. XO MIRJAM

vrijdag 20 mei 2011

New in; Diamonds are a girls best friend.

Dear Bloggers,
What can i say? bling bling ;) it was my boyfriends birthday yesterday and i give him a ring with my name in it and a fashion card so he can shop, But then he bought a present for me! OMG my mouth felt open, its a ring from zinzi from the new spring collection with a big swarovski blue diamond and swarovski diamonds around the big blue stone. i wanted this one so bad, but i had no money cause i was not working. But he gave it to me and im so so so happy with it! Thank you love one! what you girls think of my new ring? tomorrow i go to amsterdam do some shopping and after that i will speak to you girls/guys so this is a Quik post and im gonna comment yall back with my new outfit post. Big love Keep commenting! XO mirjam

donderdag 19 mei 2011

outfit of today, and BF birthday!

Hello amazing dolls, So i had to do a outfit post, i thought no i cant cuz its my boyfriend birthday! but he's working so i have the time to show you some photos and tell a little story! today i am a little bit simple with my jeans and just a top and my little short hair:D.. but sometimes simple is so Qute. so i have a simple mood today! MY boy is 25 today yaay HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him! i have a few nice gifts, im gonna give it to him tonight, im not gonna tell you all cause my boyfriend is looking at my blogspot everyday! hihi what a nice one right? This is my last free week next week im going to word at the fashion store benneton! Yaay so happy, i was so bored to sit at home for two months! theres always an THE END and here it is almost! i loved my earlier post so many nice comments about my hair. its just .. im not used to shorter hair, im not saying that my hair is short but its oke.. BUT im gonna do new extensions at sunday, i just cant go on without extensions, but girls you all right cause its not terrible! girls im gonna comment you all back now ! a big One 118 comments:) Goodbye day haha.. but i love it! Thanks LOVE Xo mir.

maandag 16 mei 2011

Finally photos from my own hair.

Hi lovelies, i promissed you all to show you a picture of me and my own hair, and here it is! Lately i really get used to my own hair. But im gonna do again extensions, And really its an addiction cause when i have extensions i can do SO much with it, I can make beautifull curls and beautifull waves i can wear it straight. My own hair is just so thin its not that bad, but i just like it more with my extensions in, i thought im gonna do it today the extensions but now im gonna do it sunday and give my hair some rest this week. the first picture is when i did my hair with the straightner, i make always curls with a straightner, The rest of the photos is when i came out off the shower and just blow dried my hair! what you girls think? Extensions or keep my own hair?
thanks again for the many comments. LOVE it, im gonna comment you all back now XO mirjam.

zaterdag 14 mei 2011

outfit, And news about JOSH V.

Hello dolls, here again my post.. i had so many comments on this one, and everything is gone. i woke up yesterday and i thought yaaay lets see my latest post, and then i came on my blog and everything was gone. not everything offcourse but my 2 latest post and a lott a lot a lotts of comments. BUMMER, i hate it. now i have to do it all over and its not that bad, but i need to post all my latest post back :) so here my post again. and i hope you all leave a sweet comment behind. oke so over today, i woke up this morning and im a huge lover of the clothing line from JOSH VELDHUIZEN, and i love her and her style, and i came on twitter and i saw that she leaved a message for me so thats so sweet i post that tomorrow on my blogspot! im so happy with that. Tonight my parents going on vacation to turkey, so im alone with my brother, its nice but i rather have my parents with me. so im gonna comment my latest post back and i hope that you all leave a sweet message back! LOVEIT and thanks for visiting my blog, LOVE xo mir

woensdag 11 mei 2011

Sneekpeek !

Hello lovelies, Today you see a little post of todays outfit. Today i have not much time so i post this outfit tomorrow. with my own hair! OMG ' im gonna comment you all back tomorrow, again many many comments Yaay, love to read it all. i hope you all have a GREAT day/ evening/ night. Big kiss LOVE
Xo mirjam.

dinsdag 10 mei 2011

outfit of today, romantic touch.

Hello there, after 3 days a little bit of rest im back. i was so tired and i was so not pretty haha. but Tomorrow my extension going out! i dont wanted that day to come, but here it comes. i wear my extensions now for 4 months, end my extensions still looking good, but it needs to go out, if i dont take it out then my own hair will get damage, end i dont wanna wear a wig;) im NO lady gaga , altough shes amazing:) so tomorrow i have my own hair again end i will show you photos! now i enjoy my hair today.. and next week on monday i get new extensions. but girls, i wanna do somehing new with my hair, i want extensions but maybe im gonna do the ends lighter , super blonde.. white blonde! and then the roots a little bit darker, i LOVE that trend now. What are you girls thinking? i really want to stay blonde. Any ideas? Love the lots of comments again! so thank you all for that im gonna give you all a comment back now! Huge love xOxO mirjam.

vrijdag 6 mei 2011

outfit of today , Silk blouse.

hi sweet people, what a lot comments. So cool, im in love to read all the comments and i LOVE to see the comments on my last post, first i was a little bit scared Because i always where a lots of makeup and now i wanted to show you girls how i look without makeup, oke you right with mascara and my pink lipstick which i adore. and i like to see al the reactions. Today i wear my new blouse, im in love with the silk blouses lately. this one is from Vila and cost 29 Euro so thats not TOO expensive. it was a great weather here in holland today 22 degrees , Tommorow 27 degrees so tomorrow im gonna be in the garden all day or im going to the beach i must see. Girls/boys, i have a Question.. because when i take my pictures the photo is really sharp and a Good picture but when i upload it on blogspot when i make a new message then the pics are really small. and i tried it to fix it and the picture upload stands on BIG but i cant get the pictures larger. and they look so Blurry all the time i HATE it, but girls if you wanna see the pics larger then you need to click on a photo then in becomes bigger! Thanks for all the support love and that kinda stuff! im gonna message yall back now! big love LOVELOVELOVE Mirjam.