woensdag 31 oktober 2012

Outfit post ; Just let it go

Hey loves, Finally here my new outfitpost. I wanted to do it yesterday but i had a scary night. At midnight i had to go to the hospital i couldnt breath at all and i was so scared and nervous but im a bit better now and i got some medicine and well see. Its just scared and when you panic you get in this circle where everything gets worse and you cant get out. Its noting serious its psychical so i have to work with what i have and just get over it. It's a scary road but i will win.. Ofcourse! Oke enought about the sad talk i have to say im in LOVE with my new knit from bershka its so cozy and warm and it looks fab. in my opinion! My hair is crap in these photos, totally dislike my hair here but hey we all have a bad hairday once a week! Let me know what you think about my look? I will comment you back today! Lots of love Mirjam

* Knit - Bershka * Shorts - Zara * Shoes - Jc's * Sunglasses - H&M * Belt - Zara

dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

donderdag 25 oktober 2012

Outfit post ; The one that got away

Hey loves , Today i show you my new camo jeans. It's from vila and i totally am in love with it! The jeans is so long. normal all jeans are too short for my length but tis one i can roll up and still the jeans is long! I know there are a lots of pictures in this post but seriously i couldnt choose one. I finally have good photos with my new canon im so pleased about it! So sorry for the bomb of pictures. Oh and did you notice? i guess not but i cut my on hair again about 7 cm shorter. I have more volume now and its still long right? Im gonna comment you all back tonight! Thanks for all the love on my previous outfit posts. Lots of love Mirjam

* Jeans - Vila * Blouse - H&M * Blazer - Zara * Shoes - H&M * Bag - Vintage * Belt - Nelly.com 

maandag 22 oktober 2012

Outfit post ; Free this animal

Hey loves, i promised an outfitpost and here it is. Im wearing my new blouse from H&M. I never liked this print and thought it was kinda trashy but when you put it in a good combination then it's actually so cool! So yeah im happy with the results, i also wear my new vest from SNOB a brand from scandinavie. The vest was a little bit expensive 120 euro's but i really like the fabric and its actually feels warm and its a little bit oversized i like that in jackets/vests. So can't be happier! I know i always wear my jc's but i dont know the heels looks good with every outfit, Skirts jeans dresses.. I want more jeffrey campbell shoes but also the shoes are so expensive so i need to save money , but i just bought a camera so i need to start over haha:) Hope you like the photos. Tonight im gonna comment everyone back! LOTS of LOVE Mirjam

* Vest - Snob * Blouse - H&M * Shorts - H&M  * Heels - Jeffrey campbell * Sunglasses - H&M * Necklace - Primark * Belt - H&M

zaterdag 20 oktober 2012

Say hello to my new camera

Hey loves , Omg i cant be happier. I GOT MY OWN CANON CAMERA! Im so excited again to make outfit photos, with my old camera it was also fun but its just not sharp and you can't control the light so with rain or dark weather the photos were so different and so how can i say it kind : CRAP.. Lately i borrowed the canon camera from my sister in law and the pictures were awesome but i cant borrow it all the time so my BF and me saved some money and finally i have a canon camera on my own. So i wanna blog more and give you more post and im so excited! Monday a new outfit post on my blog and here some snapshots of me and my dirty little mirror and offcourse my new camera! Lots of love mirjam.

* Camera - Canon 1100D

woensdag 17 oktober 2012

Outfit post ; It's wildfox baby

Hey dolls, This look is a little rock. Love to dress like this now and then. This was my outfit for the wildfox event last week! Wildfox is such a cool brand with amazing clothes such an own style and so different and i LOVE it. I wanted to have a cool look, little different but this is so me! Still in love with my hat from H&M. Did you see the shirt? Its from primark, never thought they had such a cool top over there! The back from the top is so low en long and the front its shorter and in purple/darkgreen/darkblue colors! I wear overkneesocks for the first time i had to get a little used to it but i like it now! What do you all think of my look? Let me know. Tonight im gonna comment my lovely readers back! Love Mirjam

* Top - primark * Shorts - H&M * Hat - H&M * Shoes - JC's * Ring - kaatje * Overkneesocks - dontknow * Sunglasses  - H&M * Camo jacket - Episode