zaterdag 30 april 2011

outfit of today , and premier : boyfriend!

hello lovely blogworld, so after a really hard week im back, so much stuff happend this week, so many talks for work and i have many more to come, so im really busy, and then the dead of my boyfriends grandpa the funeral was yesterday. So sorry for the lack off post , but i had to focuss on my boyfriend this week, so i hope you girls / boys understand that! but here i am once again.. how you girls boys doing? today was Queensday in holland a big party day!!! everyone is on the streets most of the people go to amsterdam , but i was at home with my Boyfriend and we were just in our little town running the streets! and girs HERE is the premiere of my BOYFRIEND!.. yaay he is on a pic, he makes most of the photos off me , so here my boyfriend and photograpgher!.. i have my new outfit on bought with my BF thursday evening and i bought a new light blue nailpolish! what do you girls think from the outfit? i really love all the great comments and support Thanks for all lovelies! LOVE you all, XoXo mirjam

donderdag 28 april 2011

sneekpeek photoshoot.

New photoshoot alert!
this week i had a photoshoot, i dont have much time now, cuz i need to find clothes for the funeral tommorow, and i need to be with my boyfriend this week, to support him to give him all the love he deserve, tommorow is the funeral and after that im gonna come back on my blog to give you all a sweet message back and show some photos of my fotoshoot from yesterday! and WHAT THE F. SO much comments my god, Thank you Dolls,boys! Big love for yall ! i see you all tommorow! BIG LOVE M

maandag 25 april 2011

outfit of today, baby doll dress

hello blog world again, so after a hard day im back! i couldnt do a post yesterday it was a hard day for my boy and his family. friday is the funeral. oke so today it was a super warm hot day again. its so funny that holland is the hottest land of europa , im so glad i live here;) i lay the whole day in bikini just enjoying the sun! become every day a little bit darker with my skin color! first i was red but now its brown YAAY. what did you girls/boys did the last days ? enjoyed the weather ? and oh my god i forgot? its easter ! Hope you all had a happy easter .. better then mine;) what you girls think of my ring ? i wanted this ring for so long but i diddnt knew where i could buy it! but now i was in the h&m and i saw it and i needed to have it so my mommy bought this ring for me for 4.95 euro's! great color for now, im in love with the ring! i Wear a baby doll dress with bare legs my god i never wear but its so warm and i just need to get used to it! i wear it with my black boots, i think its more me .. a little bit rock princess a little bit edgy! what you girls think of the outfit ? im gonna comment you all back now! P.S WHEN YOU CLICK ON THE PHOTOS THEY BECOME BIGGER , SO FOR THE DETAILS YOU CAN CLICK! BIG LOVE xoxo Mir

zondag 24 april 2011


Hello Girls/boys/bloggers.
Today i wanted to do a new post.But in a earlier post ive told you all about my boyfriends grandpa who had he past away , it is hard but its better for him.its sad but we will stay strong!so i just wanted to let you know im not gonna do a post about my outfit.tomorrow i will be back.Still thanks for all the comments.appreciate that!

donderdag 21 april 2011

outfit of today , Sunny!

Hello dawls, YAAY its such a nice sunny day again!.. i lay in the garden all day so nice 25 degrees. i love to see my blog is growing , so nice to see that the comments everytime grow a little bit more! so thank you girls/guys for that! , ok. so yesterday i colored my hair . nd these are the results! i always do it with foils, cause then its becoming more naturally. so far it can be naturally :P cuz im dark blonde from myself so i had to sit for a little while but im happy with the results!
today me and my family are going to barbeque in the garden so i think thats becoming a lots of fun! tommorow if its still this sunny im going to the beach. just relax for a while hang everywhere drink a lots of water eat some fruit! Thats my ideal summer! i really want to go on summer vacation! i need to choose or 10 days turkey , or a week paris and then shop till i drop! What you girls/guys think ? and any plans for you all? im gonna comment you all back now from the earlier post! and i will speak to you soon! have a nice day/ evening / night! LOVELOVE Xo mir.

woensdag 20 april 2011

Sneek peek, hairdresser!

Hi dolls,
Today a Quikie again, that i didnnt forgot my blog!
Today i went to the Hairdresser ..
to dye my roots with coupesoleil!
this is a sneekpeak and i show you the results tomorrow
in a new outfit post From today!
i dont have many time so im gonna do a whole post tomorrow with a outfit
and then im gonna comment all the Sweet bloggers back from my earlier post
who leaved a message .. again 91 ! WOW Thank you loves!
have a nice night and i will speak to you tomorrow!


zondag 17 april 2011

outfit of today , going back in time!

Hello lovely pretty people! today its so warm, oke my parents dont think its warm, but i think its so warm! and next week 23 degrees with a lots of sun! how amazing is that! i want to get a tan! so im happy with that ! i went yesterday evening to the cinema , i went to see Scream 4 , i liked the movie but its not spectuculair, cause its like every other scream movie but you can expect that! but i think that of all screams that this one had the best story in it! so i think that you need to see it! .. more of you girls seen the scream movie? .. i liked the players in it .. ofcourse courtney cox , david arquette , neve campbell , hayden pannetierre , emma roberts, shanea grimes! so some old players and some new Young players! so im happy with that!. Today i wear some old clothes grabed together , but i was going trough my moms old closet from when she was 20 she has a few items and then i found this blazer! with camel color its a little bit a big one but i like it, it such a trend at this moment. big men Blazers! what you girls think of the outfit ? i love all the comments you give me and im gonna write you all back now! Love Xo mir.

vrijdag 15 april 2011

outfit of today, everybody needs a little rock!

hello bloggers, its been a while.. my life always is a drama! haha.. no it was a bad week! my boyfriends Grandpa has cancer.. and he was feelin really sick so we needed to get over there to see him.. and it was just so sad! but he is still alive , but the doctors cant do more for him. so we are just waiting and hoping that he doesnt have much pain! that was a little piece, and im still searching for a job in a fashion store or i dont know, it want it to be fashion or in the makeup that kinda stuff.. but its hard! but today i had such a funny phonecall .. 2 calls ! the first call was about a modelling job .. they need to photograph me in extreem clothes and then im gonna be with my face and body on a website .. so i think thats totally cool and my thing! so im so excited for that! and that the 27 of april.. so over 2 weeks! yaaay! but now.. Today i was called by THE VOICE OF HOLLAND.. they want to get me on their audition day! OMG its a singers contest in the netherlands and its BIG.. the sister of my boyfriend had wrote them an email and she putted a little movie of me were im singing.. and they said it sounds so good and if i wanna do a audition! so im soo excited OMG what to do? shall i goo? .. girls thanks for the many comments! and what you girls think of my little rock outfit? im gonna comment yall back now! (L) X's and O's Mirjam

maandag 11 april 2011

outfit of today , Orange baby!

Hello there, here a post from me again, im so pleased to see that every day i get more comments. its so Cool to have that really. i diddnt had a post this weekend, i was busy with some stuff and yesterday was my brother birthday party and it was the greatest weather EVER! sun every where, Food everywhere , Family everywhere. it was a great day , and my brother CAN shop again, with his fashion presents. today i heard that i diddnt get the job. so im a little bit sad, but im gonna look for new work now, so i hope that is gonna be fine.. and why im not working as a hairdresser no more? last week i got to the hospital and i heard the news that i never can be a hairdresser again .. and why? because i had a surgery on my wrist , and it never health completely so now i need to go and find new and other work. so that was big news, cause ive been a hairdresser for 6 years now.. so thats that! now im gonna eat with the family outside! and then im gonna comment all the 92 comments back! so thats a lot of stuff to do! What you think of the outfit and the orange? Big love X's and O's mirjam