woensdag 27 juni 2012

New in; Into neon lately

Bought this amazing jacket from zara. i saw it already on Stephanie ( Her blog Gosh gotta love her blog) and i loved it. I rushed to the zara and found my own one. What i diddnt knew they got a LOT of amazing neon colored necklaces so i bought 3 of them at zara and the long yellow one and the pink earings and bracelet at H&M! Im happy with my buys. Tell me what do you think? im working now borinboringboring i know But you all hear from me soon! Lots of love Mirjam

* Neon necklaces ( Pink,yellow,green/orange ) - Zara
* Long neon necklace + Pink earrings + Neon bracelet - H&M
* Neon jacket - Zara

dinsdag 26 juni 2012

Outfit post ; Cut out top

Hey loves, this is from a few weeks ago that i totally forgot to post. Im so busy this week, Got the keys from me new house so there is many stuff to do with the BF. Almost no time to shoot an outfit and the weather is also not helping, rain/sun rain/sun Yeah thats holland. And also im sick catch a cold again and throw up and that kinda stuff so im sitting here in my parents house just being so sad and being sick! But oke move on. Yesterday we got the keys from our new home omFg im so excited about it, finally my own place where i can have a walkin closet:) Every girl dreams about it! So happy. im gonna lay down in my bed for a while and take some medicine, im gonna give you all a sweet comment back and i will speak to you all soon! Lots of love mirjam

P.s ; I still have short hair:*( I said sunday i get 60 cm hair but my lovely hairdresser is sick so i get it tomorrow or next sunday.. BRR cant wait!

* Cut out top - Nelly.com
* Black jeans - Vero moda
* Shoes - H&M
* Ring - Sohoheart
* Belt - Nelly.com
* Leather studded jeans - Bershka

donderdag 21 juni 2012

Look; Mirjam without extensions.. Like uh?

Hello dolls, LIKE OMFG .. My hair without extensions, so short, so different in my opinion i have to say i dont hate it though! I have to wait till sunday then im gonna get my new ones but 60 cm long! Never had it its 10 cm longer than my previous lenght! What do you think about this look? Different mirjam? Let me hear your opinion! SPEAK OUT LOUD ;) Xo LOVE mirjam

dinsdag 19 juni 2012

Outfit post; Lately ive been into rock

Hi dolls, Im so happy with these photos. The photos are taken by my lovely BFF Jeanine with her awesome camera! Wish i had that camera i would make pictures all day long. You see 1 tattoo now i said yesterday: SO EXCITED TO SHOW YOU ALL ME NEW 2 TATTOO'S. But im sorry here's one! But a great one.. I saw this tattoo on kenza and thought damn, thats a good one and i was thinking it over thinking it over and had it in my mind for so long and i did it! I know its the same as kenza and some people tell me why do you want the same tattoo its because i like it so much and it really has a meaning for me and I like it.. and its not the exact same one my G is different! but oke enough tattoo talk! What do you think of my outfit and the photos! im gonna comment back tonight! Lots of love .. Liefde Mirjam

* Denim gilet - Blend
* Snake print top - Second female
* Jeans - Dr denim
* Boots - River island
* Bracelet/ring - River island
* Skull ring - Soho heart
* Sunglasses - H&M

zondag 17 juni 2012

Oh snap!

Just a short shot to say hello .. Ive been so busy this week. My parents were on vacation and had so much to do in home and 5 days of work so im so sorry.. This week i promise to post much more BIBLE. i already have 2 outfit posts for you all and a new tattoo or i mean 2 new tattoo's i have to show you all hihi so excited! Im gonna watch football now The netherlands (L) againts Portugal. Wish them luck! Have a great sunday eve! Lots of love XOXO mirjam

dinsdag 12 juni 2012

Outfit post ; Sun is down

Hey my loves, Do you remember when i told you about the amaaaazing weather in holland? Now forget it cause it sucks, wish i could go back to the way it was when the sun was out and i can lay in my bikini all day tanning. I was amazingly tanned and now im like a milk bottle again. Haha my mom is reading with me and say: Mirjam you always act like a drama queen .. Haha Im sorry mommy your on the blog now! ' Hater ' But oke today im gonna have a lazy day with my BFF and the BF tonight! I just woke up so now i have to rush to be in time before my BFF gets here! Lots of love for you all! XOXO mirjam

* Feather gilet - Zara
* Top - Topshop
* Jeans - Dr denim
* Shoes - Jeffrey campbell lita
* Belt - Veromoda
* Watch fossil
* Bracelets - H&M
* Earrings - Riverisland , H&M?

donderdag 7 juni 2012

Outfit post ; Let's go to the army

Hi babes, I had some lovely days, Shopping and a new tattoo and me and my bf went to our new home to see where it is and damn is amazing, so much lovely ideas and im so excited about it i really CANT wait. Today im back to work again! So no time for blogging but i went to amsterdam tuesday and made these pictures there and you can see the outfit! Im SO in love with my army jacket REALLY in love its from episode and it costs only 25 euro's amazing price for an amazing jacket! Lately ive been dressing myself with some more rock again. I always have like these stages of then wearing girly outfits with a skirt or dress and being al glammed or wearing a little bit the i dont care look rockish kinda style! Depends on the mood haha:) dolls im going back to work when im home tonight i will try to comment back! LOTS OF LOVE FOR YOU ALL X Mir

* Army jacket - Episode
* 'Chanel' Tee - Signature fashion
* Boots - Sascha
* Bag - Zwarte markt beverwijk ( dutch thing:P )
* Jeans - Dr denim

maandag 4 juni 2012

Outfit post ; The forgotten

Hi my loves, damn i totally forgot this post. I shot this outfit about a month ago? The photos are so amazing and done with a professional camera (Canon) from my friend so dont know how i forgot this post? Hm but never mind i show it now! Look how white i am here in the shots;) I have to say i love my necklace and bracelet from h&m. Love the rose color! When i see these photos i think MYGOD these photos look so much better then the photos i make with my old little camera;) But no money for the big camera HM =( AND O MY GOD EXCITING NEWS! ME AND MY BF HAVE A HOUSE FOR OUR OWN! im so happy with the news.. but scared at the same time cause this is gonna be the first time that i get out of the house.. gonna miss my parents brother and my doggie so much! But my BF promissed that when we live together im gonna het my own CHIHUAHUA! So i couldnt be more happier! Loves let me know what you think about the all black look on me! (L) LOVELOVELOVE XO mirjam

* Peplum top - H&M TREND
* Leather pants - H&M
* Heels - Zara
* Necklace and bracelet - H&M
* Rose watch - Fossil
* Bracelet - H&M
* Earcuff peace - River island