maandag 30 april 2012

Update; Tomorrow surgery day!

Hey dolls, sorry for the lack of posts these 2 weeks, Im just not really in the mood.. im so nerveous and so scared for tomorrow, ive been scared for weeks now and tomorrow is the day : IM GONNA HAVE A SURGERY .. In my tummy! Im just thinking alot of what they gonna find there and i have not a fucking idea of what to expact so its nervewrecking and just scared at the same time. I just wanted to let you know that i havent forgot any of you or forgot about my blog. there's just so much on my mind and im sorry.. I hope that im back from the hospital tomorrow but i really dont know. I have to be there so early and i hope i can go home in the evening or something! Damn dolls .. i hope you have a wonderfull day and:

Wish me luck and fingers crossed!

XOXO mirjam

vrijdag 27 april 2012

New candy !

DAMN .. can i say it out loud? : I LOVE MY NEW EARCANDY! Never seen this earsomething before and i received the package a few days ago and i opened it and tought OMFG whats that? ITS A SNAKE!! After an half hour of trying to put in in my ear cause i diddnt knew how it worked haha and finally i got it and thought YEAH menn this earcandy is sick! I LOVE IT .. got it from a great webshop called they ship worldwide so you should really take a look! Loves im at work now just wanted to show you this piece and give you all a lovely kiss! XO With love Mirjam

* Snake earring - HERE
* Lipstick - YSL 49

dinsdag 24 april 2012

Outfit post ; Endless nights

Hello dolls, overload of photos i know, couldnt choose so i thought lets share them all.. like oke? Cant get over how cool my H&M shoes look, So big and the color is perfect for spring! I also wear my new leather pants from H&M and my new top (endlessnights) And yes my perfect zara jacket.. Love the shoulders, the jacket have shoulder pads in it so they look so big haha;) Today i have a day free from work so lots of time to blog, to shoot pictures and do my own thing. Gotta say I LOVE IT.. AAH im so excited tonight im gonna get a new jacket which i ADORE! I def. show them in a new blogpost. I also got new things from New earring which is an amazing cool earring and a new bracelet! But i will show you all the stuff in a new post! Quties im gonna clean my room and closet now, tonight i will comment you all back, let me know what you think of the outfit! XOXO With love mirjam.

* Jacket - Zara
* Top - H&M
* Leather jeans - H&M
* Shoes - H&M
* Bracelets - H&M
* Ring - Signature fashion

zondag 22 april 2012

Big wavy hair

Just a look from my hair from saturday evening, i have to say: Love my hair sometimes .. Not always cause its not always a party to live with long hair. Had to show it to you girls, tomorrow i have a new outfit post ready for you all! Have a great sunday! With love Mirjam

Peace <3

donderdag 19 april 2012

Outfit post ; Walking on the street with my all stars on

Hey babes Today i show you all a simple outfit, i just begin to feel myself a bit better never been sick that long in my whole life! Today im working again.. Damn have to get the work feeling back. Early up and pff tired as hell and still got a headache everyday! But hey im back at work so im feeling a bit better! Today its my mommy's 54 birthday! YAAY LOVE HER TO DEATH. She is my rolmodel of being a mum and she is my everything really dont know what to do without her. SO LETS STAY TOGETHER FOR A LONG TIME MUM *LOVEYOU! I have to say im so in love with this jeans from river island really love the colors and love the pattern! What do you girls think of my new belt from And all my smile photos (2) haha Thats something new! I will talk to you loves tonight first work till 6! LOTS of good love from me xOxO mirjam

Ps. Did you notice my allstars ? No heels mirjam REALLY? haha

* Jeans - River island
* Knit - Zara
* Belt -
* Shoes - All stars
* Leather jacket - H&M

dinsdag 17 april 2012

Outfit post; In love with this leopart jeans

He my loves, im still sick at home, never been so sick in my entire life! Really .. ive been sick for 10 days now .. like what the ****? this is also an outfit from 9 days ago or something, i feel a bit better so now i have time to blog and do this kinda stuff, but ive started my dieet also 10 days ago with healty food and water and guess what? 8.5 pounds off already SO FAST! Im so happy about it! today i show you guys one of my favourite jeans, this leopard jeans from RIVER ISLAND i wear this with mint and light pink its a great combination of pastels! Loves i have to run cause i have to go to the hospital to do some checkups! When im back im gonna comment you all my loves! Big love from me .. X's and O's Mirjam

* Pink blazer - Mango
* Mint top - Mango
* Leopard jeans - River island
* Shoes - Store in amsterdam
* Watch - Fossil
* Cuff - H&M

vrijdag 13 april 2012


Loves , Also i use instagram if you want you can follow me at : MIRJAM1988

Smell ya'll later
Have a nice weekend XOXO With love Mirjam

woensdag 11 april 2012

Outfit post ; Love my new zara jacket

Hello loves, Today an outfit post. The outfit is from sunday! Me is still sick so not time to make any other outfit posts thee days! Im so in love with my new jacket from zara. The jacket was a bit expensive ( 119.95 euro's) But i had to have it! I already saw i with a few other bloggers like cathinthecity and fashionjunkii and i loved it so damn much i had to get my own! And i also wear the new famous zara heels which i adore also and my new top with a low neck.. sometimes a little to low but who cares? I think that you all can see that im in love with the soft colors lately! im not into black lately, love to combinate with so many soft colors and make a lovely outfit! Now dolls, im gonna comment you all back. sometimes i say it and i dont do it.. BAD GIRL i know but sometimes i have so many comments and so little time but i promise to do it today! LOTS of love from me, Love my readers XOXOXO <3

* Jacket - Zara
* Top - Zara
* Jeans - Mango
* Shoes - Zara
* Earrings - Store in amsterdam, dont know the name
* Watch - Fossil