vrijdag 28 juni 2013

Outfit; Finally aztec time

Hey loves, I finally have my aztec jacket. I bought in on the zara webshop in the sale! From 119,95 for 69,95. I wanted this jacket for so long but thought it's too expensive but now in the sale was my big chance to finally buy this gorgeous jacket. I ordered it on monday and i had it in 2 days ago. I always click for express delivery you need to pay 10 euro's for it but i don't care if i want a package i need it FAST! The delivery is super fast and you have it in your home in 2 days! Couldn't be happier and today my biker jacket came in from the mango sale. Such a gorgeous piece and you see it tuesday in a new outfit post. Did you notice something? I finally have the zara skort in black.. Was searching my ass of for the black color and i found it, Now i have all the colors from this famous skort and im pretty happy with them! Let me know what you think about my new jacket and my outfit. Hope to hear from you and i will speak to you all very soon! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

P.S; I wanna tell you something, Tuesday i will show you a new outfit post. I wear an awesome top on the photo's and you can win the top cause i have my second giveaway. Im so excited about it and i hope you join the giveaway so stay tuned! 

* Top - Zara * Skort - Zara * Aztec jacket - Zara * Shoes - Jc's * Necklace - Modemusthaves * Sunglasses - Asos.com * 

dinsdag 25 juni 2013

Outfit; Comme des f*ck down

Dear readers. As you can see im back wearing jackets and jeans cause the weather sucks so bad now! It's not that cold but not that warm either and it's raining and the wind blows you away. But i can wear my army again so that's cool i guess, stay positive haha! Im pretty happy with the zara sale right now. First when i saw it i was like: hmm nothing new but one day later i went to the webshop and found so many things that i like. I bought the aztec jacket and i bought a blouse and some things from the new collection. The price of the aztec jacket was pretty good, first 129,95 and now for 69,95. When i saw the jacket a few months ago i was so obsessed with it but the price was pretty high so i thought forget about it and now it's on sale and i had to have it! You will see it soon on my blog! Also bought a jacket from mango in the sale but i dont have it in yet. Are you a sale shopper or more into the new collection? Let me know and also let me know what you think of my look! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Jeans - Only * Army jacket - Episode * Top - Sheinside.com * Sunglasses - Modemusthaves * Necklace - Modemusthaves * Shoes - Zara

donderdag 20 juni 2013

Outfit; Catch the light

Hi loves,God i ask for warm weather and i sure got it! It's 30 degrees in holland and im happy with it but it's a bit too much but it's better than rain and cold weather right? I can walk in these kinda outfits so im a happy lady! I wear my new bustier from H&M IN LOVE with the colors of the top. I kept it simple with the all white look which fits perfect on a tanned skin. I did'nt want it to be all white so i made it a bit cooler with the colored top underneath my new blouse! Still in love with the skort from zara, def. a summer item and you can make a lot of outfits with this skort. Today my mom and dad come home from their vacation in greece i really missed them a lot and it's really quiet without them so i can't wait to see their tanned faces again and going trough photo's from their trip! Pretty jaleous but hey my time will come! Let me know what you think about this look.. I will give you a sweet comment back tonight Lots Of Love Cheek Mirjam

* Shoes - H&M * Blouse - H&M * Bustier - H&M * Skort - Zara * Sunglasses - Asos.com

dinsdag 18 juni 2013

Outfit; Black and white

Hey loves, Let's talk about black and white. Im feeling this trend, Love it and it's awesome to make a black and white combination with these heels from H&M. Im still pretty happy with the shoes! I know it's sunny outside and the weather is good but i really can't ressist a good black and white outfit. I got this oversized top/dress from zara i bought it 3 months ago and i never wore it so it's about time i put this top/dress out and about! I bought it to wear it with tights a few months ago but then i realize hey i can pull it off with bare legs and i think this looks like a proper summer outfit! Something else.. I finally bought the famous zara skirt in black. Was looking for it for so long in the stores but everywhere i came they were sold out! Now i have the blue,white,red and black one. I got them all and im so in love with them! I will show the skorts this week. Im gonna run now have some things to do i will give you a sweet comment back tonight! Let me know what you think about my black and white look! Lots Of Love Cheek Mirjam

* Top/Dress - Zara * Shoes - H&M * Sunglasses - Asos.com * Necklace - Zara

donderdag 13 juni 2013

Outfit; Let's go to the beach

Hey loves, First time on the beach this year. I made these shots in the evening so the sun was already on it's way down! The light was better on camera then it actually is on the computer but who cares you see my outfit well! I just had a chill day cause i still feel like shit with the antibiotics that i have! So i pulled my long skirt out of the closet with a crop top and just allstars! Heels don't walk on the beach that good! Went with my little doggie, Run a bit play in the water and just bark the whole time.. Love to see that my dog is happy! Im in love with this bag it's from primark and it cost 14 euro's. Such a cool bag to combinate it with denim shorts and bikerboots and perfect for a festival! My crop top is also from primark for 6 euro or something like that! Tell me what you think about this evening beach look i love to hear it! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Crop top - Primark * Bag - Primark * Shoes - Allstars * Long skirt - Pieces - * Necklace - Asiisa.nl * Sunglasses - Asos.com 

dinsdag 11 juni 2013

Outfit; Flower power

Hey loves, Im in love with my white crop top from primark. they cost 3,50E and i bought 2 of them and yes the same color and i don't know why! haha I went to the primark last week on thursday they had amazing things for the summer so i bought 4 croptops and just a top. I never go to the primark maybe once a year but i have to say i loved the tops. So good for the summer and it's not expensive thats why its such a good store and they also have the latest trends so it's cool to go there ( once in a year ) I know i wear this zara leather shorts often but the fit is amazing and i love the overzised fit so you gonna see this short a lot more! I wear it with a flower blazer and bright shoes from H&M. Need to wear these shoes more cause they walk amazing bought them 1 or 2 years ago and still in love with the color! Im still sick i have a bad sinusitis im now on the antibiotics for 10 days so i hope im better after that. So sick of being sick the whole time but i didnt go to the doctor and now i have to face the consequenties. So i want a healty mirjam again and than im happy! Loves im gonna lay in bed for a while and blog a bit and give you a sweet comment back! Let me know what you think about the look! Love Cheek Mirjam

* Croptop - Primark * Necklace - Modemusthaves.com * Shorts - Zara * Heels - H&M * Blazer - Glamorous * Watch - Fossil * Sunglasses - Modemusthaves.com

maandag 10 juni 2013

New in; Red skort

So in love with this skort from zara.
Perfect for the summerdays!
Lots of love

donderdag 6 juni 2013

Outft; Sunny days

Loves, i made these outfit photo's yesterday. The weather is so good so i wear my new top from sheinside. Loved it, but later i saw the weed plants on the top and thought huh? i thought they were palmtrees haha! Still like it and still gonna wear it! I love the webshop sheinside but the delivery takes ages! Waiting so long for your package to arrive and that's annoying but the website got amazing clothes so i will make an new order again soon! I wear it with my high waisted shorts from H&M i bought this short 2 years ago and thought let's try it one and i liked it! Im so happy with my tan though you dont see it good on these photo's but im really tanned! Love this weather want it to stay forever but hey i live in holland but this week is so good and im so happy! Let me know what you think about the look! I will give you all a comment back tonight on my earlier posts! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Shorts - H&M * Top - Sheinside.com * Cross necklace - Asos.com * Watch - Fossil * Bracelets - H&M