zaterdag 15 januari 2011

Tomoroow i love you tomoroow!

YESYESYES TOMMORROOOW tomooorooow i LOVE you tomoorroow! Almost my god, i saw this pictures nd i was DAMN im gettin it back tommorow! so much hair so much more fun for me, today i was workin again.. im free now! im gonna watch a movie with my lovely mommy! tomorrow my girl gets here at 2 ! then i have a 2 hour sit, nd then is my hair very full nd long again! im making pictures of it how it working so you girls see it! maybe you find it intresting i dont know i hope so! really i still love all your comments nd im post you all back! becuz i LOVE it then i have comments or new followers im really happy to see it (L) i hope you girls have a nice night ! LOVE XO mir

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Hey meis,

    Erg bedankt voor je lieve reactie meis!
    Je telt de dagen af en nu zijn het uren! Morgen is het weer lekker lang en je verzorgt het echt goed soms zie je meiden met ex's in hun haar maar zo onverzorgd, je merkt echt dat je het goed verzorgd wat het ziet er echt mooi uit! I can't wait to see it tommorow

    Hazal and Cana

  2. you look like a perfect doll :D !! love your style ;)

  3. Love your hair amazing I love long hair too I sometimes use clip in hair extensions stunning pictures xoxo

  4. You look gorgeous in those shots!!
    I love long hair so I let grow mine.

    xo Ra

  5. You looks so amazing, love your make up :)

    Your hair is amazing, can't wait for your next post !

  6. lovely hairstyles!xx

  7. WOW! you look aamaaazing! :)

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  9. Your hair is beautiful!

  10. your hair is gorgeous!


  11. HI, i love your blog. Your hair is so nice and perfect. Mines is a bit to blonde at the mintute.

    I've added to your followers. Hope you can follow me to.

    Cheers xox