woensdag 12 januari 2011

Outfit of wednesday + Dark lipstick

Helloo girls, today yes what i did today? yes i woke up at 11. a little late cuz i needed to get to the hospital. but then i went to h&m nd buy myself some great stuff.. i let it show you in a new post tomorow. yesterday i received a package from h&m i ordered a short! i wear the shorts in the photo Above! nd the rest of the day i just diddnt do much ihavent eat i can tell you now. my stomich is hurting but im so hungry now! im free today nd tomorrow so nice. tomorrow im gonna do my hair blonde . more blond with highlights i wanna keep my hair in 2 colors becuz i think it looks better on me! in the other post i show you girls an darker lipstick i diddnt knew what i thought about it But you girls have give me so much comment on that post nd you were saying that it looks great on me . so YES today i had a darker lipstick , i took pictures of it nd i think that my eyes look so much greener when i have the darker lipstick on! this is my new TI SENTO ring! im so happy with it! nd love my bear necklace it to qute! i can cuddle it!
im gonna grap some eating stuff! nd wish you girls the best evening/day! thanks for commenting jadore LOVE XO mir

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Vind je geweldige eruit zien met donkere lippenstift.. And I love your ring...

  2. super cute outfit, like your hair! i love to wear it like that:D


  3. love the lipstick, you are so pretty :)


  4. Great jacket girll.... and i love the ring!

    Thanks for your comment - pls come follow me back :)

    Thanks darling!



  5. Je bent echt mooi! Prachtige ketting ook x

  6. i love the first pic :) very nice lipstick :D


  7. your shorts and ring are great!!xx


  8. lovely pictures...cute jacket.


  9. Hi gorgeous!
    Without doubt it's the cutest necklace I ever seen.Those shorts look fab on You!

    Thanks for lovely comment!

    xo Ra

  10. I just bought some bright lipstick...I'm a bit scared to wear it though because it's SO bright! You look great though.