vrijdag 14 januari 2011

Pictures from myself, to fill up the place

Hello girls, im sorry that i had no post! i was SOO SOO busy with working, Today from 9 to 9 ! im so broken i was home At 22.00 nd i just had NO outfit of the day , cuz i wear all black! but i have a few photoshoot nd random photos for you, that yall know that i keep my blog updated! iam so obsessed with 1 girl , i think shes soo amazing! http://www.theblondesalad.com/ Really if you diddnt knew here (thats impossible) then you really need to check it out! Shes so pretty nd amazingly talented with a great sense of fashion ! Love her blog! im so excited its almost sunday! then i get my pretty hair back! (L) i cant wait Really i wish it was sunday! tomorrow another working day so im gonna sleep now ! so broke .. every day i make people pretty with their hair, so i do Pretty lovely work nd i need to have some sleep to keep These girls nd boys , men / woman pretty , with the touch of my hands ! sounds great i must say! haha.. i say it again! love the comments that you all post LOVE XO mirjam.

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  1. You are so beautiful, love your hair it's amazing :)

    new post on www.mydailyoutfits.blogspot.com ! :)

  2. Your so pretty!!!!
    I love the BlondeSalad!! Shes one of my favorite fashon bloggers ever!


  3. great blog! nice look!
    check my blog too
    if you like leave a comment and follow. follow with bloglovin too! waiting for new posts!=*

  4. love these pics!! they're soo cute and you're soo pretty!
    you have such a sweet blog!!
    im definitely following.
    i hope you can follow me back ^-^


  5. such cool pics!

    Following your blog! Visit mine and follow back if you like it!xxx


  6. 9-9 that is crazy those working hours! yes i love the blondesalad too!

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

  7. Hey schat,
    Die shoots zijn geweldig en prachtige foto's!
    The blondsalad is zeker één van de beste bloggers met prachtig blond haar! Ik moet zeggen dat je echt wel wat van haar heb, dat is een groot compliment!

    Dankejewel, ik moet er bij zeggen dat niet alle zussen een goede band met elkaar hebben als wij. Als ik soms hoor hoe zussen met elkaar om gaat. Verklaar is ze voor gek. Want wij zijn elkaars zussen en elkaars beste vrienden (L). Ik kan begrijpen dat een broertje niet altijd even leuk kan zijn :P

    BTW jouw tattoo is echt stoer! Heb je er meer?

    Hazal and Cana

  8. Prachtige foto's weer, je bent zo'n mooie meid!

  9. amazing pictures ! your tattoos are Great! i have 2 for now :D