maandag 3 januari 2011

a big new years kiss,nd showing my tattoo.

Today i wanted to show you girls my new tattoo!.. on my left arm , there stands : And so it it!
becuz no matter how life turns out to be , you have to go on from there.. if its a sickniss or its a broken heart or the lucky days with the good feelings .. then so it is , go on from there! That are my thoughts! Share yours with me .. nd the other photo is a photo with my BFF on new years eve! i think its a nice photo, i diddnt have a outfit of the day because today was my first day on my new work . so i had to wear all black ! boring if you ask me but that are the rules for being a hairdresser of teamkapsalon! , wednesday nd thursday are my free days so i will post a outfit picture then! lovely girls, have a great day tommorow nd a very good night .. thanks for all the lovely comments i really appreciate all of them ! im sorry for my bad english i do the best i can hihi.. XO mir LtotheOVE !

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Love your tattoo! I want to get one so bad! Great blog:)

    Stop by my blog sometime, maybe follow each other? Xx

  2. Ow wow wat een mooie tattoo!! Ik volg je nu? Volg je me terug?? :)

  3. Happy New year too!! Your tatto is lovely! kisses

    new post: bamboogie jacket & follow me

  4. nice tatoo !
    wanna follow each other ?