woensdag 19 januari 2011

outfit of wednesday + nude colors.

Hello girls , Today an early post of outfit of today, because i was free today, i had to go to hospital for my wrist again, So it was a busy day for me , but now ive got the time to do a early post so thats nice. i wanted to try some soft nude colors with eacother, cuz normaly im more from the black thinks, but i often hear so much people say ah nude colors look so great on you, so i tried it on but with a little black in the top nd shoes, but thats oke if you ask me ! i love my new baggie! i think it breaks the nude colors a little bit, its more fierce nd fashion now! my lip color i did nude 2! i like the dark lipstick dont get me wrong but its better with the outfit from today! Hope to hear from you girls! Lovee all of thiss XOXO mir. have a nice night/Day!

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice like always!
    Wie maakt jouw foto's jij hebt geen zus met wie je een blog deelt :P
    Ja klopt, maar deze week komt er zeker een blogpost! Morgen gaan wij naar de opening van Supertrash en hopen wij een outfit post te plaatsen.

    Nude kan je hebben het staat je geweldig, ik moet ook zeggen dat ik ook vaker naar zwart ga haha!

    dikke kuss
    van de zusters Cana and Hazal

  2. Gorgeous outfit and nude shades suit you so well you look stunning and I am in love with your hair those extensions are amazing xoxo

  3. love love this outfit and the bag is amazing :)
    the nude color suits you well ! :) ;*


  4. Love your bag and your style :)
    Just found your blog I love it!!!

  5. Wow ERG leuk! :D Misschien is het ook leuk als je er bij zet waar alles vandaan komt, want ik ben wel benieuwd waarvan je blazer is en je tas:)

  6. Mooie blazer, staat je echt super leuk.
    Waar heb je die clutch gekocht?

  7. i love this outfit! nude/pastels are my favourite atm! thanks for your comment

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

  8. answer:thank you so much!!!


  9. Love the clutch!!


  10. i ♥ that key -necklace! :>

    you have a very pretty, feminine sense of style, i like that ^^

    xo, Story of a Day Well Spent

  11. wow you look fabulous ! thanks for your comment on my blog, i am your new follower.
    feel free to follow mine , kiss x

  12. you're such an inspiration sweety
    i LOVE your blog!!!!!:)