maandag 31 januari 2011

todays outfit , romantic rock.

Hello lovely dolls! today i worked from 9 till 6 ! so im a bit tired but i goo on like always! now im gonna enjoy the happy live ! tonights outfit i think its a little bit rock with a romantic touch with the blazer! nd yess there are some new stuff in it! my leather black short nd my new shoess nd my new ring!! im glad how the outfit turns out to be! its very ladylike how i put my shoe on the toilet on the photo above:P haha i need to do that somewhere else but oke! in the bathroom theres the best light so sorry if i make you girls uncomfertable! tomoroow i need to work again from 9 till 6 ! nd then i got 2 days off! just do my own thing! Girls i diddnt have read the comments from the early post so i diddnt had the time to read it nd post yall a comment back! so tonight when im at home im gonna watch the earlier post nd comment yall back! , nd why i dont comment yall back now, Becuz i HAVE to leave NOW ! i just wanted to post a new item becuz i LOVE to have every day a new post! LOVELY ladies tell me what you think of todays outfit / hair / makeup! whatever you want ! i Swear i will comment yall back , cuz i looooooveee the comments (L) BIG LOVE M

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  1. Heey meis!

    Lekker uitgewerkt? Cana komt zo terug van werk en ik zit hier thuis, ik liep vandaag weer stage (ma tot dond)en ben echt kapot. Het leven van een student kan erg druk zijn school/stage&werk!

    Ik love your outfit je nieuwe shoes zijn lovely, hoe lopen ze? and i love BIG these are so cute!!

    Fijne avond meis!!

    Dikke kus vanuit Amsterdam

  2. Trouwens je tijd klopt voor geen meter?! :P Het is nu '11.17 terwijl het toch 20.17 is'


  3. each day more and more doll and beautiful as ever :)
    I like your new ring :)
    have a nice evening!
    xoxo FF

  4. I love your style!
    nice post! :)

  5. Cant get over how pretty you are !! ;**
    love the outfit, the shooess :)

  6. Hello lovely :)!

    thanks so much for your comment :)!

    i really like your new post...great outfit....your looking so sweet & sexy!!!!

    Wish you a great time :)

    with love

  7. hen juist dezelfde blazer, je ziet er super uit x

  8. I love your blog!! ;)


  9. Great outfit, LOVE those booties. And your hair looks amazing.

  10. Thanks for your comment :) i Like your blog and style, maybe we can follow eachother!

  11. Love everything! You look great, we have a similar top but my husband forbids me to wear mine. hehe =)
    would you like to follow each other?

  12. Darling you're always beautifull!!!! Looove your hair :D you've a favolous eyes :D Amazing outfit!!!!

  13. Lovely blog and post, dear :)
    You are welcome to step by my blog<3

  14. Love the outfits !
    Love your hair too dear .
    visit my blog <3

  15. I love your outfit ! Especially that shirt =)

  16. i want to find more great blazers like yours!
    how's the weather like there? i so want to wear sleeveless and light fabric shirts but it's too cold here

    daily new post at

  17. Hey schat!

    Ik denk dat ik de gitaar thuis achterlaat want dat breng ons geen succes op hahaa! Wij gaan inderdaad gauw een datumpje prikken lekker shoppen, bijkletsen, even wat eten/drinken en lot's of picturessss!

    Geniet nog even om mensen mooi te maken want voor je het weet is je lange werkdag om! Ben je altijd vrijdag op woensdag en donderdag? Dan weten wij dat ook, en in het weekend?
    Of je nou met wallen staat je ziet er altijd goed uit meid;)

    Geniet van je avond!

    Dikke kus van de zusters vanuit Amsterdam
    Cana and Hazal

  18. woow i love your blazer!! adorable.

    GreeZ from fashionsoup. We have a modelsmonday maybe one monday I could write about you? Would love to do this think not only with models everybody knows ^^ GreeZ froma italia

  19. TAJ MAHAL POEM OF LOVE...TO FANNY, COUNTESS OF BRUGES...let the splendor of the diamond, pearl and ruby vanish like the magic shimmer of the rainbow.


  20. Your hair is GORGEOUS!

  21. Cute outfit! I love your blazer and lace top. So pretty. :)

  22. mooie blazer staat je geweldig!
    thanx for the comment!! Ik volg je ook :)

  23. Great ! Hugs,

  24. hey one question how do you make your hair so curly or is it natural like that?



  25. I love the lace top with the blazer!
    Please check out my blog and follow me!

  26. Great look...that blazer is nice and shade of it is so pretty.


  27. Your "romantic curls" add volume as their own accessory. Amazing! Love your looks and great blog girlie ;-)