dinsdag 21 oktober 2014

Mobile outfit; 211014

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Dear readers, here is a look i never showed on my blog. I just forgot to post this outfit and i found it in my mobile phone and i had to share it. Love my coat! This one is from primark. Still in stores! Such a nice grey color and the fit is oversized and that's what i love lately.. OVERSIZED! Speaking about primark.. You really should go to a primark and check the collection. The coats are so freaking awesome. I bought 6 coats from the primark these last month! Im in love with them, i have one in pastelpink,black,grey,camel and lightblue! Just a tip when you dont have much money to spend and still want to look fab. Im going to clean my new house i hope to make good outfit photo's soon! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Jacket - Primark * Hat - H&M * Shoes - Sacha * Top - Primark * Belt - Nikki by ainz * Jeans - H&M

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