donderdag 23 mei 2013

New in; Sheinside, H&M and C&A

Hey loves, i wanted the show you my new stuff that i got in the last 2 days! Finally my order from sheinside is arrived waited forever but hey they are here now! I Love the bart simpson crop top so fun for summer and wear it on a short or on a long skirt! I also found a biker jacket FINALLY. Perfect fit and amazing fabric for a lovely price at C&A. I never shop at C&A but my mother wanted to check the store out and then i saw this lovely piece. I have biker jackets but they are a little short and this is a longer version so im pretty happy.   Oke the shoes, What do you girls think of the shoes? They are pretty high and a bit weird but i already told everyone i love weird high shoes and they all say: Those are lady gaga shoes.. Im like yes and .. ? I have to like them and i am totally in love. Tomorrow a new outfit for you girls! Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Bart simpson top - * Color top - * Biker jacket * C&A * Heels - H&M

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooie items! De cropped tops zijn superleuk!

    Liefs, Jennifer

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  2. Die Simpson top wil ik echt!! Stond ook zo leuk bij Cara Delevingne!

  3. My mother often drags me in C&A and even if I usually don't shop there, I never come out empty handed ! love the simpson top!

  4. Love those!

  5. Die Simpson top! Geweldig! En die hakken ook heel tof!

    XX Red Sonja

  6. Super leuk dat Bart simpson top.
    Ik heb er sokken van :-)
    C&A heeft tegenwoordig steeds leukere kleding.

    XO Arezu

  7. supermooie items!!