woensdag 8 mei 2013

New hair color

Hey loves, i wanted to show you my new hair color. Not a big chance but the hairdresser made my hair lighter. I love my new hair color it's so lovely to have this color in the summer! I always make my hair a bit darker in the winter cause i have the white face going on and im like a ghost if i have it this white but in the summer with a good tan is this a perfect color! I Think i still want my hair a bit lighter than this and i want to do that next month cause i need to give my hair some rest now cause with the extensions and bleached hair my hair doesnt feel that good anymore haha but hey it's still on my head! Im gonna use a shampoo/conditioner/mask from kerastase ''bain the force'' and my hair is good in no time! I made these photo's yesterday and i wear my Knit from H&M so fluffy and such a qute color with my leather pants from zara and i just stayed in bed all day cause i am still sick. What do you think of my new necklace? I love the neon color and tomorrow i show it in a good outfit post! So stay tuned.. What do you think of my new hair color.. Let me know Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

* Fluffy knit - H&M * Leather shorts - Zara * Neon necklace - asiisa.com

21 opmerkingen:

  1. Fantastic hair and color! :)


  2. nice; DD

    i invite to me too


  3. You look fabulous and love the hair! :)

  4. Love it so much,. your hair looks gr8!!!,. waar laat je je haar doen?!,.
    en wat is de naam van de kleur precies als ik vragen mag?!,.
    love the necklace too,. & also the knit,.

  5. Love it!! I wish I could get curls like this, but my hair is so dead straight!


  6. Wauw, I'm in love with your blog! Je hebt een geweldige smaak! -XO-

  7. Love it!


  8. Gave kleur meid..Wat is eigenlijk je echte kleur haar?
    Beterschap.!! X

    New blogpost!

  9. You are absolutely beautiful! Love your lip colour, no wonder you are a model :) x

    Fashion Landscape

  10. Gorgeous!
    I love your style!
    Obo┼żujem tvoj stil!)
    XOXO from Slovenia :P

  11. waaauw super! wat een volume heb jij ook je haar trouwens! Ik heb ook best lang haar maar het is echt zo plat als wat haha. Gave ketting ook!

  12. Je haar ziet er mooi uit. En je ketting is geweldig :)

  13. Staat je super mooi meid! Loving the necklace too <3

    X lisa


  14. Ziet er prachtig uit! Maar jij hebt sowieso heel mooi haar vind ik :)

  15. Die haarkleur staat je supergoed! En de ketting ook ;)




  16. Hoe heet die haar kleur?:d staat je super mooi xxx

  17. Your hair color absolutely looks good on you. It matches your skin tone, and that gave you a sassy and sexy look! Your hairdresser really knows what's good on you. And I can feel that you're very much happy and confident about it. I also adore your bubblegum pink lipstick, by the way!

    Luz Sheffler @ Hairworx Ect Inc.