dinsdag 5 november 2013

Outfit; Wild cats

Hi lovely bloggers, Im not having a photographer all the time so im really gonna work from my own house two cause i really want to post outfits and other stuff. My photographer is amazing so when im making them on my own they are oke but not pretty as normal! Im so lucky that im having a best friend who's also a photographer and the photo's are amazing ALWAYS. So when im doing a post by myself im having the feeling that im not giving you the best so im sorry but i do my best! Oke my outfit, still loving my discopants i already bought a new one. It's the same from nelly.com cause the fit was so good i had to have it again! I wear it with my top from primark. Im having this top for a while now but i never showed it in a outfitpost! I love the jersey tops they are so cool and a bit sporty and i like that! I also having a new jersey dress from the new collection of fanny lyckman! Im gonna show it to you all soon! Something nice to know i always do 2 outfits post in a week but this week i have 3 outfits so that's good to know! Let me know what you think of my look and my inside photo's Lots of love Cheek Mirjam

Ps; Did you noticed my hair? It's so much shorter.. I really wanted to do something else and i like it. I still have clip in extensions from Luxuryforprincess and im gonna wear them a lot but i really like this lenght two!

* Jersey top - Primark * Discopants - Nelly.com * Shoes - H&M * Hat - H&M

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Love this outfit! your hair looks lovely that length by the way, and that lipstick is just gorgeous!

    S j m w e l l

  2. Ik hou van jou stijl, mooie outfit :)


  3. Sexy, sexy! ;)
    Love that pink lipstick, so cool!!

  4. weer heel erg mooi, je shirt is echt super leuk!

  5. Amazing shoes!

  6. you look beautiful!

    great post

  7. Die top vind ik enorm gaaf!


  8. nice hat...


  9. Leuke outfit ! Vind het alleen jammer dat je voor roze lipstick bent gegaan, denk dat rood ook mooi had gestaan.. xx