dinsdag 20 augustus 2013

Mirror app for android

Hey loves, I normally have a outfit post on tuesdays but i didnt had the time to make an outfit photo. Today i make one and i promise tomorrow it's on le blog! I want to tell you about this app.. Im obsessed! It's the mirror app and i havent found good ones yet for an android phone but this one i pretty good. The name of the app is 100filters and it's so easy to use it. There are filters and other weird stuff but i only use them to get my own twin on my photo's. Damn i feel like the olsen sisters! Wish my mom and dad tried harder to make two of me. I would love to have a twin sister.. oh well i love my brother though haha! Tomorrow ill be back! Lots of  LOVE Cheek mirjam

App name: 100Filters

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Hihi leuk, ik zocht ook zo'n app voor mijn android. Thanks voor de tip en ben benieuwd naar je outfit van morgen <3

  2. Lovely! And cant wait to see the outfit :)


  3. great photos :)


  4. Crazy app but amazing pics of a real beauty :-) ... - What do you think about my today's look? Kisses from Vienna,