woensdag 29 augustus 2012

Outfit post ; Cross shorts

Dolls , here my new look. I know im TOO brown i really dont like it on myself this tanned but hey its summer! And most of the tan is off now not being in the sun at all the last few days! Im so in love with the shorts, the short is from riverisland i saw it and i had to have it! I see so much cool shorts on tumblr, blog, pinterest, lookbook with the studs and aaah i always wanted to have such cool shorts and now i have this cross shorts! Love it.. love the beige tones in the outfit with my yes tanned color! And im all blonde again i had ombre but hm, i loved it for 2 weeks.. not a good choice but yesterday i went again to the hairdresser to give me some white hair you will see the results tomorrow or in days! Im gonna clean the house now and do my thing i will comment you all back tonight loves! Lots of love and have a nice day! XO <3 mirjam

* Top - Topshop
* Blazer kinda thing - Zara
* Shorts - Riverisland
* Shoes - JC's
* Necklace - Monki
* Bag - H&M
* Sunglasses - H&M

26 opmerkingen:

  1. Heeel mooi! Love je kimono en je shortje1

  2. Mooie outfit meid!


  3. Heel mooi! je bent zo mooi bruin, om jaloers op te zijn!


  4. Mooie outfit! Je short en top zijn echt geweldig!

  5. where did you find that hat? i`m looking for it everywhere! great outfit, pretty <3

  6. Hiya gorgeous! Thank You for alovely comment! You look pretty in this boho chic look. Soft colours on you look great.

    xoxo Ra

  7. I love your shorts, but you already know that.
    And your hair is fuckong amazing, it almost looked like
    a wig so shiny etc ( COMPLIMENT )

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    You wont regret it!

  8. Those are great shorts!

    xo Jennifer


  9. You're beautiful and so is your blog - amazing job! maybe we could follow each other?

    Ohhhh, and be my guest and join my giveaway!!

  10. Je outfits zijn altijd leuk, je haar zit altijd geweldig en je hebt een supermooie huid! Het enige wat ik niet begrijp is waarom je altijd zo'n zuur mondje trekt, je bent 100x mooier als je lacht of neutraal kijkt - en niet je mond zo raar open houdt.. Doe ermee wat je wilt. :)

  11. Ik zou wel zo bruin willen zijn hoor :-).

    Mooie outfit. Het jasje/vestje vind ik echt super.


  12. nice outfit , i have the hat to . ot looks realy pretty on you i think . xx anouk www.rockthiscocostyle.com

  13. Miriam you look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!like a star!

  14. Ohhh I love absolutely everything, you are so pretty lady, chic :)

  15. You remind me of a friend. She was also blonde (now she's brunette) and also as tan as you. You look drop-dead gorgeous.