woensdag 21 september 2011

Feather earrings and some news about me.

Hi dolls, here an update from my life , The last weeks im not feeling that well, sometimes i feel so sad that i cant do anything, and from turkey till now i fainted 12 times and then im away for 10 minutes en when i come back i just dont know where i am, Yesterday i went with the ambulance to a hospital cause i diddnt came back when i fainted. So not a funny periode of my life and i hope its gonna be better from now , so i will post some outfits this week but i just need to take care of myself , thats why i diddnt comment you all back this week.. Im sorry for that and i hope you all understand, But i have some great news 2! the last 2 weeks i got a LOTS of free stuff, 2 pairs of high heels i got a tshirt and lipstick from zalando i can have free extensions so im SO happy with my blog And wanna thank all of you for the lovely things that i get! Today i wanted to show you girls a few pics from myself with my new feather earrings from the primarkt! love the color of the feathers , i hope you all have a nice day and hope you all doing fine .. Hebben allen een fijne dag! Kussen XOXO mirjam

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  1. Aaaw I hope it isn't anything too serious and that you feel better soon. That is so awesome that you got so many gifts though! I wish my blog got me as many things :)

  2. Aah ik hoop dat ze er heel snel achter komen wat het is :( Zolang het maar niks ernstigs is! Wish you all the best <3

  3. Well dear, life teaches us alot, its up to us how we take the things...:)

    Try to fix your disputes and buzy yourself, hope you are good now. Take a break and give some time to YOURSELF.

    Life is beautiful... Live it.. :)

    Nice to hear that u got many gifts to relax your self...

    Prayers and wishes for you.. :)

  4. Omg...I hope you ll get better soon,honey!Love the earrings!

  5. look like a top model!

    new post on my blog:I'm waiting for u!
    have a wonderful day!

  6. your earrings are so awesome, and i love your makeup!

  7. Those earrings are so cute :)
    I hope you get better soon <3 xo

  8. Feel better love! Still stunning Xo


  9. Take good care of yourself - hope you find out what's wrong soon xxx

  10. sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you get better soon. I love your hair w/ the soft waves like that. Very pretty!


  11. aww babes! i hope you get better soon! hope you find out whats wrong!!! Take car and Take it easy!

    Love the earings! i was always fan os seeing girls with the feather earings! lool

    and Take care

  12. take care sweetie!
    i hope you'll feel better soon.
    u look beautiful in those photos!

  13. Heel veel beterschap en sterkte. Wat verschrikkelijk zeg, zorg eerst maar dat je weer beter wordt voordat je gaat updaten! Weet je al wat er mis is?

    Beterschap xx

  14. I hope you`ll get well soon :( And don`t worry bout commenting, the most important thing is your health.
    Cant wait to see those outfits and extensions (i hope you got foxylocks they are amazing) <3 see ya pretty :P


  15. hoop dat het snel beter gaat met je meid! is heel vervelend als je daar last van hebt, maare is het niet toevallig epilepsie? naja meid veel sterkte en die oorbellen i want it hahaha ga even binnen kort ook maar weer bij primark kijken

  16. The third picture from the top really caught my eye. The vivid colors you did, and those earrings, POP out at you!

  17. I honestly hope that you'll get better soon!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  18. muito linda ;*
    tenha uma ótima sexta-feira para você ;x
    beeijs !

  19. CUTE earings!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you get well soon hun!

    xoxo Denise


  20. i don't know what i love more. the earrings or your nails. stunning. adore this post. thanks so much for sharing love. would love to hear what you think of my latest post. xoxo


  21. Hoop dat het snel beter met je gaat! klinkt inderdaad niet echt fijn.
    Wel super leuk dat het zo goed gaat met je blog.
    Je verdient het :)


  22. Oh my god! That's awful, I have fainted twice and it was dehydration - so please drink lots of water! Also stunning earrings! Love the feather boho vibe :)

    BTW thanks for your comment on my old blog, please check out my new blog!

    x Mallika

  23. Oh god! Terrible, but despite your illness you still look amazing! Get well soon!


  24. Aww sweetie are you okay? Love the earrings!!

  25. You look beautiful! The earrings are lovely. Hope you get well soon hun! :) xxx

  26. that's pretty and great polish nails ! Waiting you on my page