maandag 7 maart 2011

a bunch of my beautystuff.

Hello girls, today i want to show you girls something about the products i love , for my hair , my face , nd my nails. the first 3 pics are about my hair. For the care off my hair i use Kerastase because my hair is blonde i use a shampoo nd conditioner nd mask for the repair from my hair the Green products are for weaknedd hair, nd it builds up from the inside, nd i LOVE it, kerastase is a Product That really works. i dont want to use any other stuff for my hair. the second pic are products from balmain , its for hair with extensions, extensions are usualy a bit dryer from texture nd these products cares about the dry hair. nd make them a lot smoother nd not so Frizzy! the Third pics are styling products! i use hairspray From CHI nd from osis! these are really lovely products i use biosilk for the straightner its for protection for the straightner . nd theres a shampoo that calls BC color save silver, its a shampoo for blond or grey hair. sometimes you have Blonde hair but theres a little bit of a yellow tone in it, this is a blue shampoo that takes the yellow glow out of the blonde color. its a Great product i can tell. The 4rd picture are products from Qlinique , i love to put this on my face, it really works. it takes a bit of your time in the morning nd in the evening but its totally worth it. it takes care of your skin for now nd for later. the 5th picture is a little piece of my clothes! a littlelittlelittle piece haha:P 6th picture are a little little little piece of my shoes;) nd the rest of the pictures are my earrings, my rings, my necklaces my sunglasses, nd a nice hat i want to wear it in the summer on the beach! nd the last picture are my nailpolishes ! not everything is on the photos i want to show you girls a piece of my collection of beautystuff , healthcare for your hair, i hope you girls like this post!(L) Tomorrow a new outfit post, nd wednesday a Photoshoot ! so theres coming more ! Thanks girls for keep commenting, gonna comment yall back now! LOTS of love x's and o's Mir.

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  1. what great products! i especially love osis for hair! hope u had a nice weekend!

    <3 megan

  2. Geweldig, en die haar producten ik denk dat ik m'n haar maar 1 x per maand zal wassen haha te duur om te gebruiken. Ik gebruik Gliss kur en die is echt geweldig!

    Jouw, sieraden, kledingrekje, jouw NAGELLAK, jouw everything is amazing!! Wanneer gaan we ruilen ahaha?
    Geweldig, hoe zijn de KOH nagellak ik zit al een tijdje naar die groene te kijken die jij hebt!

    Fijne avond want ik ga vanavond naar de redactievergadering van de buurt krant. Maar misschien dat Caan wat zal posten, je houdt wat van ons te goed haha!

    With every love from Amsterdam

  3. love the rings and the shoes!!! wish i had them!!

    cheers for your comment!! xxo

  4. Loooove the rings!!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! <3

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment dearest! Of course we have to stay in touch! Anytime you're in LA give me a call, we'll go shopping!


  6. ciao,

    thanks for sharing !
    Kerastase is really wonderful! do you have extensions ?
    Your hair are really nice !

    On Wensday I'll be in Amsterdam ! Yuppy Yuppy I'm so happy ...if you have to go downtown careful ..I'm around biking .

    ciao ave

  7. ah love it, you have a lot of stuff :)
    great pictures and thanks for sharing ;** <3

  8. I love Kerastase! You should try Moroccan Oil for your hair. It´s the best for shiny and healthy long hair!


  9. Now I understand why you have such beautiful hair, you really take care of it.
    I was thinking of using the Clinique products for my face.

  10. Wow, I gotta try some of your beauty products too! You have flawless skin! And your closet looks amazing and looks so organized! xoxoxoxo

  11. JEEEETJE wat is de boel opgeruimd zeg:P !!!

    Lookin good babe!!!:D

  12. Nice organized closet!! Organization is key.
    I love the clinique cleansers and soaps..they are really good!! I love clinique products.

    Follow me at:
    Grande Jewelry

    Hope to hear/see some thoughts and comments from you!

    With love,

  13. hey mir, i loveee all your jewellery and especially your shoes .. makes me so jealous haha
    i've got a new post, i'd love for you to take a look X

  14. wow that's a ton of stuff! i'm really loving your earrings, the big dangly ones are awesome!!!

  15. gebruik ook Kerastase ,ben er super blij mee. die ringen zien er prachtig uit!x

  16. love these products! your jewelery is fantastic


  17. Lovely post, so personal! I use also everything of Kerastase, is the best! Kisses from Paris and thanks for your nice words

  18. Hello Miss Style:)

    Love the jewelery and Kerastese products are amazing - i love them too!

    Love, Marusya V
    p.s. thanks for checking out my blog! come back any time lovely. or we could exchange the follows if you like?

  19. Hi doll, lovely to see all of your products! I didn't know Balmain had shampoo!! So cool! xo

  20. love your ring collection! :)

  21. I really love your earrings and rings!

  22. Thanks for the comment on my blog dear :)
    You have such a great collection of beauty products, also cool earring holder thing.
    Looking forward to your outfit post

  23. great many hair products =)

  24. Thanks dear **)
    Great products!!
    I like your cap :)


  25. great post dear and those are a great products!!
    love your blog dear ^^

  26. Hello lovely :)!

    thanks so much for your comment :)!

    great post...thanks for your hair products your hair :***

    Wish you a great day :)

    with love

  27. I Love your rings !
    They are all amazing <3

    Xoxo <3

  28. Clinique and Kerastase are the best!!
    Je ringen zijn geweldig meis


  29. love the shoes, rings and the nailpolish

  30. Wow! You have a huge collection of accessories! They're all so pretty. :)

  31. omg, looove your jewlery!

    xx, Sabinna and David

  32. God, love those shorts on you! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your amazing comments!


  33. Love the nail varnish collection, great colours. The black shoes look awesome xoxo