zondag 6 februari 2011

outfit of today NEW mango Dress + killer boots

Hello my lovely Dear bloggers, how was your day/night? my day was bizzy! yesterday i worked from 9 till 9 , so i just posted a few photos from the shopping trip! today i wanted to post something but i was so late, so now its 3.45 hour in the night , nd im here sitting with my tired head on my laptop posting a post, from the outfit of tonights!, i was at a party of Danielle , het birthday is at monday but she wanted to give the party earlier! danielle is the girlfriend from my brother! (L) lovely girl! but this was my outfit! MY NEW MANGO DRESS , i love it, its from the new collection i love the colors , its so fashion! i had to buy it! 79,95 Euros a little bit expensive but i wanted it soo badly! nd on the last picture you see my new killer BOOTS! omg i was emdiatley in love with these shoes! i but them at Sasha they were first 129.95 euros nd now for 39.95 euros! my dream came true Finally i had the boots! really like them they are big nd i wanted to buy these kind of shoes for a long time! oke so back to the evening from today! AFTER i was at danielle's birthday i went out, i changed my clothes for the club cuz i thouhgt this dress was to expensive for just clubbing so i putted another outfit on fot the club i made pictures of that two but i will post them on monday! cuz monday i need to work again so then i can show you another outfit! i think thats an great idea! i love the fact that i get more comments from you everyday , i write you all back cuz i love it Really enjoy blogging! nd thank you for following me it means a Lot! have a nice day / night im going to sleep now! LOVEYOUALL! XO mir

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog lovely.

    Absolutely adore the dress and the boots. Gorgeous combination!


  2. ooh such a pretty dress, mango's a great shop!


  3. nice colours of the top.

    May I ask you why you take your picture near
    the wash machine?

    Ciao ave

  4. Love the colours in the dress and the boots are amazing! Have a good day! :) xxx

  5. fantastic outfit!!:)


  6. Lovely outfit

    red + beige + black = gorgeous mix

  7. I love the colours !!
    Lovely outfit !!
    check my blog ;) some news :)

  8. Hey thank you for your comment :) I love the outfit, the orange t=in the dress really adds that something!
    Are the boots Kurt Geiger? I wanted them for ages but they sold out!! Could you tell me where i can order these online? would really appreciate it!!


    (New follower!)

  9. Mooie jurk babe!
    Ik ben echt verliefd op je haar.
    Ik ga je volgen.


  10. You look so great babe!


  11. You look beautiful as always.

    Have a great weekend.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

  12. Hello Lovely,

    thanks so much for your comment.

    Your looking amazing as always!!!! love your shoes

    Wish you a great Sunday :)

    with love

  13. Heeey schatjee!!
    Wat is dit een mooie jurk, wel wat aan de duurdere kant maar hij is het waard; staaat je enig! Lekker is dat als ze zijn afgeprijst!

    We mochten de blog award niet doorgeven aan iemand die het al had:(! Doos anders was JIJ de eerste :P

    Wij zijn trouwens niet naar de vlooienmarkt gegaan het regende en waaide gek in de ochtend toe we opstonden. We zijn gelijk ons bedje in gegaan:P

    De foto's met je meiden dagje Zwolle zien er gezellig uit, geniet van je avondd!

    Dikke kus van de Amsterdamse zussen:
    Cana and Hazal

  14. Wow,great look!I love that two colors top!

  15. Dankjewel schat(L)!

    Ja ik heb het even in een privé berichtje gestuurd hou mijn ping niet zo openbaar. Cana's tellie is stuk dus die is out of reach wat kan het irritant zijn die Blackberry's!
    Ik spreek je gauw op de ping!

    Dikke kus
    Hazal (L)

  16. beautiful dress!! <3


  17. Bom dia eu achei seu blog muito interessante e os textos são super legais, se possível me siga também e visite meu blog,abraços...


  18. love your outfit again
    i love wearing dresses with thin belts too
    where do you buy your belts?
    i need some more..


  19. Wow je haar valt echt perfect!
    &Haha gaaf dat je uit Dronten komt,
    wist niet dat er nog meer mensen uit 'de polder' kwamen ^^
    Naja een paar dan :)

  20. My darling!!! You're WOOONDERFULL!!! amazing boots!!!favolous dress :D

  21. Hello mirjam..Amazing! beautiful nice blog.I like your blog too:) I was the audience.waiting for my blog:)) thanks.I kıssed a lot:)

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